American Motorcycle and Harley-Davidson Reviews

Harley Expands Street Line, Launches 2017 Street Rod

Inverted 43mm fork, a new speed cowl, 17″ wheels, and a new seat spruce up the Street line.

Ah, so here we are again. Harley-Davidson, with its century-old heritage and wisdom, needs to sink its hooks into another generation of  young riders, thus bolstering the future of the brand by banking on customer loyalty, the bravado of the Bar and Shield, the familial feeling among Harley riders, and remaining the perennial cool kid on the block.  Alas, the question plaguing many big corporations trying to tap into the youth remains–how?

When Harley announced the new Street lineup in 2013, subsequently introducing it in 2014, this represented a shift in thinking. The Street 500 and 750 were the first lightweight models to roll out of the minds in Milwaukee since the Sprints of the ’70s. (The Kansas City factory handles North American production and shipping, and the factory in Bawal, India, handles production for overseas markets. H-D outsourced production of the smaller-displacement models there as early as 2011.) The models featured the Revolution X motor, which, like the V-Rod’s Revolution, is liquid-cooled and employs a single overhead cam; the differences, however, span beyond displacement, including a single internal counterbalancer, vertically split crankcases, and screw and locknut valve adjustment. In a two-pronged strategy, H-D set its sights on two major demographics with distant but similar tastes, both of which demanded a larger chunk of The Motor Company’s attention: Millennials (specifically new riders) and the Southeastern Asia market.

And while the new Street family received more of a distant cousin’s welcoming party in North America, the overwhelming reaction from Asia remained positive. In a land where lightweight, maneuverable, cost-effective, 500cc-and-less motorcycles are the main mode of transportation and commuting, Harley seemed to have finally and successfully embraced the market overseas. And if those specific tastes sound like a lot of the scoots (hmm…cafes and scramblers) you see in your city, well Harley smells what’s cooking.

There she blows, a new entry-level bike ready to hop from borough to borough.

Welcome to the fray the 2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod, this designation repurposed from the V-Rod’s discontinued model. That’s where the comparisons end, however, as this Street Rod is the third member in the Street family and the first to feature a new, updated motor, the High Output Revolution X 750. That’s right, another new Harley motor. Only this time around, the design team merely revamped the liquid-cooled Revolution X with a larger air box, dual-throttle body, revised four-valve cylinder heads and high-lift camshafts, and a more voluminous muffler. Plus, the compression ratio bounds up to 12:1. With the target market ostensibly 18-34 year-old city dwellers, the brand-new Street Rod, equipped with the new High Output Revolution X 750, should be capable in the midrange, bopping through the accordion of stop-and-go traffic and offering the necessary giddyup.

The Street Rod’s air intake is inspired by superchargers, drawing attention to the new motor and helping with the power gains.

Rolling stock is new, too, with two fresh 17″ Split 7-Spoke black cast wheels, front and rear, wrapped in new Michelin Scorcher 21 radials. Up front, a 43mm inverted fork handles bumps, and coil-over rear shocks have an external reservoir to increase fluid capacity and improve control; rear travel increases to 4.6″. The seat was specifically designed for the Street Rod, a sporty piece that might call to mind something on, say, an XR1200. It’ll help achieve the leaned-over, aggressive riding style which many young guns employ carving through the city on brief jaunts. Couple that with a 29.4″ seat, 3.7″ higher, more gracious lean angle, and a drag bar, and you have yourself a sportier design capable of handling all the city terrors.

The drag handlebar moves the rider forward, and the bar-ends are a nice touch in cleaning up the front end.


Coil-over suspension with an external reservoir helps with control and adjustments.

Harley has good reason to expand the Street lineup. This is an entry-level motorcycle, one that allows a new rider to flaunt the Bar and Shield and break into the sport with style. As a bonus, Harley can start to cultivate its next crop of riders who may eventually upgrade to cruisers and, later, Touring models. Funnel the young through the ranks, and start that process early. Figures actually back up Harley’s augmentation; as maligned as the Street 500 and 750 might have seemed, sales of  Sportster and Street models increased from 23,396 in the first quarter of 2014 to 29,149 in the first quarter of 2015.

