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Paris Hilton has a Race Team?

The American media personality was in attendance alongside riders Sergio Gadea and Maverick Viñales in the Spanish capital on Saturday to unveil the bikes of the team which will compete in the 2011 World Championship.

Paris Hilton was on hand in Madrid on Saturday to front the official presentation of the SuperMartxé VIP by Paris Hilton team which will compete in the 2011 125cc World Championship.

(Source: MotorSports Newswire)

Care For Your Harley Motorcycle

One of the many great things about a hobby or passion like motorcycling is that we have so many different ways to enjoy it. We all start out as first time riders, young or not-so-young, when we are finally able to live the dream. Many of us are fortunate enough to then buy a new or used Harley. At some point, few may decide motorcycle riding isn’t for them and they move on. Others ride occasionally, but I have to assume most American Iron Magazine readers are dedicated riders who put in more saddle time than most, and read this magazine to better understand and enjoy the bike and the ride.

Some riders, with advanced technical skills, know each and every nut, bolt, and spring in his or her Harley. A surprising number of our readers can field-strip and reassemble their Harleys wearing a blindfold. OK, maybe not, but I like the idea that there are people out there like this reading the mag. Other readers, who are more into riding than wrenching, don’t care to know anything more technical than how to check and add engine oil and to fill the gas tank. And that’s fine.

There are many riders who put 50,000 miles or more on their stock Harleys without changing anything other than the fluids and tires when they wear out. Others will customize their Harleys before putting on the first 200 miles. Most of us are somewhere in between. Hey, whatever makes you happy, right?

Regardless of what you ride – Big Twin, Sportster or V-Rod, or how you ride it – around town or cross-country, it is important to keep a few simple points in mind. Please maintain your bike mechanically for a better and safer ride. Today’s Harleys are solidly built and can function well with minimum attention. But you still need to protect your investment and well being. It doesn’t matter how shiny the chrome is if your clutch or brakes don’t work right. And, for safety sake, check the air pressure and tread on your tires regularly. Also, when was the last time the engine or transmission fluids were checked or changed?  Some simple checks and light maintenance can make the difference between a safe and fun ride and one that isn’t.

Sturgis & Today’s Motorcycle Industry

I always have fun in Sturgis but wasn’t able to make it there this year. I need to save up my time out of the office for my 3 weeks on the road with my 1915 Harley on the Motorcycle Cannonball run.

According to reports from Sturgis, it was a wild year out in the Black Hills during the rally with larger and happier crowds, and much more upbeat than in recent years. The vendors I spoke with all told me how well they did, especially compared to last year. And, unlike the national economy, it seems the motorcycle industry might have hit bottom and is now starting to bounce back a bit. Something we sure could use after the last few challenging years.

American Iron Motorcycle Bagger

Got bags? In the last few years, there has been a huge swing in the popularity of Harley baggers. No longer appealing only to older touring types and police bikes, the motorcycle baggers are hotter than ever. And, as publishers of motorcycle magazines, we want to grow this trend with solid information.   

I am pleased to report the first of our American Iron Motorcycle Bagger, on sale last spring, significantly outsold every motorcycle magazine on the newsstand. Every one! And the second issue, which went on sale last month, looks like it might even sell better than our first.

These are tough times for most people and businesses, and even tougher in the magazine publishing business as circulation and advertising is dropping. Among today’s best selling street motorcycle magazines, #1 ranked American Iron Magazine sells an average of 45,349 copies on the newsstand. #2 Cycle World sells 30,217 copies, and Hot Bike sells 17,268 copies on the newsstand. So, when more than 50,000 people spend real money to buy a copy of our new bagger magazine I know we are on to something good.

If the second issue sells well, we would consider increasing the frequency of American Iron Motorcycle Bagger in 2011 and offering subscriptions. Sure, we could add more bagger editorial in American Iron Magazine, but that would mean fewer non-bagger features, tech and other editorial here. So, rather than spread everything out thinner, we would rather give the choice of options. You can buy either or both magazines. If you missed the first two issues, they are for sale at

Ride safe, ride smart, have fun.

Buzz Kanter.  Publisher/Editor-In-Chief

Rats Hole Custom Bike Show Sturgis Buffalo Chip

STURGIS, SD – December 14, 2010 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – The Rats Hole Custom Bike show brought in over 100 bikes to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip, during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August. The bikes and builders were from all over the world, and the spectators got a chance to see some amazing, one of a kind motorcycles. The Rats Hole is sure to be bigger and better in 2011, so don’t miss this famous bike show at the Legendary, Sturgis Buffalo Chip.

Source: Buffalo Chip

‘Easy Rider’ bike lost in fire

AUSTIN,TX – December 13, 2010 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Austin Fire Department crews fighting a fire discovered a cache of classic vehicles housed at the burning storage building, including the Captain America motorcycle from the movie “Easy Rider” and Selena’s first automobile.

