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Arlen Ness Billet Sucker Stage I Air Cleaner Install (Intro)

Arlen Ness Billet Sucker Stage I Air Cleaner Install

By Chris Maida/Photos by Chelsea Maida

We gained 9 hp with this air cleaner kit and a Dynojet Power Vision tuner!

Who wouldn’t like to get more power and a big improvement in his bike’s looks with one upgrade? The Arlen Ness Billet Sucker Stage I air cleaner kit for 1999-2013 Twin Cam engines gives you both at a great price. We went with a chrome scalloped cover (#18-811/$229.95) on our 2006 bike. However, if you prefer to keep your bike looking stock, the Stage I kits give you the option of reusing the stock cover.

The Ness Big Sucker line of air cleaners has been around for over 10 years, and they have proven to be a winner time and time again. This setup features a one-piece aluminum backing plate that has two hidden breather ports, which have an O-ring where they join the head. The oily mist from the engine is then brought right to the mouth of the engine’s carb/throttle body. This design eliminates the ugly stock external hoses and hardware. This backing plate — available in standard, black powdercoat, or chrome finish — also has a radius air inlet for unobstructed airflow into the engine. More air in means more fuel can be added with the result being more power. As for the filter element, you can get a standard red filter, which is pre-oiled, washable, and made of four layers of surgical grade cotton. This is our version. Arlen Ness also offers a synthetic material steel jacketed filter element that’s water resistant and never needs to be oiled. Just wash it when dirty and reinstall.

Stock Harley Air Cleaner bracket

After taking off the stock Harley air filter, remove the outer cover’s bracket from the filter element using a T-27 Torx on the three bolts.

As we said earlier, more air in means you can add more fuel. To add that additional fuel, we also used a Dynojet Power Vision tuner (#PV-1/$549). This setup is very easy to use and completely eliminates the need for a computer to monitor the system or load fuel maps. You just select the tune that best fits your bike’s air cleaner and exhaust setup, upload it using the included Power Vision screen, and fire up the bike! You can even edit the tune you just loaded if you choose. The Power Vision device also downloads and stores your bike’s stock calibration maps, as well as let you store up to eight different tunes, which can be flashed to your bike any time you want. If you make major changes to your engine later on, Power Vision can be used to make a custom tune specifically for that performance part configuration. As for its monitoring features, Power Vision shows you how your bike is running, allows you to check and clear diagnostic codes, reset adaptive fuel trims and idle offset (with the bike running), and display all J1850 and CAN H-D vehicle data, as well as wide band air/fuel ratios and various other channels, like MPG instant and trip readings.

Breather Hoses Stock Harley Air Cleaner

Now pull the filter element from the air cleaner inner cover and disconnect it from the two breather hoses that are on the breather bolts.

Though you can tune your bike yourself with a Power Vision unit, we went to our buddy John at Dyno Solutions to have him load up the proper map and then do our dyno runs. Be sure to check out the accompanying dyno chart to see what and where our gains are. Just remember, this bike also already has a set of performance slip-on mufflers. We did the build this way this time since many owners first change out the mufflers for a better sound and a bit more power and then do the air cleaner. AIM

Arlen Ness Billet Sucker Backplate

Torquing the new Arlen Ness Billet Sucker backplate into place.



Arlen Ness Enterprises  (925) 479-6300

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Harley-Davidson For Sale? Huge Spike In Stock Price As Buy Out Rumors Fly

Shares of Harley-Davidson Inc. rocketed on heavy volume Friday as reports of takeover interest circulated at a time when bearish bets were at multiyear highs.

The nearly 20% surge was the stock’s HOG, +19.76%  best one-day performance since it shot up 20.5% on March 18, 2009. Volume soared to 23 million shares, which was more than 10 times the full-day average, and the highest level since Oct. 20, 2015. Rumors are circulating KKR  might be interested in buying Harley-Davidson and taking it private, as they have a history of doing. Typically they would buy the public company, bring in their own management team, reduce staff and expenses to improve short term profits, then either sell the company or take it public again.

Harley-Davidson didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment and a KKR spokesperson wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Friday’s gain boosted Harley-Davidson’s market valuation by $1.62 billion to $9.82 billion, according to FactSet data.

Some Wall Street traders might call the stock’s oversize reaction to the speculation a “short squeeze.” A so-called short squeeze occurs when investors who borrow a security on the belief that it will fall in value are forced to buy it as prices rise, accelerating share gains.