Consider this. CivicScience conducted a survey over the course of a year that compared adults ages 18 and up, regardless of gender, to adults ages 18-34 (Millennials, yo).  A simple question: Do you currently own a motorcycle? Of those aged 18 and up, 11% answered either, “Yes, but I need a new one,” or, “No, but I plan to buy one soon.” Of the Millennial demo, 14% are in the market for either their first bike or a new one.

Can Harley finesse its way into the tight pockets of new riders?  Offering a liquid-cooled, small-displacement package at a fair price point, one that represents enduring tradition, shows that Harley-Davidson is paying attention to all its markets and is starting to break from the norm while retaining standards that loyalists desire. Build from within, out. And tapping in to the Millennial market ain’t a bad way to expand your business model.


Indian Motorcycle Ready to Storm Daytona Beach Bike Week

Indian Motorcycle logo

Indian’s 2017 Model Lineup & Carey Hart’s Custom Chieftain Headline the Iconic Brand’s Presence in Daytona During Bike Week

Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced a comprehensive Daytona Bike Week experience that includes a custom bagger showcase, demo rides for all new 2017 models, and a 2017 Chieftain sweepstakes. From Carey Hart’s custom Chieftain bagger on Main Street to the all-new Roadmaster Classic at the Speedway, Indian Motorcycle will have a presence throughout Daytona for all Bike Week-goers to enjoy.

In addition, Indian’s new “Wrecking Crew,” backed by Allstate Motorcycle Insurance and featuring one of the most stacked lineups in flat track racing history, will make its debut at the American Flat Track season opener at Daytona International Speedway on Thursday, March 16. The team includes 2016 Champion Bryan Smith, along with two of the sports most decorated riders, Brad Baker and Jared Mees. The team will be armed with Indian’s Scout FTR750 for what is certain to be an unforgettable season.

“This year, Bike Week is extra special for us, in large part to the season opening race at Daytona Speedway where Indian makes its return to the American Flat Track series with our incredible new ‘Wrecking Crew,’” said Reid Wilson. “In addition, we’re thrilled to give fans in Daytona a chance to experience a lineup of one-of-a-kind custom Chieftains, and test ride some of our new models, including the new Roadmaster Classic.”

Below are highlights of the Daytona Bike Week action Indian Motorcycle has planned.

Display at Main Street (Main St. & N. Wild Olive Ave.)
See what’s new from Indian Motorcycle at the Main Street display and enter to win a 2017 Chieftain. The two Indian dealers who recorded the most votes for their custom Chieftain bagger during a two-week ‘Project Chieftain’ voting period will be proudly displayed on Main Street during Bike Week alongside Carey Hart’s custom Chieftain build.

Displays and Demo Rides at Daytona International Speedway (International Speedway Blvd.)
9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Daily Saturday 3/11 – Saturday 3/18; Last Ride Leaves at 4:30 p.m.
Among the various activations taking place throughout Daytona Bike Week, Indian Motorcycle will have a significant presence at Daytona International Speedway where attendees can view a variety of displays, including:

• Entire 2017 Indian Motorcycle lineup, accessories and apparel
• Custom Chieftain baggers from Indian dealers who participated in the ‘Project Chieftain’ contest
• Carey Hart’s Scout Hooligan race bike
• Indian Motorcycle’s premier flat track race bike, the Scout FTR750 – which will offer a flat track display for photo opportunities for fans

Additionally, Bike Week attendees will have the chance to ride the entire 2017 line-up of Indian motorcycles, including the Indian Scout, Indian Chieftain, Indian Roadmaster Classic, among others. Ride multiple bikes, compare, and decide which Indian Motorcycle models best suit your riding style. Demo rides are free and available to those with a valid motorcycle endorsement and proper attire.

