HARLEY NEWS Changes At American Iron Magazine

We at American Iron Magazine want to thank all our readers who took the time to respond to our reader survey a few months ago. We were overwhelmed with the responses and are almost done wading through them all. Thanks for helping keep us the best selling Harley magazine.

Based on much of what you all shared with us we are planning on making some changes to the magazine to keep it the best it can be for you.

Don’t worry, we are not going to totally overhaul it so you won’t recognize us. But we will start making some changes and improvements that you will see starting in a few months. We will be adding a few new features, dropping a few and even bringing back some old favorites.

If you have anything more you would like to share with us please do. We are always looking for ways to improve the magazine.


  1. Hans Smaling says:

    Txs for reacting. I am glad to learn that subscribers outside the US will be taken care of. I am looking forward to yr digital subscription.

  2. Thanks for your support of our magazine and for posting here. After doing an internal financial audit of the costs to ship copies of American Iron Magazine to subscribers outside North America we were stunned to discover how expensive it is. How can we justify sending copies of the magazine to you at a massive loss to us?

    When we increased the cost to foreign subscribers it was to cover our actual expenses NOT because we are trying to chase you away. I believe we are staying true to our loyal readers, but not when we lose money doing so. Yes, Harleys are our passion too, but this is a business, and how long can we stay in business if we lose almost $100 on every international subscription we sell?

    HOWEVER, recognizing this problem, we are hard at work on a program to convert the magazine into a digital format everyone can read on your computer or cell phone. AND our goal is to do it in a cost effective way so international subscribers can pay the same rates as Americans as we would not have to pay the extra postage rates charged to us.

  3. Hans Smaling says:

    HI Buzz,

    I take this opportunity to share my disappointment and hope this it will trigger a reaction.(you/yr staff did not react at all on my e-mails this year, that is a reason for change in itself!)
    I am riding Harley since 1982 and have been a subscriber of AIM from the very beginning 1989/1990. I have been moving around the globe as part of my job, but AIM kept always coming and against a reasonable price.However this year (2011) AIM decided to charge me USD 120,- for a one year subscription (which I refused), almost 6 times!! more than I paid all those years before.I understand yr rising shipping costs, but this rise in extenting my subscripion is disproportional, particularly for a 20 year returning subcriber. I hope that AIM stays true with its loyal readers and riders and do not make the same mistake Harley seems to make these days in becoming to commercial and aiming to much onstyle, fashion, selling and making money. I think they should remain an exclusive brand based on quality and character and not so much on quantity and (over) production. I appreciate your reaction


  4. Thanks for sharing this. Like all our readers, we encourage him to send us some photos of the bike for possible publication.

  5. Nick Mattiace says:

    Hey Buzz, I am a friend of Dave Fusiak. I met him when I sold him a welding machine. I have a welding supply co. in NYC & Westchester county. I know your love for old bikes and I wanted to tell you about another friend of mine who restores bikes and he just restored a 1941 Servicar. It came out so good I think you would like to share with your readers. I’ve been a long time reader of your magizine and I think it belongs in there.
    My friends shop is “Steels’s Custom Cycles in Harrington park NJ. His name is Bob Steele and his phone number is 201-767-6707. I don’t have any pictures to send, I’m not really good with computers but I’m sure he has some.
    Thanks for your time, I hope you’ll follow up on this. Nick

  6. We offered a digital version of American Iron Magazine a few years back and will be working on reoffering them in the next year. Thanks.

  7. We (and a lot of other readers) fully agree with you and we would LOVE it if our readers would share some of their favorite tours, local rides and destinations with us. To submit, we need very high quality photos (with captions), an interesting write up and ideally a map of the ride or area. We do give by lines to the authors and do pay on publication.

  8. mike pilkenton says:

    Have you given any thought to offering digital subscriptions? i have tried to find yours among the clouds but so far have only found cycle source digitally. whats up with that?

  9. Glen Cothran says:

    Would be nice to see more mapped out touring ride destinations. Yes, tech talk is great (being a mechanic) but hearing about others experiences on a ride is a wonderful way to feel something out to see if that would be what you would like to do. Great job on mag. I like it.