Comments on: 2013 Super Glide Custom New Bike Review Harley magazine and Harley motorcycle news Wed, 25 Mar 2015 21:44:34 -0400 hourly 1 By: Steve Phillips Sun, 01 Feb 2015 04:12:26 +0000 I bought a 2013 in August of that year; late in the riding season. I love the bike. It has plenty of power for me. I’ve experienced no problem with the bike and have upgraded it some since. First upgrade was the slip-ons. The stock pipes sounded good, but the V-H slip-ons give it a “meaner” sound. The bike is well worth the money I paid for it.

By: Charlie Golmon Mon, 17 Nov 2014 12:03:35 +0000 I have the 2013 FXDC 110th anniversary bike and I love it!
This bike handles extremely well and has lots of power. I drive about eighty miles each day to and from work and I often choose the longest route possible on pretty days just to nudge a few extra minutes in on my baby! I bought her new in May of 2013 and have a little over 20,000 miles logged on the odometer already. I haven’t had any issues what so ever and I ride rain or shine. The only changes I have made was a set of forward controls, some Viking bags, a set of Michelin commanders and a Memphis shades wind screen. This bike is definitely a daily rider and I have taken 500 mile trips with no discomfort. By the way. … Those Michelin commanders are fantastic if your needing tires!
I can’t say enough good things about this bike. Its the best thing I have ever ridden and it rekindled my love for driving a vehicle of any kind. ..especially motorcycles!!!!

By: donny1020 Sun, 13 Jul 2014 01:52:21 +0000 7/12/2014, I picked up a new 2014 Super Glide Custom with a 103 engine a couple weeks ago and finally have put enough miles on the bike to write down a review from my perspective.

Just a little perspective, I usually ride every day to work and use the motorcycle as a primary source of transportation even though we own a couple of cars. I live in the Puget Sound and usually commute via Washington States Ferry system, keeping a car parked in Seattle that I use for work. My commute starts with a 1 minute ride to the Ferry, a 40 minute boat ride and a 15 minute ride in Seattle to where I work in construction. The fact that the segments are so short my motorcycles which are all oil cooled and never get up to temp has caused problems due to excessive wear on the valve guides. The weather in the Puget Sound can be wet and there is a saying that Washington motorcycle riders are wet or are going to be wet. Because of this it’s necessary to have bike that can handle the weather without having the electrical short out due to exposure to the rain. We are also blessed with some of the worst traffic in the world where a 15 minute ride can turn into a hour ride unless you illegally split lanes. I need a bike that was skinny enough to fit between cars and able to jump up on sidewalks when necessary. The Super Glide filled the bill for me.

I have been riding for most of my life learning at an early age on a new Honda 90 Trail, (step through frame), so that gives you an idea how long I’ve been riding. Currently I have a 74″ CI 1949 Panhead chopper with a ridged frame and a 4 speed transmission, a 1976 Harley SX250 2 stroke enduro which was made in Italy for HD by Aeromachi, a 1984 80″ CI HD Shovelhead, (last year for the Shovelhead) chopper which is also rigid and powered by a built motor with a 4 speed transmission. The 84 is slammed and only has about 3 inches of lean before you start dragging the exhaust.

Over the years I’ve become a HD mechanic due to the usual breakdowns every 1500 miles or so. I’ve done the rebuilds on all bikes a did the correct flowing the heads, balancing the engines, using Andrews guts in the transmission, etc in an effort to make them “fast” and more reliable. With all their faults these old bike get into a guys blood. They are true Harley Davidsons with all their faults and issues. The ability to fix issues on the side of a freeway at 11:45 at night leaves one with a sense of pride. Though I’ve thought about buying a new bike I had never rode a new Harley that could beat my Shovel for feel and light to light response. That is until I rode a bike with the 103 engine. I always hated the idea of spending $10k plus on a new bike and then having to dump another couple of thousand dollars to make it run right. The 103″ Super Glide changed my mind.

Part of the problem I had with buying a HD was the entire HD dealership experience. I grew up in a outlaw family so bikes mean different things for me and my family than the average motorcycle enthusiast. Performance rates high on my list of what a Harley should be and the other non 103 Twin Cam bikes just were to bland for me. Before going to the dealership I ate a Xanax and smoked a bowl, (it’s legal in Washington State). I knew the bike was there in stock so I thought it would be easy, shame on me for assuming. I’ve come realize that the HD dealership is really a cult. I told the sales person what I wanted and had spoke with the service side so they knew what I wanted before I actually made the purchase. I explained I wanted everything with the bike to be perfect before I took delivery, this included remapping the motorcycle electronics.

