2018 Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame Nominations Now Open

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Famers

Nominations for the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame Class of 2018 are now open. As always, there are no restrictions on who can submit a nomination, but you do have to meet the deadline of December 29, 2017. Established in 2001, the Sturgis Hall of Fame recognizes individuals or groups who have made a long term positive impact on the motorcycle community. After vetting and voting, the Class of 2018 will be honored at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony presented by Strider in August of 2018.

“We were honored to be inducted with friends Jim Thiessen, Cory Ness and Terry Vance,” said Colleen Barnett-Taylor after this year’s induction ceremony. “Emcee John Paul DeJoria’s comments were so inline with what we have always felt about the industry and quality of our products!”

“As JP noted during the awards ceremony, quality rises to the top,” added Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Executive Director Myrick Robbins. “But with a legend like Willie G., Pappy Hoel Award winner Rod Woodruff, go-fast guys Terry Vance and Jim Theissen, builders Cory Ness and Mark Shadley and the husband and wife team Mike Taylor and Colleen Barnett-Taylor, the bar has been set at an all-time high.”

With the exception of current members of the board of directors and employees of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum who are ineligible, all qualified individuals are welcome and there are no restrictions on who may submit nominations. After the deadline, all nomination forms are then reviewed by the Hall of Fame committee (made up of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum’s board of directors, its Executive Director and staff directors).

“The criteria for being inducted into the Hall of Fame is to recognize the men and women who have dedicated much of their lives to improving, promoting and advancing motorcycling,” stated Robbins. “We also have a separate nomination specifically for the Freedom Fighter Award, which recognizes those individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to protect our rights to ride.”

Nomination forms for the Class Of 2018 and the Freedom Fighter Award must be accompanied by credentials explaining why an individual should be considered for induction. Please keep in mind that while their achievements may be outstanding, not everyone knows it. A comprehensive overview of their accomplishments is necessary to make an informed and educated decision. Biographical information, newspaper articles, historical documents, etc. may be submitted. Note new deadline is December 29, 2017 NO EXCEPTIONS.

Click here to download the official nomination forms for both the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall Of Fame and the Freedom Fighter Award: http://www.sturgismuseum.com/Nomination-Application