Bargains, Bros & Brews at Biltwell’s Parking Lot Sale 2017

Biltwell was bustling during its 6th annual Parking Lot Sale.

Biltwell was bustling during its 6th annual Parking Lot Sale.

They swarmed over tables in the warehouse like ants invading a picnic, grabbing for Gringos and Gordos and Kung Fu Grips. Others lined Winchester Street to watch the likes of “localboyclay” and “holden.vs.theworld” leave black streaks of spent rubber on the road or do ride-by’s while hangin’ loose with one wheel pointed to the sky. There were Rusty Butchers and Hippy Killers, the companies’ namesakes Mark Atkins and Kutty Noteboom more amicable than the names imply.

On the surface it was Biltwell’s 6th annual “Parking Lot Sale,” a chance for the company to liquidate scratched or dented products that would otherwise be destined for the trash bin and for fans of the company to ride away with a smokin’ deal. But dig deeper and you see a microcosm of the SoCal riding scene. It was part old school, Pete “Hot Dog” Finlan laying down perfect pinstripes freehand at the Hot Dog Kustoms booth. Just down from Finlan were ambassadors of the “Work Less Ride More” ethos, riders who have helped “Make Sportsters Great Again.” It was a venture into the unknown, UNKNOWN Industries to be exact, a crew that has taken the art of extreme antics on an FXR to new levels. It was an opportunity to talk shop with bros, grab street tacos from the food truck, and enjoy a cold one from 805 while scouting for the latest addition to the project in your garage. Billed as a parking lot sale, Biltwell’s got a solid formula for an entertaining SoCal-style gathering.

Biltwell Chopper 2017 parking lot sale

OK, it’s not American Iron, but it was still a pretty sweet chopper!