Digital Harleys? American Iron Magazine Best Selling Digital Harley Magazine On Zinio

American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling print motorcycle magazine on the newsstand, has been available worldwide in digital format for less than six months. Yet, it has already climbed in sales to be the best selling Harley magazine on Zinio. In addition American Iron Magazine is currently the fourth best selling digital motorcycle magazine on Zinio.

We are hearing from many international Harley enthusiasts thanking us for this option that offers them current and back issues quickly and at a fraction of the prices they need to pay for the print version outside the US. For more information or to order your single copy of subscription please visit


  1. If our readers prefer digital copies of American Iron Magazine we will work hard to make them happy. But we can’t work hard to do it if we lose money on it. I am sure you understand. – Buzz Kanter

  2. Steven Kastell says:

    I remember when Chris told me you were dead set against Digital Mags Buzz. BTW, there are some mags that are giving away the Digital edition even – see American Handgunner.

    I would rather just buy the digital. All I do with the hard copies of mags I get digital now is put them in a pile!!


  3. Actually, we are looking into this to see if it makes sense.

  4. Bill North says:

    Hey Buzz,
    How about a discount for the digital subscription for those of us with a regular hard copy subscription?

    Good luck on the Cannonball Run this year.


  5. Thanks for the suggestions. We will look into them. Please note there is not Info@americanIronMag email – please send all emaisl to Please know there is a real and significant cost to us for all digital subscriptions as we have to pay the host for every issue delivered if we get paid or not, and it is not cheap.

  6. Tom McDougal says:

    Sports Illustrated and Newsweek offer this dual subscription option – print and digital. Why not offer the same? Particularly as an option for those long time subscribers like me since 2004 that have paid print subscriptions through 2/2014. It will not cost you anything to meet this customer service need AND it will attract a new group of young enthusiasts to read your mag.

    Btw, your does not work. And, Tam Communications customer service on this issue has been HORRIBLE as I have been trying to address this since last month when digital was announced. If I was you, I would want to know these things.

    The mag is great but I think the above would be good moves for your customers.

  7. We considered it but can’t justify free magazines AND keep up the quality too. At least not at this time. Thanks for the support.

  8. Some magazine allow you to get the digital magazine free when you pay for the print copy. Is this something that may happen in future. Sometimes it is nice to be able to read on kindle at the last minute.