Indian Motorcycle Racing returns to the flat track.

Flat Track Opening Ceremony (Main St. & N. Wild Olive Ave.)
Flat Track Opening Ceremony festivities commence at 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 16, celebrating Indian Motorcycle’s return to Flat Track for the 2017 AMA Season.

Daytona TT AMA Flat Track Race (Daytona International Speedway)
Celebrate Indian Motorcycle’s return to AMA Flat Track at the inaugural race of the 2017 season and root for the all-new Indian Wrecking Crew race team, comprised of three of the most successful and decorated flat track riders in the sport, including 2016 Grand National Champion Bryan Smith, 2013 Grand National Champion Brad Baker, and three-time Grand National Champion Jared Mees. The inaugural race of the season takes place Saturday, March 16 at 6 p.m.

Indian Motorcycle of Daytona Beach (290 North Beach Street)
Open daily, visit the dealership in the heart of Daytona Beach to check out Indian’s full 2017 line-up. At this exclusive location, Indian owners can retrieve a limited edition Indian Motorcycle race-inspired patch to commemorate their 2017 Bike Week experience.

Mobile Demos (Daytona Beach)
Indian wrapped trailers will be traveling to highly populated locations throughout Daytona and offering demo rides for select models from the 2017 lineup throughout the duration of Bike Week.

Daytona Taproom Takeover (310 Seabreeze Blvd)
In partnership with Daytona Taproom, Indian Motorcycle will be “taking over” and serving-up cold beer and three Indian Motorcycle-inspired specialty burgers.

Destination Daytona at Klock Werkz Kustom Cycles
Alongside Brian Klock and Klock Werkz Kustom Cycles, Indian Motorcycle will display various Chieftain models throughout the duration of Bike Week.

Indian Motorcycle Owners Event (Daytona International Speedway)
Join us Thursday, March 16 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Daytona International Speedway including the track, pits and paddock. After that, you’ll have a private meet and greet with the 2017 Indian Wrecking Crew Race Team – “Flyin” Bryan Smith, Brad “The Bullet” Baker and Jared “Jammer” Mees. Then, you’ll get a close look at the all-new Indian FTR750 race bike the Wrecking Crew will compete on. Visit the Events section on for registration details.

Going to Daytona Bike Week – Motorcycle Packing Tips

If you are packing up your motorcycle to head down to Daytona Bike Week this week, here is a great list of suggestions and ideas on how and what to pack.

Tips to pack for a motorcycle tour


  • Lightweight synthetic clothing – such as T-shirts and underwear – can be washed in a hotel sink and dried overnight (cotton fabrics take too long to dry in this manner).
  • Zipper-lock plastic bags of various sizes can be used for organizing items in saddlebags and duffle bags. They can make it easier to find and retrieve particular items without unpacking your entire motorcycle. Use the one-gallon size to pack one day’s worth of clothes – jeans, undergarments, and shirt. This makes it easier to unpack just what you need.
  • Don’t fold your clothes – roll them. They take up less space that way.
  • Pack items that have more than one use. A multi-tool is handier than a basic pocket knife.
  • When traveling with other riders, conserve space by comparing packing lists and eliminating duplicate items.
  • When traveling (two-up) with a spouse or “significant other”, can you share a tube of toothpaste and shampoo for a week.
  • On long trips, consider bringing your rattiest underwear (or other clothing), then just throw it away when you’re done with it!
  • Don’t forget power cords and chargers for your cell phone and other electronic devices.
  • Check the cargo weight limits of your bike – as wells as the bags and racks – and adjust tire pressure and suspension accordingly.
  • Few things are as easy to pack as money or credit cards. If you’re struggling with whether or not to bring a particular item, consider simply buying it on the road if you need it.
  • If you watch the ounces, the pounds will take care of themselves. When possible, lighter is better.
  • When loading your bike, keep as much weight as possible close to the bike’s center of gravity. That means low and toward the tank, distributed evenly from side to side.
  • A day or two before you leave, do a dry run. Pack the bike and go for a short ride, then adjust the load as needed.
  • If you’re camping, set up your tent once or twice before you leave (and don’t forget to waterproof it). Practice setting it up in the dark.
  • With your bike fully loaded, check your headlamp to make sure it’s properly aimed.
  • Pack all your cold weather and raingear (raingear on top) no matter what time of year it is.
  • Plastic bags make great boot liners if you forgot your gaiters. If you forgot your rain gloves, rubber dishwashing gloves are cheap and easy to buy.
  • A small towel can be wrapped around your neck during a rainstorm to keep water from running down your back – and doubles as a shop rag.

