Harley Magazine News: What Would You Want To Read More in 2015?

We at TAM Communications had a full schedule this year publishing 13 issues of American Iron Magazine, 2 issues of the all-tech American Iron Garage, 9 issues of American Iron Motorcycle Bagger and 6 issues of our Motorcycle magazine. Wow!

All issues of these magazines are sold in stores. through print subscriptions and through digital delivery (single copies and subscriptions).

We are now starting to plan for 2015 and are, thanks to your support, are excited about our sales growth in the last year and going forward.

With that in mind we are asking you, our readers, what more would you like us to publish in 2015?

Are there topics we do not cover enough that you want more of? How about topics for additional special issues newsstand only magazines?

Please reply to this post with your comments, suggestions and concerns. After all, we are publishing these magazines for you.

Thanks for your support and please let us know what we can do to improve.

– Buzz Kanter, publisher


  1. I just turned 50 in 2014. I spent a couple years riding on the back with a boyfriend. When we broke up I missed the motorcycle so bad I enrolled in the motorcycle rider’s safety course, then got my endorsement, then my first bike; Yamaha XT225 which I have been practicing on dirt roads all last summer.
    I want to read about women (mature) who ride.
    I also want to read about basic ways I can take care of my motorcycle, putting it up for winter, how best to clean the chain, change oil, other regular maintenance, my current boyfriend is a scientist and I am the more mechanical one.
    I’d love to read reviews from petite women who own nice road bikes, what they’ve ridden, what they’ve owned, what they like, and recommend.
    Hell, I’d actually like to write all these articles for your magazines!
    I have samples of my published writing, upon your request.
    I look forward to hearing back from you.
    Thanks for your time, and for asking!

  2. Tony Greco says:

    I enjoy reading technical articles about engine modifications. Would enjoy and article written about Gerry Branch and Mike O’Keefe……company now known as Branch O’Keefe out of Signal Hill, CA. Baker Drivetrain would be great to do a feature article on their shop headquarters. Sputhe Engineering is also another performance company that comes to mind.
    Always enjoy the enjoy the Kickstart Classic and Motorcycle Cannonball coverage. Thank you for asking !!

  3. tech, tech, tech & more tech

  4. Joe Yarnell says:

    How about a comparison test between the Chieftain and the Street Glide.

  5. Shawn Erlandson says:

    How about a bike of the month article. This would be any bike from the Harley line up with specifications general information and pics…