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  1. Alan Tennant says:

    I have tried to renew my subscription to the AIM on line but have been notified that it is no complete.
    My mag is sent to South Africa, could this be the Problem?


    Alan Tennant

    Could you please change my postal address to:
    P o box 50460
    South Africa

  2. In issue #306 you ask peoples opinion about the new 500 & 750 Harley’s being made in India and how much they value the American Made quality/tradition . I work at a major finishing company where Harley and Peterbilt / Kenworth are some of our biggest customers . We also do parts for Polaris who do Victory and Indian . A few years ago I was considering getting another new Harley when I started noticing that a number of parts being sent in to plate were from China . There is a Kawasaki plant here in Lincoln , Nebraska and they came to us for our services , after much expense to set up on our part they withdrew and from what I heard they won’t be back . The Polaris plant in Spirit Lake , Iowa is in many ways identical to Kawasaki . They both have a merry go round type deal that rotates to nursery rhymes , “old king Cole / 3 blind mice ” type of stuff. To me this is Japanese product assembled in America(sad , but bottom line) . They put together Lexus in America but it’s still really a Toyota (Japanese) and all of these people are proud of where they work or what they are riding because the truth is hidden by the smokescreen . I am a subscriber , sometimes it expires but I always re-up . I have a signed picture of me and Jim McCaslin when they visited our plant , I also have a picture of me with Harley parts strapped on my bike getting ready to make a delivery to the K.C. plant . I am not sure if it is Harley history , but delivering Harley parts on a Harley is a Great day at work ! I do plan on sending pics to the Reader’s Ride sometime in the future . Keep up the Great work , you will always have my support ! Sincerely , MR.E

  3. Yes, this option does exist, ask the guys at WTT who control heir web site.

  4. Bob Nevitt says:

    An ad in the October issue for the Wheels Through Time – Win this bike raffle (page 160) includes a BEST option – $50.00 for 7 tickets – plus A 1-year AIM subscription. I have checked the Wheels Through Time website as well as your website and cannot find this option (1-year AIM subscription) listed anywhere.

    Is it possible for you to confirm.



  5. Jimmy Hoffa says:

    I subscribed…ok. 13 dollars for a “special” edition of rehashed articles? Uh, NO. Are you kidding me? 13 dollars for a magazine?

  6. We sell most (but not all, as some have sold out) of our back issues of American Iron Magazine amd others (Motorcycle Bagger, RoadBike, American Glory, Indian Motorcycle Illustrated, Thunder Alley, Hot XL and others) at

  7. leon brown says:

    can we subscribe to back issues of AIM?

  8. We love our Canadian readers. As far as we know you subscribe the same way Americans do – on line at

  9. How do us Canadians subscribe on line for American Iron Mag?

  10. I’m active duty AF deployed to Iraq for a year and just picked up one of your mags in a terminal waiting for a flight to a FOB (forward operating base). Absolutely loved it! Just signed up for a subscription. I’m so jonesin’ for my ride.

  11. Just wondering how this applies to us loyal customers who have continued to subscribe to this magazine over the years, are we eligible to win also? Thanks and have a great day!


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