Indian Motorcycle Announces Scout FTR750 Flat Tracker Available for Purchase

Indian announced its FTR750 is available for purchase.

Indian’s Premier 750cc V-Twin Flat Track Race Bike Available for $50,000

Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced its premier flat track race bike, the Scout FTR750, is available for purchase for $50,000. This is the same bike currently being run by Indian’s new “Wrecking Crew” in the American Flat Track series.

A purpose-built, high-performance 750cc V-Twin engine powers the Scout FTR750. It features a unique, ultra-light steel frame, large centrally located airbox and sleek lightweight carbon fiber body. Indian’s design and engineering teams approached the bike as the ultimate combination of advanced performance technology and design elements from Indian’s legendary racing models of the past.

“Since its debut, feedback on the Scout FTR750 has been overwhelmingly positive, with unbelievable interest and demand for the bike,” said Gary Gray, Product Director for Indian Motorcycle. “The bike’s availability to all race teams will help further establish Indian Motorcycle’s presence in American flat track racing.”

The Scout FTR750 made its official debut during the 2016 season finale, when AMA flat track racing legend Joe Kopp raced it at the Santa Rosa Mile. For 2017, Indian Motorcycle Racing, backed by Allstate, comprises three of the most successful and decorated flat track riders in the sport, including 2016 Grand National Champion Bryan Smith, 2013 Grand National Champion Brad Baker, and three-time Grand National Champion Jared Mees. All three will be running the Scout FTR750 this season.

For purchasing information on the Scout FTR750 race bike, stop by an Indian Motorcycle dealer. To find the nearest location, visit

Harley-Davidson Ready to Rev at Daytona Beach Bike Week 2017

Festivities Include Free Demo Rides at Huge Speedway Display, Parties, Music and Thrilling Motorcycle Racing Action

Harley-Davidson welcomes riders with warm sunshine and cool motorcycles as a new riding season kicks off in Florida during the 76th annual Daytona Bike Week. Once again Harley-Davidson is the official motorcycle of Daytona Bike Week, and the Motor Company is ready to host all riders March 11-18 with special events, parties and free demo rides on all 2017 Harley-Davidson models, including Touring motorcycles featuring the all-new Milwaukee-Eight engine.

“If it’s March, you’ll find Harley-Davidson in Daytona,” said James Newton, Harley-Davidson U.S. Events Manager. “Each year the warm weather and clear roads of Florida reignite the passion for freedom we all feel when we twist the throttle. The bikes, the beach and the bonds of friendship are Daytona traditions that Harley-Davidson supports year after year. We invite everyone to swing by Harley headquarters at the Speedway to demo new motorcycles and have some fun.”

Harley Headquarters at the Speedway

Official Harley-Davidson Bike Week activities are consolidated at one action-packed venue located just off International Speedway Blvd. on the grounds of Daytona International Speedway. Open March 11-18, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Daily with free motorcycle parking, this expansive Harley-Davidson location will offer:

Harley-Davidson at Daytona Beach

Checking out the latest models and demo rides are just a couple of the attractions Harley-Davidson will have going on at Bike Week 2017.

• Motorcycle demos: See and ride more than 100 new 2017 Harley-Davidson models including the just-released Road King Special and other Touring models powered by the potent new Milwaukee-Eight engine. The demo fleet also includes the nimble Harley-Davidson Roadster model, fabulous 2017 CVO models and bikes fully customized with Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories.

