American Iron Magazine – World’s Best Selling Print AND Digital Harley Magazine

Launched in 1989, American Iron Magazine has long been the best selling Harley magazine in the world. At last count there were more than a dozen Harley-specific print magazines published in America alone.

Recognizing a growing number of readers prefer digital magazines, TAM Communications’ American Iron Magazine partnered up with Zinio, the world’s largest digital magazine newsstand. Click here to subscribe to digital issues.

It took American Iron Magazine almost fifteen years to become the best selling Harley magazine on the newsstand. Yet, in less than six months, American Iron Magazine has already grown into the best selling digital Harley magazine on Zinio.

“Our philosophy has always been to offer the best possible product and great value to our readers and our advertisers.” Publisher Buzz Kanter explained. “We look forward to learning and growing as this brave new digital world matures. As we learn and grow, our team will stay focused on producing the best possible editorial blend, and we will charge our growing audience a fair price for it.”

American Iron Magazine continues to lead the industry by expanding frequency to 13 issues in 2013. This will mean an exciting new issue published every four weeks, on the newsstand, in the subscribers’ mailboxes, and delivered digitally worldwide! More of what our readers want, more often.

When comparing various magazines – print or digital – it is important to keep in mind that PRICE is what you pay, but VALUE is what you get.

If you would like more information about advertising in American Iron Magazine or any of the other high quality TAM Communications’ motorcycle magazines (American Glory, Motorcycle Bagger, RoadBike) please contact Terry O’Brien, Advertising Director, at


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