Motorcycle Cannonball 2012 Route & Dates

A number of people have asked when and where they can see the motorcycles and riders of the next Motorcycle Cannonball ride. The first Motorcycle Cannonball was held in 2010, was open to motorcycles from 1915 or older and took a southern route across the US. The next one will be in September 2012, is open to motorcycles from 1929 or earlier and it taking a longer 3800 mile northern route.

Our Publisher, Buzz Kanter, is signed up to ride his 1929 Harley on Team American Iron across the US on the second Motorcycle Cannonball. Buzz rode his 1915 Harley Selma on the first Motorcycle Cannonball. If you wish to support Buzz and Team American Iron, you will be able to purchase a Support Staff T-shirt on on sale by the end of March.

Buzz Kanter on Selma, his 1915 Harley on the first Motorcycle Cannonball ride.

The field of riders has been closed for the 2012 Motorcycle Cannonball with 75 motorcycles already registered. If you would like to see these amazing machines and riders, here is the schedule for overnight stops.

Friday, Sept 7. Ride from Newburgh, NY to Wellsboro, PA.

Saturday, Sept 8. Ride from Wellsboro, PA to Sandusky, OH.

Sunday, Sept 9. Ride from Sandusky, OH to Milwaukee, WI (Harley Museum).

Monday, Sept 10. Ride from Milwaukee, WI to Anamosa, IA (National Motorcycle Museum).

Tuesday, Sept 11. Ride from Anamosa, IA to Spirit Lake IA (Indian factory).

Wednesday, Sept 12. Ride from Spirit Lake, IA to Murdo SD.

Thursday, Sept 13. Ride from Murdo, SD to Sturgis, SD (Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame).

Friday, Sept 14. The riders have a day off for R&R in Sturgis, SD.

Saturday, Sept 15. Ride from Sturgis, SD to Sheridan, WY.

Sunday, Sept 16. Ride from Sheridan, WY to Lake Yellowstone, WY.

Monday, Sept 17. Ride from Lake Yellowstone, WY to Jackson, WY.

Tuesday, Sept 18. Ride from Jackson, WY to Mountain Home, ID.

Wednesday, Sept 19. Ride from Mountian Home, ID to Burns, OR.

Thursday, Sept 20. Ride from Burns, OR to Klamath, OR.

Friday, Sept 21. Ride from Klamath, OR to Fortuna, CA.

Saturday, Sept 22. Ride from Fortuna, CA to Rohnert Park, CA.

Sunday, Sept 23. Ride from Rohnert Park, CA to SanFrancisco, CA for the end of the ride.

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