More Motorcycle Noise Nonsense…

Maine is now in the mix as another state with nonsense motorcycle noise laws..

From MyFoxMaine:

A new law taking effect July 12 will give police in Maine expanded powers to stop and write citations to bikers who have altered their motorcycles to make them louder.

The law was written following numerous complaints to Maine lawmakers about loud motorcycles in the warm summer months.  Read Full Story


  1. James Wood says:

    All these people who complain about loud exhaust are usually the ones that all of us that ride have to look out for. The ones who think they are the only ones in the world and it revolves around them. By loosing the ability to have loud pipes more bike riders will be hurt in accidents caused by the law makers that don’t pay attention when they are on the road. Maby we need to stick these people on a bike and show them how much of a difference it makes.