New air cleaner for your Harley-Davidson

Russ Wernimont Designs (RWD) has a stylish new air cleaner for your Harley-Davidson. The Double Shot air filter system features a molded backing plate that improves air flow. The smooth, cast aluminum cover wraps in at the rear fender so you’ll be as comfortable as possible. The RWD air cleaner uses the stock vent system on your H-D so there aren’t any modifications that are necessary for installation. The Double Shot air filter system ($292.95) is made in the US and includes a K&N air filter and all necessary mounting hardware. Info: Russ Wernimont Designs,


  1. Good looking air cleaner. It’d be very interesting to get a comparison of the most popular aircleaners out there in terms of their flow. How about AI? While I’m here, why the hell aren’t you allowing subs to Australia any more blokes?