Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum Plans To Relocate

After nearly a decade in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, the Wheels Through Time Museum officially announced on May 28, 2011 that it will be moving out of the Smoky Mountains in order to expand its scope and broaden its impact.

Harley History - Wheels Through Time Museum

Since 2002, WTT has developed into one of the premier museum’s of its type, housing over 320 of America’s rarest and most significant two- and four-wheeled vehicles, and an unprecedented collection of art and memorabilia dating back to the roots of our country’s transportation heritage.

The announcement to relocate comes as a result of a unanimous decision by the museum Board of Directors, who stated that in order to continue to preserve history in new and innovative ways, and fulfill its mission to educate and inspire a diverse, multi-generational audience on the history of American transportation, the opportunity to move the museum to a new and larger location offers much promise as to the museum’s future.

Currently, the WTT is researching several potential locations around the country, and has garnered much interest from some of America’s best riding destinations and scenic areas.  However, its current operations in Maggie Valley continue to move ahead full steam.  The museum has already hosted tens of thousands of visitors in 2011, and has countless great events scheduled throughout the summer and fall.

“We’ve been experiencing quite a season here at the museum!” said curator and founder, Dale Walksler.  “Hosting events like the upcoming Great American Race and the International Spyder Rally introduces WTT to thousands of new faces, and our visitors and members continue to let us know that we’re on the right track in providing an experience to remember.”  Recently, the museum was awarded one of TripAdvisor.com’s highest honors — The 2011 Certificate of Excellence — for consistent great quality feedback from guests.

Museum staff will keep visitors past, present, and future aware of progress on relocation through bi-weekly newsletters via email, and with regular website updates.   While closing to the general public on October 31, 2011, the museum will facilitate private tours until final relocation plans are confirmed.  The Annual Haywood County Toy Run and WTT Museum Bike Raffle, on November 12, 2011 will be the museum’s final public opening in Maggie Valley.

For more information, please call or email the Wheels Through Time directly.  The staff will be happy to assist with any questions pertaining to the museum’s future, as well as with scheduling future visits.


  1. We know what you mean about how amazing this place and the people there are. Hopenyou can join us there for the Motorcycle Kickstart Classic.

  2. Ive been going to WTT every year since it opened and my wife has to dragg me out of there white knuckles and all, its that type of place you can spend hours on end in there and not grasp it all. it will be a sorry day for the east coast if Dale pics up and leaves. And why shouldent Dale get some help from the local gov. all the revenue he draws in with the biker community what he charges doesnt hardly pay to keep it open, So to keep WTT assesable to every one he bites the bullet. TROY

  3. Had the opportunity to tour this jewel last week. What a treat!!! Met and visited with Doug who was gracious with his time. Wherever it moves, the community that gets it will have a true world class museum. Maggie Valley and the museum dont seem to have been able to work out an amicable co existence.Too bad as there really isnt much else in Maggie Valley. I only hope he moves closer to Oklahoma so we can see it again!!! He did say that Buzz was a super guy ….and you owe him $20.00 for saying that!!!! Great magazine!!! Keep it up guys!!!!

  4. First off, we are not sure they will be moving. And secondly, if they are moving we do not know where or when.

  5. wayne eberly says:

    Where are they moving it to?

  6. Dale threatened to close down a couple of times before. Everytime he doesn’t get what he wants from the local govt. he pulls this crap.

  7. Drat. I live near Wheels Through Time and its a sorry thing to lose this place. Its been an asset to the community. Drat.

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