Buzz Kanter Tears Achilles Tendon. Motorcycle Cannonball in Question

Will Buzz Kanter, Editor-in-Chief of American Iron Magazine participate this year’s Motorcycle Cannonball? Today the doctor told Buzz the pain he has been having in his left leg is a partially torn Achilles tendon. The prognosis is he must wear a soft cast on his left ankle and leg 24/7 for 6-8 weeks to allow it to heal properly. After the cast comes off he will need to do physical therapy. If he does not wear the cast he is likely to do more damage that would require surgery.

Buzz Kanter earlier this week with his 1929 Harley JDH prepped and ready for the Motorcycle Cannonball. Will his torn Achilles tendon be healed in time to make the actual ride that leaves from New York September 7th?

The Motorcycle Cannonball, that Buzz has been preparing for and sharing with American Iron Magazine readers, starts in a little over 7 weeks from today. Buzz is optimistic that he will be ready to go even if he will not have ridden a motorcycle for more than a month before he leaves on his 1929 Harley JDH on the almost 4,000 mile cross country ride.

Wish him luck and we will keep you posted on developments.