NEWSFLASH Protect your motorcycle from E15: Keep the pressure on the EPA

The official comment period has ended for the 2014 EPA ethanol mandate. But the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency still needs to hear from you.


Because the EPA is hearing from well-funded pro-ethanol groups urging the agency to reverse its decision to lower the ethanol mandates.

Tell the EPA that you support its proposal to reduce the total amount of ethanol required in transportation fuel nationwide in 2014. You can send a prewritten email to the EPA immediately by clicking the “Take Action” link. To send a Tweet to the EPA, click here.

The American Motorcyclist Association supports this proposal, because it could slow the introduction of E15 into the marketplace. The AMA opposes E15 – a fuel containing as much as 15 percent ethanol – because it can cause engine and fuel system damage to your motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle. And void your manufacturer’s warranty.

The EPA heard from more than 10,200 motorcyclists during the official comment period! Now we need to keep the pressure on the EPA to stick to its proposal to lower ethanol mandates, which are known as the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Help us counter these pro-ethanol groups with more messages from motorcyclists.

You can tell the EPA to stick to its proposal that will help protect the 22 million motorcycles and ATVs in America – and the riders who depend on their safe operation – from inadvertent misfueling.

The EPA is expected to make a decision soon! Act today to ensure your voice is heard!

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