Short interest, or the number of shares investors have bet that the price will decline, spiked to 29.3 million shares through mid June. That is more than double what it was a year ago, and the highest level since April 2010.

2016 Harley-Davidson FLSTN Softail Deluxe Review


2016 Harley FLSTN Softail Deluxe

Nostalgic styling, bright candy colors and more chrome than a 1959 Cadillac. That’s the 2016 Harley FLSTN Softail Deluxe.

NEW BIKE REVIEW by Dain Gingerelli

It’s a bling thing

One thing’s for sure about the FLSTN Softail Deluxe: It isn’t subtle. Chromed and polished parts abound on this boulevard bomber, and when you factor in the wide whitewall tires and optional Hard Candy paint job – our test bike wears the flamboyant Gold Flake option – you roll up on nothing short of an eye-catching custom cruiser. This bike’s styling hits you like a jackhammer. Indeed, our bike never went unnoticed when I pulled into parking lots or gas stations. Eyes stared, curious minds inquired, and wannabe Harley riders cast coveting glances at the gold FLSTN. The Softail Deluxe is that kind of bike.

It had been two years since we last rode a Softail Deluxe (issue #312), so it was time for another visit. There have been some notable changes to the FLSTN during the past 730 days. Foremost, the 2016 model checks in with electronic cruise control, and the High Output Twin Cam 103 engine package as standard features. A new force-feed air filter cover, emblazoned with 103 High Output script and capped with a cool stainless steel wire-mesh screen over the mouth, replaces the ham-can inspired cover found on the 2014 bike, and twirling inside the right-side cam chest cavity are a pair of sticks with more aggressive lobes to bump peak torque from 97.4 ft-lbs. (at 3000 rpm) to 100.3 ft-lbs. (also at 3000 rpm).

2016 Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe

The 2016 Softail Deluxe’s ride remains smooth and purposeful with 5.1″ of travel in the glide fork and 3.4″ of rear wheel travel.

Although there’s little, if any, noticeable difference in the seat-of-the-pants feel from the 2014 model, Harley tells us that the High Output engine’s new cam timing, assisted by the new air cleaner, makes it more agreeable when teamed with a free-flow exhaust, such as those from Harley’s Screamin’ Eagle arsenal or other quality aftermarket systems. The logic behind this is simple; since Harley owners typically upgrade their bikes’ exhaust systems anyway, why not give the masses what they want in the first place? And that’s a cam grind that remains EPA-legal yet delivers the goods in terms of snappy acceleration, the motivating factor behind installing a free-flow exhaust system in the first place.

2016 Softail Deluxe details

The 2016 Softail Deluxe is all about classy details, from the chrome fender trim and badge to the whitewall tires.

The High Output engine’s performance seems most advantageous in the upper rpm range, where the engine wants to breathe more freely. Comparing roll-on acceleration times with the 2014 model, the High Output 103 scooted us from 60-80 mph in fifth gear slightly quicker, doing so in 4.3 seconds compared to our 4.4 time in 2014. Not a tremendous difference, but logic says that if you include a quality exhaust system in the mix, that time will be even better.

Harley touts 42 mpg for the High Output engine, same figure boasted by the 2014 model with the “standard” TC 103″. And that fuel consumption figure is about right, as I constantly achieved 40 or so mpg from our 2016 FLSTN. Factor in the fuel tank’s 5-gallon capacity, and you have a riding range of about 200 miles.


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American Iron Magazine River Run by Indian Motorcycles & Patriot Ride

Join the staff of American Iron Magazine for a free and fun run up the Mississippi River in July.
Indian sponsored, but all makes and models and years of motorcycles are welcome

Indian sponsored, but all makes and models and years of motorcycles are welcome

American Iron Magazine River Run sponsored by Indian Motorcycles. 
Friday, July 8, 2016
* Free event open to riders of all makes, years and models of motorcycles.
* We gather at Riverside Park in La Crosse, WI the morning of Friday, July 8.
* Gas tanks full and bladders empty, sidestands up at 12 noon. Ride with the editors of American Iron Magazine along the banks of the Mississippi River to the Twin Cities Indian dealer in St Paul, MN for a free reception and party that afternoon and evening.
Join us at The Patriot Ride

Join us at The Patriot Ride

Ride to the Patriot Ride with American Iron Magazine and Indian Motorcycles. 
Saturday, July 9, 2016
* Free all brands motorcycle meet-up at Twin Cities Indian in St Paul, MN.
* Gas tanks full and bladders empty, sidestands up at 9 am. Ride with the editors of American Iron Magazine to the Patriot Ride at the airport in Blaine, MN. Our group will have VIP reserved parking and a special place on the Patriot Ride. All riders must be registered for the Patriot Ride.
* Custom and classic motorcycle show supported and judged by Donnie Smith and American Iron Magazine. At least one of the bikes in the show will be photographed and featured in the pages of American Iron Magazine and/or American Iron Garage.

