UPDATE My Dual Carb Harley Panhead Motorcycle Bobber

After ignoring my 1949 Harley Panhead bobber (with dual Linkert carbs) for more than two years after the top to bottom engine rebuild I am getting it back on the road. In addition to the usual break in issues – especially with the modern crappy gasoline, I have to overcome a number of other challanges.

1949 Harley Panhead bobber motorcycle

Hope to put a few thousand miles on this bike this summer and possibly ride it on the Motorcycle Kickstart Classic Ride in October.


  1. Buzz
    Disregard my question on the eBeyond 2000 ignition as I found the info
    American Iron Magazine, August 2006
    Hidden & Helpful – QuickStart 2000 Electronic Ignition
    Tech by Buzz Kanter

  2. With the October issue, your Bobber is presented. Page 72 left lower corner a picture shows “A stock distributer with an eBeyond electronic ignition.” Could you please elaborate on the details of this ignition? I am resurrecting my 50FL Chopper and wish to update the ignition.

  3. Jan Bundgaard says:

    Great bike 😉
    What type are the dual Linkert’s?