Share Your Home Customized Harley In Our Magazine

Got a Harley you customized and are proud of? Want to share it with us and possibly our readers in print? We are starting to work on our annual special issue magazine American Iron Garage.
We want to publish more photos of our readers’ Harleys that you and your pals modified or customized.  We are not looking for pro built customs, but machines you did in your garage or back yard.
Here’s the deal, send us decent photos of the bike along with your name, where you live, the year and model Harley, and a list of the changes you made. The photo must be of the entire bike, be in focus and well lit. Should be at least 300 dpi, 4 inches or more tall and 6 inches or more wide.
Email it all to us at
Due to heavy volume we will not be able to email back to everyone. Thanks and we look forward to seeing your bike photos.


  1. One of the major reasons we decided to offer American Iron Magazine in digital delivery is for our many loyal readers outside the US. We know the costs are very high and it can take months for delivery of print.

    So we now offer fast and cheap delivery on the Internet. Please help us spread the word to other readers outside the US.

  2. Chuck Taylor says:

    So happy to see the digital subcription….here in Brazil the price of the mag is betweek R$45 to R$65 (US$23 to US$32) per MONTH! If you can find it. Normally when I do, its about 3 months old and used up like the back tire at a burnout ralley….

  3. I recently purchased a 2008 FLSTC . It has 20,000 kms(13000 mi).It is the first bike I have owned with a belt drive.How often should I service it and should I be carrying a spare?If so how much are the belts.

  4. We value all our readers and advertisers. But we can not stay in business if we sell subscriptions at massive losses.

    We plan to offer American Iron Magazine digital subscriptions on-line within a month or so. Delivery will be immediate and the cost to subscribe will be the same for US and foreign subscribers.

  5. Hans Smaling says:

    i am still waiting for your digital subscription. After 20 years of reading and paying I felt forced to suspend my subscription due to a price raise of 5 times!
    Mr Buzz Kanter blamed the high mail cost (he was losing on it). But how come Mustang Monthly is able to send me their publication every month for USD 45,- for a 2 year subscribtion????. It’s a shame and I am really pissed off with your company. This is not the way you treat yr longtime readers/customers. I hope you guys got the guts to publish my comments.