• New Milwaukee-Eight Display Truck: Experience the all-new Milwaukee-Eight engine through technical displays and feel the rumble of this exciting new V-Twin on the Harley-Davidson JUMPSTART Rider Experience. Check out the customized Harley-Davidson Rebel Freightliner truck and a display of new items from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories.

• See It/Try It/Buy It: Demo new Harley-Davidson helmets and riding gear when you demo-ride a bike. A selection of new Genuine MotorClothes will be available for purchase on site, including Willie G. and H.O.G. commemorative merchandise. Also, visit with Harley-Davidson fit consultants at the H-D1 Fit Shop for any customization needs.

• H.O.G. Rally Point at the Speedway: Join Sam, Thor, Bruce and other Harley-Davidson staff members at the H.O.G. Rally Point. Relax in the demo lounge area, pick up a cool pin (exclusive for Harley Owners Group members), and check out a new Harley-Davidson Museum display featuring The Race of Gentlemen.
Harley-Davidson Events During Bike Week

• H.O.G. Rally Rendezvous
Sunday, March 12 and Thursday, March 16, from 6–9 p.m.
Location: Full Moon Saloon on Main Street
Celebrate the 76th anniversary of Daytona Bike Week with fellow H.O.G. members. Open to members and one guest with valid H.O.G. membership card. Each attendee will receive two drink coupons and one food coupon. Capacity is limited.

• Harley-Davidson Main Street Party
Monday, March 13, 7 p.m. to close
Location: Dirty Harry’s on Main Street
Kick-off Bike Week with the Harley-Davidson crew and the amazing arena-rock tribute band Hairball.

Harley-Davidson JUMPSTART Experience

The Harley-Davidson JUMPSTART Rider Experience will be giving people who have never ridden the experience of sitting on a motorcycle and banging through some gears during Daytona Beach Bike Week 2017.

• MDA Women’s Ride
Thursday, March 16, 8 a.m. registration
Ride Start: Harley-Davidson venue at the Daytona International Speedway
This woman’s ride, led by Karen Davidson and a team of Harley-Davidson female employees, will take riders through the back roads of Daytona Beach to Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson and Bruce Rossmeyer’s New Smyrna Harley-Davidson. For more information or to sign up, visit MDA Daytona Women’s Ride.

• American Flat Track Daytona TT
Thursday, March 16, 2 p.m.
Location: Daytona International Speedway
Ride to the races and cheer on the Harley-Davidson Factory Flat Track Racing Team as it opens the 2017 American Flat Track season behind riders Kenny Coolbeth Jr., Jake Johnson and Brandon Robinson, each racing the powerful new Harley-Davidson XG750R competition motorcycle. The race will take place inside Daytona Speedway on an all-new 0.4-mile TT course featuring a jump. Go to American Flat Track for more information.

• Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals
Friday-Sunday, March 16-19
Location: Gainesville Raceway, 11211 N County Road 225, Gainesville, FL 32609
Ride up to Gainesville and feel the rumble of Harley-Davidson V-Twin thunder when the Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines drag racing team opens the Pro Stock Motorcycle season for the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series. World Champion riders Andrew Hines and Eddie Krawiec will begin chasing another title and world-record times at this fast track. Go to NHRA for more information.

For the duration of Bike Week, Harley-Davidson is partnering with three iconic Daytona Beach Main Street establishments as the official motorcycle sponsor at The Bank and Blues Club, Dirty Harry’s and the Full Moon Saloon.

Be sure to follow Harley-Davidson on Facebook to join in the action and to check out activities virtually.

2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic First Look, Specs & Pricing

Introducing the 2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic

Introducing the 2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic

Welcome Back Americana

Indian Motorcycle’s newly crafted Roadmaster Classic brings the glory back to the ride. It reimagines what a heritage-inspired American touring motorcycle can be by blending classic styling such as genuine leather saddlebags and a new leather trunk with all the technology and comforts you’d expect from the luxurious Roadmaster, like the Ride Command infotainment system, Pathfinder LED headlights, and individually heated seats.

