Best Harley Motorcycle Magazine? Help Us Make American Iron Magazine Better

Whatis the best motorcycle magazine? We are honored to see American Iron Magazine ranked as the best motorcycle magazine in so many places and we thank you for this support. Our question is how do we make American Iron Magazine even better. Please do not bother sending in replies like “feature my bike on the cover” or “add naked women” but do send us your legit suggestions.

Do we need to feature more or less home-built customs,classic motorcycle or event coverage to keep American Iron Magazine the best Harley magazine? We really do want to know as our readers are worth it.

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  1. Hey guys great magazine. I have been reading AIM sense 1999 or 2000. Only thing that kinda bothers me is that I never see any tech about that great line of motorcycle called the softail. I own a 2001 FXSTBI all blacked out night train. To make this simple, How bout some motor hop ups for this and tune-ups that are great for a better performing motorcycle. The last few years all I have seen in your magazine is sportster stuff and or bagger stuff. Hey guys lets get back to the real deal motorcycle which is the amazing Harley Davidson softail line which exploded the market for buyers of us Baby Boomers like candy going out of this world. Thanks for putting out a great magazine and listening to us readers with our comments.

  2. newsrider says:

    i would like to see an online subscription tech magazine or blog for riders like me who have many questions about how to achieve success in modifying their bike to suit particular changes they wish to make

  3. would be nice to see some project builds including painting,maybe a restoration on one of your classics sort of a month to month hands on projects….

  4. Maybe add some intro-type particles for newbies. I love reading how people customized their bikes, or performed maintenance themselves, but I have no idea what they are talking about half the time. Maybe a diagram of units, with parts labeled, and what they do?

    I’d like to see some more articles on women riders too!

    Thanks for hearing me out,
    Anna L

  5. Kevin V Gantnier sr says:

    How about an expose’ on some of the local mechanics and quirky Motorcycle shops…Personalities and such….Old time builders, Painters, Pin stripers.