What New Harley Motorcycle Would YOU Like To See?

If you were running Harley-Davidson, we at American Iron Magazine would like to know what new motorcycle would you like to see offered to the public, and are there any you’d recommend be discontinued?

This includes the Harley baggers, Harley Softails, Harley V-Rods, Harley Dynas, Harley Sportsters and Harley Streets.

Please respond on our web site to this post and we will share some of the replies here and possibly in print.


  1. Adventure Seeker says:

    Everyone leaving a comment here wants a Sportster size bike with changes. No one ask for a Bagger. My wish is a Scrambler/Desert Sled. This is like the one I made in the sixties: Evo 1200 engine, welded reinforced frame and same size aggressive tires, skid plate and weighing 400 lbs.

  2. I would love to see the Motor Comapany make a Scout fighter out of something like a 1000cc Revolution engine, in the same frame as the Street 750, to keep the weight down, and maybe go one or two better with lightweight wheels and equipment on the bike, with some real suspension travel and ground clearance! I for one would pay up to 12K for the right bike! I love my wife’s new Street 750! and with a little more power, and just a little less weight that bike would be great! Just use some male slider forks, and some good rear shocks is all the bike really needs with some ground clearance.

  3. Trikes ! :-):-)

  4. jason spivey says:

    A 900cc or 1000cc Revolution powered Sportster

  5. Go one better than the new Freewheeler. A Sportster based trike, 1200 Evo, Servicar style box, rider floor boards, keep it under $20K. Just for grins, build a ‘Heritage’ model of the Sportster trike with a springer front end and two-tone paint in vintage colors.

  6. JD Mcgeary says:

    I’m with Skeeter a updated nova sport toured or a new FXRP styled sportish touring bike with a new variation on the old FXR police bike fairing.Also bring back a XLCH sportster with a retro 60’s style paint scheme to it and some big hairy balls.Use the XR 1200 motor and take on the new Indian scout.Undercut Indians price and sell a ton of them.

  7. Brian Milbourne says:

    VROD BAGGER… somebody please have them put a vrod motor on the street glide!!!

  8. Gary Williams says:

    I would love to see the smaller bikes make a come back. Like the 250’s and under. Lets get the kids riding Harleys again.

  9. Mark Allen says:

    I would like a Street Bob trike!

  10. I would like to see a updated Nova in a sport touring model.

  11. Mike Butler says:

    I’d love to see them bring back the Rpad Glide Ultra, the Heritage Springer and the Softail Custom. As far as discontinuing any models, I have no idea what the demand is but I’m not really a fan of the Fat Bob or the Softail Slim.