On The Road Again

By the time I get back from Daytona Bike Week I will have been traveling for 25 out of 38 days with three days off! In fact, I’m writing this while sitting in yet another hotel room.

My latest series of road trips started on February 4 with a four-day jaunt to the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati. This is the V-twin industry’s big kickoff for the new riding season, so Joe K and some other staffers were there, too. Then it was back to the office to get an issue of American Iron Magazine out to the printer, as well as work on an issue of our new Motorcycle Bagger magazine.

Six days later, Joe K and I were back on a plane, this time headed for J&P Cycles in Anamosa, Iowa. The plan was to arrive on Sunday, February 13, and, starting on Monday, shoot 17 tech articles before flying back home on the following Sunday. Thanks to the great staff at J&P, by the time it was 6 o’clock on the 19th, Joe and I had our laptops and cameras packed and were heading out to dinner with all 17 articles in the can. What we shot were the tech articles you’ll see in our newest American Iron Magazine newsstand-only special, American Iron Garage, which goes on sale April 17.

Thankfully, it was a holiday on Monday, the 21st! But the next day we were both hard at it back at the office to get our articles and other work done before our next trip, which for me was two days later. Yup, on the 24th I was tooling up the highway at 7:30 am in the American Iron Magazine pickup headed for Westerly, Rhode Island, and Johnson Engine Technologies. In Westerly, where I’m writing this, I need to shoot and write one more tech article for the Motorcycle Bagger issue I have to finish before leaving for Daytona. I’m also here to shoot and write most of the 106″ Twin Cam build article for the next two MB issues. And with a little luck, I’ll also shoot two other tech pieces before I head home to Connecticut on Saturday. I’ve got Sunday off!

Monday the 28th will find Joe K and I slamming to get Motorcycle Bagger done before we leave for Daytona on March 4. Normally, Joe and I would have left earlier in the week since we ride down, but I had rotator cuff surgery just before Christmas, so a 2,600-mile round-trip ride just wasn’t a smart thing to do this year. Anyway, we’ll work the event from weekend to weekend and get back home on Sunday, March 13.

Of course, Monday morning will find us back at the office to get the June issue of AIM done!

See you on the road — Chris Maida, editor


  1. Chris, I’m dropping line to you because (1) I like the way you write, (2) maybe you can say something to whoever writes and takes the photo. I was a little surprise to see a couple of pictures in the July issue of some sharp looking bikes but riders in sneakers and shorts. I think safety should be taken seriously and though each rider should make the decision of what to wear and how to wear it themselves, I think some new and young riders will think this is ok/safe. It always makes me a little nervous when I see riders dressed this way because I’ve seen the after effects when they went down. I don’t wish this on anyone and hope riders will make good decisions on riding gear. I saw a picture of a rider test riding a new Deluxe, appeared to dressed to ride. I’ll stop here, great mag, look forward to your articles. Rod