The Roadmaster Classic brings back the splendor of touring across the open road with nothing but time and no destination in mind. It features loads of high quality genuine leather and is available in stunning two-tone paint options such as Willow Green over Ivory Cream and Indian Motorcycle Red over Ivory Cream. Chrome details like the new teardrop tank badge, valanced fenders, and leather fringe pay homage to the iconic styling cues of past Indian motorcycles. Rest assured, this bike will turn heads whether you’re riding down Main Street or Route 66.

The Roadmaster Classic reinvents modern Americana by pairing cutting-edge technology and comfort with eye-catching vintage style. It features the industry-leading Ride Command infotainment system along with ABS brakes, cruise control, TPMS, heated seats and grips, power adjustable windshield, adjustable passenger floorboards, and keyless ignition. An easily removable leather trunk gives riders the option of a more streamlined look — perfect for shorter trips.

There’s still history to be made on Route 66 and beyond. For riders who choose the Roadmaster Classic, it’s guaranteed to make those stories legendary.

The 2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic has 33 gallons of storage

There’s 33 gallons of cargo space available via full-grain Desert Tan leather saddlebags and a matching leather trunk that’s easily removable.

Iconic Styling & Modern Touring Amenities

The Roadmaster Classic offers iconic styling with the ultimate in modern touring amenities.

Up front, the bike is adorned with Indian Motorcycle’s illuminated headdress atop a valanced fender, a Pathfinder LED headlight and driving lights, and a Horizon touring windscreen that can quickly rise or lower up to four inches with the push of a button.

The fuel tank retains its distinctive dual-look filler caps but now includes a brand new chrome teardrop tank badge and chrome center console. The cockpit is defined by a fairing with a color matched inner dash, a 100-watt premium audio system with chrome speaker grill bezels, and a glare-reducing textured black upper dash panel. This high-profile area also features all-chrome hand controls, complete with heated grips, and wiring routed inside the handlebars for a clean, premium-quality look.

Down below, front and rear highway bars, spacious adjustable floorboards and chrome lower controls provide plenty of room to insure all-day comfort on even the longest rides.

Touring luxury is further enhanced with a plush full-grain genuine Desert Tan leather two-up seat that delivers long-riding comfort and is equipped with independent, dual-mode heat controls for driver and passenger. The saddle is designed for plenty of space for both riders, and is exceptionally comfortable for the passenger with a large backrest and adjustable passenger floorboards.

Out back, there’s 33 gallons of convenient cargo space available via full-grain Desert Tan leather saddlebags and a matching leather trunk that’s easily removable to aid in versatility. Large enough to hold two full-faced helmets and constructed with a built-in passenger backrest, the trunk can be kept on for a full touring experience or quickly detached to create a more streamlined look. Finished with classic heritage styling featuring genuine leather, conchos and fringe, the seat, saddlebags and trunk are designed to withstand the elements and retain their natural beauty.

The 2017 Indian Chief Roadmaster Classic features a new chrome teardrop tank badge.

The 2017 Indian Chief Roadmaster Classic features a new chrome teardrop tank badge.

Power to Spare

The Roadmaster Classic comes with power to spare. Sculpted with multi-directional finned valve covers featuring asymmetric styling, large parallel pushrod tubes, a sculpted cam cover and downward firing exhaust, the Thunder Stroke 111 – inspired by the legendary Power Plus motor of the 1940s – produces 119 ft-lbs of torque with extraordinary output at low RPM so you can accelerate effortlessly in every gear. A chromed split dual exhaust with crossover completes the powerplant package.