Source: MotorSports Newswire

Custom Cycle Control T-Bar Handlebars

Henderson, NV– Custom Cycle Control Systems, Inc. introduces their new T-Bar handlebar system complete with Climax Hand Controls. CCCS produces by far the cleanest looking “self-contained” handlebar systems available in the market today. The hand controls are completely concealed…All the lines, wires, and cables run through the bars and exit below the top tree. The T-Bars dimensions are 31″ W x 9″ H1 x 8″ p/b x 8″ H2 and can be customized starting at $250.

Additional features and benefits of a CCCS complete T-Bar system include:

• 100% internal wires, cables and hoses

• All wires, cables & hoses come extra long so you can “cut to length”

• No assembly – Move Right to Mounting & Install

• Hidden brake and clutch fluid reservoirs

• 7 micro switches (maintain all stock control functions)

LED Marker Lights in the hand levers are available

Grip Choice – CCCS offers six styles to choose from or we can modify grips from &

Climax Controls are designed to work as good as they look

● Convenient push pin accessibility to the internal throttle, and reservoirs (no special tools needed)

● Dual Cable Internal Throttle (easily accessible)

• EZ Pull Throttle Lock

• Install Kit (includes everything necessary to complete the job…hydraulic fittings, relay, bleeder bolt, fill funnel, throttle cables/ends and ferrules)

• Gauge options available (custom charges may apply)

• Made with pride In the U.S.A.

•The Only SIMPLE SOLUTION to Clean Hand Controls & Bars

Custom Cycle Control Systems, Inc. also has a wide variety of other styles to choose from, ranging from old school drag bars to radical new styles such as the Rock Star. You can also incorporate a digital speedometer from either Wire Plus or Dakota Digital into your design. Systems are now supplied with matching switch wire colors for easy integration to your bikes stock wiring harness.  Hydraulic clutch actuators are available for bikes that need that conversion. All CCCS handlebar systems are CNC machined from extruded billet aluminum, manufactured right here in the USA and are available in either luxurious show chrome or black anodized finishes. Bars can also be polished or powder coated gloss black. There are six styles of grips to choose from, or we can also modify most other grips. Complete Custom Cycle Control Systems start at $2,395.00 MSRP.

Call at :    (866) 438-2129 or 702-438-2129.

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email at

Wimmer Introduces Old Skool Air Cleaner

Myrtle Beach, SC- Wimmer Custom Cycle in conjunction with Vision is proud to introduce their new joint venture…the Old Skool Air Cleaner. This new high performance intake and air cleaner (Permanente serviceable pleated cotton filter available in red or black) provides better airflow and improved performance on all carbureted motors. In fact, this Old Skool Air Cleaner fits all carbureted and fuel injected and most common size motors including Sportsters,  EVO and Twin Cams.

This unit is 2” X 6” X 8” and is available in raw, chrome satin nickel, black powder coat, satin or gloss….whatever you want. May also be chromed, painted or raw DIY. Mounting kits include internal breathing and will fit almost all applications. Complete units start at $345.00 and are 100% Made in the USA!

Call at : 215-721-4160

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The 2011 CABO PHANTOM-CUT shown here is a trend setter right out of the gate. Bold yet subtle this wide-5 fluted spoke billet wheel provides a change in personality for any rider or show queen. The perfect compliment for today’s custom Baggers  the Wheel is Hard Anodized Black with machined highlights that are then individually “Hand Polished” to give this unique Phantom-Cut wheel it’s beauty. With applications for straight forward installation to most popular models the CABO PHANTOM is a hassle free swap for any shop or competent home builder.  These unique rims are offered in 16” to 26” diameters and widths from 2.15” up to a massive 14”!  With prices starting at just $1149.00 these latest additions to the Renegade line up  provide more bang for the buck that any alteration you may be considering.

Call at : 714-998-7241

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New from Drag Specialties in December


Two respected names come together on an intake kit for touring and trike models that keeps a low profile while breathing deeply. Founder of Todd’s Cycle, Todd Silicato, has a storied career in all aspects of powersports. He’s built race engines, been a chief mechanic for MotoGP, headed Performance Machine and created an incredible stable of custom motorcycles. Teaming up with the aftermarket master Robbie Lane at Alloy Art, they’ve created a completely unique intake system.

CNC-machined from aluminum, the Moto intake kit lays low while increasing the airflow to your engine. The reusable proprietary air filter features over 130 square inches of filter element for impressive airflow. The filter also offers a unique visual style that complements any bike. An internal velocity stack with internal breather breathe directly back in to the venturi.

Moto intake kits are available with chrome or black-anodized finish and are proudly made in the U.S.A. Check out the 2011 Drag Specialties FatBook™ for the full line of Moto intake kits and more products from Alloy Art and Todd’s Cycle.

SUG. RETAIL: $371.95


Drag Specialties has joined forces with Carl Brouhard Designs to deliver custom footpegs and shift pegs that are worthy of carrying both their names. Master builder Carl Brouhard has been in the spotlight recently, winning numerous awards for his unique custom builds and producing an incredible line of accessories that transform stock Harley-Davidson® motorcycles into custom rides. His accessories not only complement each other but prove that, when it comes to customization, it’s the details that count most.

