American Iron Magazine Supports New Anti-Ethanol Facebook Page

We at American Iron Magazine are very concerned about the unwelcomed effects of the ethanol blended gasoline in our motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats and even lawn mowers. The US government has mandated an increasing percentage of ethanol in our gasoline, which we feel is a foolish decision.

The ethanol blended gasoline is destroying gas tanks, fuel lines, carburetors and engines. And now the government wants to increase the ratio of ethanol to gas at the pumps. Not a good idea.

Therefore we at American Iron Magazine, Motorcycle Bagger, American Iron Garage and RoadBike encourage you to voice your opinion here and on the new Facebook page Americans Against Ethanol In Our Gasoline.


  1. Bruce Brown says:

    Ethanol is destructive, especially to smaller internal combustion engines. I go out of my way to find ethanol-free gasoline whenever possible. Increasing the level of ethanol in gasoline is a completely irrational decision, particularly since studies have proven its environmental benefits are neutral at best.