Motorcycle Riders Need to Pressure Congress For Highway Bill

During the congressional recess break, keep the pressure on your representative to support a six-year federal highway bill. The U.S. Senate has already acted with the passage of H.R. 22, the Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy (DRIVE) Act, by a vote of 65-34.

Because the U.S. House has not acted, the U.S. Congress had to pass a three-month extension, which provides an additional $8 billion to keep transportation programs funded and authorized through Oct. 29.

The Senate version does include language to prohibit federal funding for motorcycle-only checkpoints. Thanks goes to U.S. Sens. Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson and Jeanne Shaheen for including their bill (S.127) in the DRIVE Act. The federal dollars from this program should be used exclusively for proven highway safety strategies and not sporadic, discriminatory checkpoints.

The bill also includes continued funding for the Recreational Trails Program at the current level of $85 million annually. Funds for the RTP are generated from a humble portion of the excise taxes on fuel purchased for off-highway vehicle recreation. As a result, the RTP is built following the “user pay/user benefit” model on which the entire highway trust fund is based.

Keep the pressure on the U.S. House to consider its version of the highway bill. Contact your representative today and urge them to pass a six-year highway bill.

We at American Iron Magazine and Motorcycle Rides & Culture support the AMA’s position on this.