American Iron Magazine: Top 10 Motorcycle Rallies of the Summer

It’s time once again to gear up and hit the open road as motorcycle rally season is upon us. With so many rallies to choose from, we’ve whittled them down to a list of ten to help riders plan out their summer.

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2016 H-D FLD Dyna Switchback Review

H-D Switchback road test

NEW BIKE REVIEW by Dain Gingerelli 

Some motorcycles are best defined with a single word. The 2016 FLD Dyna Switchback is one of those bikes, and the best description for it is “versatile.” In fact, versatility is what led to the name Switchback, because owners can, by removing the quick-detach windshield and saddlebags, switch back from a touring bike to a cruiser in a matter of seconds. I’ll go one step further, though, suggesting that the Switchback also presents itself as a worthy all-around motorcycle, one you can log countless miles with during daily commutes or for cross-country travel. Yet if you venture onto a winding, twisty road, the Switchback rewards you with responsive handling, braking, and power, allowing you to feel comfortable in its contoured saddle all the while. That’s true versatility.

Even so, the Dyna Switchback has gained a reputation of sorts for being a lightweight motorcycle, one best reserved for newbies and women riders. Hardened Harley riders cite a few reasons, chief among them being the FLD’s relatively light weight (696 pounds, claimed dry weight), a wheelbase that’s a couple of inches shorter than any of the bigger FLH Electra Glides’ 64″ hub-to-hub span, and a friendly 26.1″ seat height (with a 180 pound rider on board) that allows anybody taller than Tom Thumb a favorable chance to flat-foot it during stops.

Short of its low seat height, though, the Dyna Switchback is every bit the full-on, long-distance motorcycle that any of the original Duo-Glide models happened to be when they ruled the roost for long-distance riding. As proof, let’s travel back in time to 1958, the year for the first Duo-Glide, Harley’s original touring model with front and rear suspension. According to most sources, the Duo-Glide, powered by a Panhead engine, weighed 648 pounds, and its 16″-diameter balloon tires were spread exactly 60″ apart. Interesting — those dimensions are comparable to the Switchback’s specs.

Spin our time machine’s needle forward 10 years and the FL — now powered by a Shovelhead engine and called the Electra Glide thanks to an electric start system that was added in 1965 — weighed a mere 680 pounds. By 1972, Harley had added enough styling and touring accessories to bulk up the bike to about 720 pounds, but those specs still cast yesterday’s Panhead- and Shovelhead-powered FLs in a league closer to the Switchback than to the FLH we have today.

If you’re still not convinced that the Switchback is a full-on touring motorcycle, consider what some of the magazine editors wrote about the Electra Glide of yore. The editors for Supercycle magazine offered this about the 1972 FLH in their March 1973 issue: “It is quite a feeling sitting on such a large hunk of machinery. First time FLH riders are somewhat reluctant to take it off the stand. It just doesn’t feel like anything else you’ve ever ridden — and it isn’t like anything else you’ve ever ridden.”

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July American Iron Magazine Motorcycle Rides In WI and MN

American Iron Magazine has two free rides planned for the greater Minneapolis area in July and we invite you and your friends to meet and ride with Editor-in-Chief Buzz Kanter and our team from the magazine.

On Friday, July 8th, we will meet in La Crosse, WI, and leave at noon to ride up the banks of the Mississippi River to St. Paul, MN on the American Iron Magazine Mississippi River Run sponsored by Indian Motorcycles.

This event is free (thanks to Indian Motorcycle sponsorship)  and open to all riders of all makes, models and years.  We meet at Riverside Park in La Crosse and ride to Indian Motorcycle of Twin Cities in St Paul, MN for a reception and free party.

On Saturday morning, July 9th, we will meet at Indian Motorcycles of Twin Cities in St. Paul. At 9 a.m. we will ride to nearby Blaine, MN for the start of the Patriot Ride activities.

You are welcome to join us for one or both rides. They are free (there is a charitable donation for the Patriot Ride) and they are all open to all riders of all makes and models.  Participants in our Saturday morning ride will get special VIP parking at the Patriot Ride.

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