Video of Buzz Kanter’s Motorcycle Cannonball 1936 Harley

How much do you know about 1930s Harley-Davidson motorcycles? While hardly news today, the one-year only 1936 Harley VLH was considered a special machine. The current issue of American Iron Magazine features Buzz Kanter’s 1936 Harley VLH that he plans to ride over 4,000 miles on this year’s Motorcycle Cannonball event.

While the Harley magazine feature shows the bike well and describes much of what went into rebuilding and prepping the bike for this long coast-to-coast Motorcycle Cannonball ride, Buzz thought a video would add to the understanding of this machine.

Here is a “walk around” video by Buzz Kanter for all American Iron Magazine readers and Harley enthusiasts.

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