TAM Communications’ Growing Harley Magazine Family

We are growing our family of Harley magazine titles. Some of our supporters have been reading American Iron Magazine since it was launched in 1989. We at TAM Communications bought the near death American Iron Magazine in 1991.

We have been testing and trying other Harley magazines over the years including Hot XL for Sportsters, Thunder Alley for high performance Harleys, Hottest Custom Harleys, 90 Years of Harley, 95 Years of Harley, and…yes you guessed it, 100 Years of Harley special magazine issues.

In 2010 we tested two issues of Motorcycle Bagger Harley magazine and it was so popular we increased frequency to 6 issues in 2011.

And now we have added another all tech Harley magazine to the family with the launch of the annual (one issue a year)American Iron Garage that went on sale earlier this week.

In addition, we also publish RoadBike Motorcycle Cruising magazine – an all brands motorcycle cruiser magazine with some Harley content too!

If you missed any of these magazines over the years and would like to get your hands on one or all of them please visit www.Greaserag.com where most of these magazines are still available as back issues.


  1. Robert Battles says:

    I Renewed my long standing subscription back in September and have yet to receive the latest issue, although you have charged my credit card. Called your 877 number and waited for over ten minutes and still was not able to actually talk to a human. Have you guys gotten too big to talk to us?

  2. Name and address and we will be happy to check on the status.

  3. Frank Burns says:

    My credit card was charged, but no magizine yet! Tried your 877# and got a recording to go to the web site, looking at the other e-mails that you rec’d on people not rec’v their subscription, they were instructed to call the 877#. Customer service?

    I either want the magizine or the money back, please advise??

  4. I spoke with Terry who tells me this issue is all resolved and the technical issue was a simple fix on your end. Glad it all worked out well and sorry for any confusion.

  5. Walt, sorry for this. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be. We have hired Zinio.com to handle all the digital aspects of our magazine and Rosemary has no involvement in this at all. The person she tried to connect you with is Terry (not Jerry) who is our in-house liasion with Zinio. If you can not get the magazine delivered as promised you should get a refund with our apologies. This is the first case of this that I am aware of. Please accept my apology on this.

  6. Walt Ulbricht says:

    I subscribed to the digital version of American Iron back at the end of July/beginning of August. I received my first two editions, but now I’m not receiving at all. I’ve gotten the email confirmation of a new issue, but no magazine in my account. I’ve contacted Zinio who tells me that I need to contact the publisher. Eventually I was given a phone number with an extension off 114 and a name of Rosemary. After leaving a message early last week, I received a call from a man I believe was named Jerry. I gave him the information he asked for and was told I would receive a call. After several days with no return call and no magazine, I called back and leave left a message on Rosemary’s extension. This time I didn’t receive a return call, so today when I called I hit “0” hoping for the operator. Guess who picked up? None other than the elusive Rosemary herself. I must say, it’s a good thing she doesn’t take or return her calls…not the best customer service I’ve ever had. She abruptly tells me I need to talk to Jerry at extension 112, only he’s not in today. After being cut off several times, I tell her I just want to speak to someone who can cancel my subscription and refund my money on any remaining issues. She puts me off telling me that I must speak to him. After all of this, I called the phone number listed here in a couple of posts. They told me that they could not view my subscription and gave me a number for Zinio. Once I called that number, a message tells me that I need to go to the web site and explain my problems via email. WHATEVER! I’m done, done, done. I can honestly say that I’ve had one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had, and all I want to do is read the magazine.

  7. I could not find a “subscribe button” or address to write to.
    Send me a subscription form.
    Thank You

  8. Thanks for the note. You can call 877.693.3572 to speak with a real person about this.

  9. Ernest Gowens says:

    It has been over two months since I first ordered American Iron. I got a confirmation after about a month. I then sent my check for one year. So far no mag. When can I expect my first issue? Thanks

  10. Thanks for the note. You can call 877.693.3572 to speak with a real person about this.

  11. I wrote an email yesterday requesting my subscription to Motorcycle Bagger be cancelled and the remaining portion be applied to my American Iron Subscription. As of this message, I have not received even an acknowledgement of the email let alone confirmation or denial of the transfer.

    It really is so much easier to pick up a phone to handle matters such as this vice throwing words out to the internet and wondering if someone reads them.

  12. Info and links are on this site. Thanks for the support.

  13. Daniel Niles says:

    Dear editors of American Iron,
    I would like to subscribe to American Iron but, do not want to do it on line. Is it possible to subcribe by snail mail? Enclose the address and amount needed for a 1 year subcription.

    Thank you,
    Daniel Niles

  14. Not sure what happened and we apologize for the long delay. We will have someone contact you to see what happened so we can fix it. Thanks for your patience.

  15. Dennis Scanlon says:

    Check cashed for new 1 year subscription on July 10th, no magazine yet.. Please acknowledge receipt of this email and let me know when I can expect my first issue?

    Thank You.