Hells Angels to sue McQueen

The heads of the notorious Hells Angels Motorcycle Club are suing bosses at late fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s label, accusing them of copying their famous logos on a string of clothes and accessories.

Leading Hells Angels are furious their trademarked Winged Death features on new McQueen rings, bags, a scarf and a dress.

The biker gang’s lawyer Fritz Clapp says, “I went on Alexander McQueen’s site and I find not only is the word ‘Hells’ used on those things, but ‘Hells Angels’, the whole phrase, on a pashmina scarf and a Jacquard dress.”


  1. If something is trademarked it’s the law and should not be infringed upon. McQueen’s lawyers should have steered him straight to begin with. If he didn’t have any then he’s a moron. Sigh of relief there as I though for a second it was going to be about Steve McQueen. Whew.