Jesse James, The Most Hated Man In The World?

“The Most hated man in the world”, seems a bit much don’t it? It’s not like he makes a living kicking puppy’s, and thats a quote from the man himself. Still quite a few of us do question the thought process that lead him to this point. Hopefully on Tuesday night May 25th, all will be explained. Jesse will sit down for an exclusive one on one interviewed with Vicki Mabrey on ABC’s “Nightline“, speaking candidly about his affairs and time in a sex rehab clinic.

Anyone remember that welder who decided to build a few motorcycles, and ended up creating an incredibly successful custom motorcycle company? If all goes well, after Tuesday nights interview on Nightline, we will.


  1. Having lived with a lot of the same problems,you tend to self destruct when things seem to be going to well! And you believe you should screw it up before things go bad anyway

  2. D.C. Turner says:

    Well… such is life, right? It’s just that most of America was wondering, when they married, what is she thinking? or… How long will it be before he “jack’s” this one up. I don’t know that anyone would have given a rip about it except that he “misbehaved” with America’s sweetheart. I don’t know… I’m just sayin’.