The salesman introduced me to fiance, I was paying cash so I assumed that that portion wouldn’t take long. Just sign some documents and then I could split and pick up the bike when it was the way I wanted it. My mistake 45 minutes later and an argument over the fact they wanted me to pay $250 for a “document fee” which is basically giving them $250 dollars for nothing. I got that dropped and then they lead me around to each department where they introduced me to people and gave me their first names as I was now part of the HD family, even though I’ve had HDs for the better part of my life and don’t have any trendy tattoos, a HD leather jacket, and I hate assless chaps. I also had to argue with the parts department because I wanted a small sissy bar put on the bike and they were trying to convince me they couldn’t do it. I had to take him over to a new 2014 Wide Glide, point at the sissy bar and told him, order that part and then put it on my bike as the Wide Glide is basically the same bike with a couple of cosmetic tweaks. Guess what, it fit, it just took me 30 minutes to convince them and explain how to use a heat gun to remove the reflector on the rear fender.

I picked up the bike a couple of weeks later, I had also asked for a shop manual for the bike witch they forgot to order and didn’t have in stock. As soon as I split from the dealership I realized they messed up the remapping. They simply downloaded a Stage One map from the factory and flashed the electronics and charged me $100. The bike decell popped like crazy, it just wasn’t right and had they road the bike before the service department let it go they would have realized this. I went back to the dealership and they actually told me to ride it for a couple of hundred miles and the bike may just fix itself. I took the bike home and ordered a Vance and Hines Fuelpack 3 fuel management box. I called Vance and Hines and spoke with customer support who told me everything I needed to know and which map to choose first even though I didn’t install and Vance and Hines products on the bike and how to flash the bike. It took about 12 minutes to complete and put the cover back on and everything works great now. The FP3 also has a Autotune mode which I will use this weekend. Vance and Hines says it works as well as a dyno to get everything perfect, its close now but we see what it’s like after the Autotune feature is run.

Now to the bike, I love it. The fit and finish is perfect. Nobody does paint and chrome like HD, it’s really impressive. I’m color blind and have always had black bikes but the Super Glide is a two tone candy paint job and it’s flawless and everyone says the colors are great. After riding chopped bikes for a long time having something with suspension is great. The bike corners great and the center pegs really work great for me and I’m 6’1″ tall. The seat is comfortable and I don’t see any reason to change it. The handlebars are natural and require little effort to turn.

The combination of the 103″ engine modified to breath and the six speed trans is amazing for a HD. The bike can cruise at 60 mph only turning 2200 rpm. It has more than enough power to lift the front tire off the ground even with the belt drive. I had thought about converting it to chain drive but for now I’ll stick with the belt. The engine is rubber mounted and as soon as you start rolling the vibration disappears. It’s been so long since I’ve had a bike that had mirrors for actually seeing what’s behind me and this bike is so smooth that the mirrors hardly even shake. The anti lock brakes also work flawlessly making my learned skill of keeping a skidding HD in control unnecessary.

It’s so nice to be able to go to the garage at 5:00 am and just push a button rather than kicking a bike over which isn’t that bad when everything is tuned perfect but as the plugs wear and depending on the quality of gas you put in it could leave you jumping on the starter for fifteen minutes before it rumbles to life.

For me this bike is great. If you are considering buying one I would have the mufflers changed to a more performance oriented version, have a performance air cleaner installed, and install a set of Woods 777 camshafts. That will bring it up over a hundred horsepower instead of the stock 60 horsepower. It just makes the bike a lot more enjoyable to ride. I also recommend the Xanax before you go to the dealership unless you want to join the cult and greet other HD riders by calling them Bro. When I was at the dealership it was about 80 degrees outside and there was a guy in a full Opie from Sons of Anarchy costume. Leather jacket, assless chaps, long sleave sweatshirt and a black stocking cap. This is the problem with the HD cult, imitating a fake TV actor based on a fake 1% MC who ride around acting like fools and this is how the general public views HD riders and who people with personality disorders emulate.

The 2014 FXDC Super Glide Custom is simply a great motorcycle that handles great, looks great, rides great and sells for a fair price and it’s made in America using Union labor, a big plus over any other American made bike, Japanese cruisers may be reliable and have more HP but they are just an imitation of a Harley Davidson. A major issue with HD bikes is the fact they are so detuned to pass Government regulations. It still bothers me that they don’t just build a bike that HD rider wants straight from the dealership.

By: Chris Sat, 21 Jun 2014 17:28:40 +0000 I’ve got a 2008 105th Anniversary FXDC and though it is slightly different (No ABS and has forward controls) I couldn’t agree more. The bike has great balance and is easy to handle. I’ve noticed before that the bike nearly drives itself and is very predictable at low speeds. I personally like the 96″ over other harley engines i have tried just because of the natural “snap” and low to mid range torque that the bike makes. it has a nice open feeling similar to the 103 on the top end, but pulls out good and has good clutch response from a dead start so it wont konk out on you. I had a set of Rush slip ons on mine when I first purchased it last year and they sounded amazing on it. Also an upgraded air cleaner and tune up really lets the engine open up and I average 47mpg with mine and i dont lolly gag when I drive 😉 I would definantly reccomend this bike to anyone.

By: chetan Tue, 25 Mar 2014 06:09:45 +0000 i want handle bar for super glide 2014 and how much it will cost ?