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If we use your photo or caption, you’ll get a free one-year subscription (or extension) to American Iron Magazine.

In past columns I’ve asked for photos of your bikes, Memories, and cool destinations to publish. Now I want your fun photos. Yup, I want fun photos you took for our new photo and caption contest. Here’s how it works. We want to run a reader-supplied photo of a person, place, or thing (that also involves an American-made motorcycle) to feature in the monthly Quoted & Noted section.

We’ll then ask readers to send in a funny caption for that photo. If we run your photo, you’ll get a photo credit and a free one-year subscription (or extension) to American Iron Magazine. If we use your caption, you’ll get a free one-year subscription (or extension) to American Iron Magazine. Simple, right? The contest will start as soon as we get usable photos, so get those cameras out and start taking pics! Sorry, but we can’t use cell phone images as they are way too small (low resolution) for print reproduction, nor can we use prints. All submissions must be sent electronically to

With a new reader-supplied feature starting, another regular feature is retiring. After several years, we are discontinuing the Fit To Ride column. Our thanks to Phil Halliwell for covering all the exercises and stretches we need to stay in shape, as well as caring for any muscle cramps that may prevent us from enjoying our motorcycles.

Chris’ Travel Tips
Whenever I travel, be it alone or with a buddy, I always take a stupid amount of disc locks, chains, and such to secure my bike. And since I’ve locked up my bike so it’s hard to steal, it’s also impossible for me to move it if I lose any of my keys! Let’s face it; misplacing a key can happen to any of us. To keep from becoming a victim of my own paranoia, I always carry spare keys for all the locks and the bike on a separate key ring. If I’m traveling alone, I keep the spare keys in a secure pocket I do not use for anything else. If I’m travelling with a buddy, I give the spares to him and offer to carry his spares. I never put the second set of keys in the luggage or on the bike. If you can get to them, so can a thief.

See you on the road.

Chris Maida


  1. Thanks for the support and suggestion. We find the time it takes to accept, print and distribute classified ads in print is too long in the era of Craigslist sna Ebay. But you are welcome to post buy and sell ads free on the forum.

  2. Scott O'Lenick says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I love your magazine I have been a member since 2005 when I bought my first Harley Road King Classic. That is a story by it self and I may want to share it with you later on.

    However, I would like to make a suggestion if possible.

    Can you please add a classified section to American Iron Magazine for people who have Harley’s and Parts for sale etc?

    This will benefit people who are active subscribers including myself looking to purchase, sell used Harley Bikes or Parts etc. The magazine will have it all from the latest and greatest new, products, stories and a classified section for people who have Harley Bikes and Parts to sell.

    It may sound not so important but it is to me and many others. Magazines that offer a classified section will benefit both. You can charge a small fee for non-subscribers to advertise in the magazine until item is sold. People who are active subscribers can advertise for free. This would help us to reach out to 1000’s of subscribers around the globe.

    Thanks Scott

  3. Lester, you’ve GOT to send this note to
    Chris would love to see it!

  4. Lester Friermood says:

    Hi Chris: Impelled to drop you a line… I was DUPED out of my subscription fee for your MotorcycleBagger magazine…While awaiting the subscription invoice I requested , I received a subscription card from your competitor publiction “HOT BIKE” (Bagger)!!!!!…It even offered me a 2 year deal!!! .. So, I stupidly fell for it, and sent your money to them…Even sent me a polishing cloth!!! I’m growing hotter under the collar by the day…I’ll get back at ‘ em.. By the time I figgured out what happened…I dug out the couple of mailings from you , and I must appologise ; … So , my check is in the mail , & all that…. #0011196 ..Please pass along to Ed Van Bomel , if you would; ..I LOVE American Iron Magazine , and I know I’ll enjoy “Motorcycle Bagger” as well !!! ( I have newstand issues dating back to 2003 ) The scenic roadtrip articles are great ; .. And I know , we all can’ t get enough reader-write-in-response tech collumns . ( just my 2 cents ) …Would like to cross paths with you , in the late August event , next year , as Indianapolis hosts the AMA flat track mile and motor speedway GPMoto races on Sat. and Sun. …Downtown events , ect. Well , Enough ! Thanx , and best reguards ;

    Lester Friermood