Video Harley Magazine Publisher Buzz Kanter’s Weekend

Here is our fearless leader, and Harley magazine publisher – Buzz Kanter (who if you didn’t know has more passion for vintage motorcycles than almost any body you’ll ever meet) starting his 1931 Indian 101 Scout. February in Connecticut isn’t exactly ideal riding weather – it was 18 degrees.

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  1. Joey Andrade says:

    Hi Mr Kantor,
    I am 16 years old and I love Harley’s. I live in the small town of San Antonio, FL. I have been hoping to get my first bike in a couple of years. My Nana has a photo of her Dad in the 20’s on an Indian in front of the Harley Davidson Club of Tampa. I hope to find the picture and send it in. Stay Warm and Ride Hard.

  2. Sure. It’s OK to reprint this and have it framed. We allow owners to do this but not if anyone is planning on selling the images to make money.

  3. Hi Mr. Kantor,
    I finally had my Harley published In American Iron
    Magazine. Yeah ya. I was wondering if I could
    Get it blown up and framed ?( kinda like what
    The newspaper does)It’s my first Harley and first
    Time ever getting anything published in a magazine.
    I don’t mind paying,if that’s a problem.
    I was told to contact you and find out.
    Thanks for your time