TouchUp Direct Touch-Up Paint for Harleys, Victorys, & Indians

TouchUp Direct features various eco-friendly touch-up paint accessories for Harleys, Victorys, and Indians, with model years ranging from 1986 to 2014, depending on the manufacturer. Some of TouchUpDirect’s Tri-Coat products include the Touch-Up pen, $44.99; Touch-Up jar, $44.99; aerosol can, $89.99; half-pint container, $194.99; pint container, $344.99, and quart container, $524.99. Info: TouchUp Direct, 818/600-8160, […]

Sena 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Comm System

317-36-12 Sena

The Sena 20S is a motorcycle and powersports Bluetooth communication system that features several industry firsts, including Bluetooth 4.0 technology with dual Bluetooth communication modules. The 20S incorporates audio multitasking, allowing the user to have a conversation with others while listening to music or GPS at the same time. The multiway conference intercom gives riders […]

H-D Air-Adjust Zeppelin Seats

317-36-11 HDP

Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories has developed a range of accessory seats for various models. The Road Zeppelin air-adjustable seat features new air-bladder technology that lies under the cover,distributing rider and passenger weight across the seating surface, thus eliminating pressure points and cushioning tailbones. The air bladder pressure can be adjusted with easy-to-reach hand […]

Drag Specialties Speedo/Tach Gauge

317-36-07 Drag

Drag Specialties’ speedometer/tachometer gauge measures speeds from 0 to 136.70 mph (or, as in the cade ogf the photo above, 0-220 km/h) and covers a 0-8000 rpm range. Complete with a black face that matches the stock gauge look, the speedo/tach also has a LCD odometer, trip meter, and all the stock indicators, including a […]

Avon Cobra Tires for Harleys

317-36-06 Avon

Avon has 13 new 15- 21″-sized tires in the Cobra line. Each new Cobra AV71 and AV72 sizes will soon replace the corresponding ones in the Venom tire line. Cobra incorporates sport tire technology for nimble handling, optimum stability, and long life, and its snakeskin sidewall and aggressive tread pattern can haul heavy loads. Extra-wide […]

Love Jugs

317-36-04 Love Jugs

The patented Love Jugs engine cooling system for Harley-Davidson engines reduces operating temperatures. Simple to install, the cooling system looks stock and features durable, 100 percent waterproof fan bodies that are manufactured from aircraft-quality stainless steel and a polished chrome finish. The system, complete with a 100 percent money-back guarantee, is available for $319 if […]

RC Components Patriot Wheels

317-36-02 RCComponents

RC Components’ 2014 Patriot Series wheel lineup commemorates the services of our military men and women. RC will contribute up to $25,000 and no less than $5,000 to select veterans’ service organizations within the next 12 months. The Patriot Series features three wheel designs: Sniper, Eagle, and Trigger. Made in the US, standard wheel sizes […]

Motorcycle Cannonball 2014, Part I – Preview


By Buzz Kanter, photos by Michael Lichter, Jim Dohms, and Buzz Kanter Part I: 3,938 Miles of Blood, Sweat & Gears The ride is almost 4,000 miles from Daytona Beach, Florida, to Tacoma, Washington. If the bikes — all 1936 and older machines —have mechanical issues, other riders could help without losing points, but team mechanics […]

Finally! Big Rig Ban on Tail of the Dragon

Photo courtesy

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has announced it is banning trucks longer than 30 feet from the legendary motorcycle run the “Tail of the Dragon.” The  stretch of US Route 129 is famous for its 318 curves in 11 miles. Tractor-trailers often need both lanes to complete some turns, clogging traffic and endangering motorcyclists. Signs announcing the truck […]

Hell’s Angels Hit Walmart – To Buy Toys For Tots!

Just waiting in line for his turn to do some good this holiday season.

The Hell’s Angels of Fresno descended on a local Walmart over the weekend, and cleaned the place out – of bikes for kids! Remember this, next time someone gives bikers a bad rap. Watch the incredible, heartwarming video below. Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on […]