HARLEY NEWS American Iron Magazine Increases to 13 Issues in 2013

Two of the most popular requests we receive from our readers here at American Iron Magazine are:

1) I love American Iron Magazine, how do I get my bike featured in it?


2) I read American Iron Magazine cover to cover twice, and then have to wait a week or two before the next issue is published. Can you publish more often?

Our reply to the first question is please send us some great photos of your bike and we will see what we can do.

And our reply to the second most popular request is OK.

Starting in 2013 we will increase the frequency of American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine, from 12 issues a year to 13 issues. That means we will publish a new magazine every four weeks – in print and digital. It’s a lot more work for us but we think you are worth it. Don’t you?


  1. Outstanding! So that’s 13 issues in 2013; any chance for 14 in 2014¿

  2. Outstanding!