Drag and CBD’s new billet aluminum footpegs and shift pegs are available in two designs, each with two finishes from which to choose. Try out the Straight Cut style with four smooth rubber inserts for increased traction or go for the Classic Cut with a textured rubber sleeve. Both peg designs are available with a lustrous chrome finish or an eye-catching black-anodized finish that’s been re-cut to allow natural aluminum accents to show through.

Check out these footpegs and shift pegs, along with the entire line of CBD accessories, in the 2011 FatBook™. Take your bike from stock to custom with Drag Specialties and Carl Brouhard Designs.

FOOTPEG SUG. RETAIL: $99.95 (pr.)
SHIFT PEG SUG. RETAIL: $39.95 (ea.)


When it comes to replacing or upgrading something like the switches on your bagger’s inner fairing cap assembly, there are a lot of brands from which to choose. You could pick the generic brand with the tiny price tag and, basically, roll the dice on what you’re getting. You could choose the brand from the well-known custom builder with interesting accents and a hefty price to match. Of course, you could always choose a rocker switch kit with a reasonable price from the most trusted name in aftermarket Harley-Davidson® parts and accessories.

Drag Specialties has spent over 30 years building their reputation on a foundation of quality and service; they’re not about to stake their name on sub-par construction. You can trust that any product bearing the Drag Specialties name will meet or exceed your expectations.

Check out the entire line of Drag Specialties® rocker switches for baggers in the 2011 FatBook™. They are available with a chrome or black finish to match the style of your bike.

SUG. RETAIL: From $44.95


Now the flat-out performance for which Python is known comes in a stealthy flat black ceramic finish. Like all their exhaust systems and mufflers, the Python 2 1/2″ slash-cut slip-on mufflers combine power, sight and sound to create more than just beautiful steel — they deliver the V-Twin experience.

Python’s slash-cut slip-ons are the quickest way to elevate your status above stock; you don’t even need to swap out the headers. After a simple installation, using included mounting brackets and instructions, your bike will have a new look, sound and feel. Get lost in the deep, black ceramic finish. Crack the throttle to fully experience V-Twin power and sound thanks to the non-removable high-performance baffles.

Check out Python’s 2 1/2″ slash-cut slip-on black ceramic mufflers for most late Softail, Dyna and Sportster models, and their chrome counterparts, in the 2011 FatBook™. Each muffler is proudly made in the U.S.A. from the highest quality materials.

SUG. RETAIL: $314.95 (pr.)


Rolands Sands Designs is one-of-a-kind. Their unique take on American cruisers delivers a sport styling that’s all their own. RSD’s new café gauge and headlight relocator is a perfect addition to their custom line of parts and accessories.

RSD’s relocator moves your stock XL speedometer from the top handlebar clamp to the front triple clamp and lowers the stock headlight 2″ for a sleek café racer style. This gives you the option of using any aftermarket risers or eliminating risers completely in lieu of clip-ons. The stock headlight visor is also eliminated.

Installation is easy. Bolt the relocator directly to the top triple clamp using included chrome hardware and the stock visor/eyebrow mounting holes. LED warning/indicator lights are available separately to replace the OEM lights. The RSD café gauge and headlight relocator is available in a black anodized or chrome finish.  Proudly made in the U.S.A.

SUG. RETAIL: $249.95

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You want BAD? No problem. Metalsport is now taking orders for these amazing 30” one-piece custom billet wheels. Wheels are currently in stock and waiting for your designated finish. In house machined from aircraft quality billet aluminum the single piece rims will stop friends and admirers in their tracks. Metalsport’s mind blowing 30’s can be ordered  in the 3 styles pictured here, left to right, “Don Juan”, “Cutlass” and “Lusso”. All styles are offered custom machined for direct fitting to popular  American V-Twin machines. Suggested retail for the Sleek N’ Sassy rims is $6500.00 each. There is no doubt that these way tall wheels will be the center of attention and leave a lasting impression wherever they appear.

Call at : 562-776-9594

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JIMS Caddy Lift

The new JIMS® Lift Caddy,patent pending, No.776 allows you to maneuver occupied bike lifts around your shop or garage effortlessly. Have you ever started repairing a motorcycle only to discover you are waiting for parts with a bike stuck on a lift and in the way? JIMS® Lift Caddy can be installed in the time it takes to change oil and will allow you to easily roll the delayed bike out of the way. The Lift Caddy remains locked whenever the lift is on any of the locking bar positions; the heavy-duty casters spin 360 degrees and should be adjusted to engage the ground only when your bike lift is raised past the top locking bar to its highest possible position. JIMS® Lift Caddy will fit Handy® Lifts, Direct Lifts or any lift with a 2” square bottom cross member and 15” of mounting space. This tool has an MSRP of $197.50 and like hundreds of other JIMS tools is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Call at :  805-482-6913.