Superior Suspension

Noted for its smooth ride, Indian Motorcycle’s telescopic fork front and single shock rear suspension soak up the bumps with nearly 5 inches of travel while offering superior feedback. The easy to access rear shock is air-adjustable with an included pump, and air pressure can be easily fine-tuned to deliver the ride you want whether riding solo or two-up. Cast 16″ x 3.5″ front and 16″ x 5″ rear wheels with tire pressure monitoring are shod in Dunlop Elite 3 tires to further compliment the smooth ride.

Balanced Braking

Confident control demands balanced braking, and that’s exactly what you’ll find on the Roadmaster Classic. It utilizes dual 300mm semi-floating rotors with four-piston calipers up front and a single 300mm semi-floating rotor with two-piston caliper in the rear. Activated via multi-position-adjustable front and well-tuned rear brake levers acting through stainless steel reinforced lines, both front and rear brakes feature a high-resolution anti-lock brake system (ABS).

2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic Desert Tan Leather Seat

Touring luxury on the Roadmaster Classic includes a plush full-grain genuine Desert Tan leather two-up seat that delivers long-riding comfort and is equipped with independent, dual-mode heat controls for driver and passenger.

Advanced Rider Assistance

Advanced Rider Assistance Systems standard on the Roadmaster Classic include keyless ignition with a proximity fob used to start the bike, ABS braking to help retain control in any situation, a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), automotive-quality throttle by wire cruise control for relaxed highway journeys, heated grips and seats, and Indian Motorcycle’s much-lauded Ride Command infotainment system that can be customized to show loads of ride and vehicle data.

Ride Command

Pinch. Swipe. Tap. All without removing your gloves. Offering the industry’s largest, fastest, and most customizable infotainment system, the seven-inch Ride Command system allows you to get turn-by-turn directions, quickly navigate to points of interest, play Bluetooth audio, check vehicle information and status, plus a whole lot more via its easy to use interface. And thanks to split-screen technology, you can easily customize three rider screens to display the information that matters to you most.

A Wealth of Accessories

Customize the Roadmaster Classic to your specific tastes with a wealth of additional leather and chrome accessories including Passenger Armrests and Trunk Mat specifically designed for the Roadmaster Classic. Enhance the riding experience with a Touring or Flare Windshield, Lower Fairings, Genuine Leather Extended Reach Seat and Infinite Highway Pegs. Upgrade the bike with an Integrated Garage Door Opener or Premium Touring Console. Complementing the Roadmaster Classic Genuine Leather Trunk and Saddlebags are our Genuine Leather Accessories including: Grip, Lever, Highway Bar and Floorboard Wraps, Tank Pouch, Rear Highway Bar Bag, Mud Flaps and Saddlebag Fringe.

2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic (left) & 2017 Indian Roadmaster (right)

2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic (left) & 2017 Indian Roadmaster (right)


7” touch screen (glove compatible with pinch to zoom & swipe functionality)
Customizable information displays
Simple, easy to use software

Engine Type 49˚ V-Twin
Transmission 6-speed/constant mesh/foot shift
Battery 12 volts / 18 amp/hour, 310 CCA
Bore x Stroke 3.976” x 4.449” (101 mm x 113 mm)
Charging System 42 amp max output
Clutch Wet, multi-plate
Compression Ratio 9.5 : 1
Cooling System Air / Oil
Displacement 111 cu in / 1811cc
Exhaust Split dual exhaust with crossover
Final Drive Belt drive, 152 tooth
Fuel Capacity 5.5 gal / 20.8 ltr
Fuel System Electronic fuel injection, closed loop/54 mm bore
Oil Capacity 5.5 qts / 5.20 ltr with oil cooler
Primary Drive Gear drive wet clutch
Torque 119.2 ft-lbs at 3000 rpm / 138.9 Nm at 2600rpm

2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic

There’s plenty of top-shelf touring amenities on the 2017 Roadmaster Classic including Indian’s Ride Command infotainment system, ABS brakes, cruise control, TPMS, heated seats and grips, power adjustable windshield, adjustable passenger floorboards, and keyless ignition.

Front Suspension Telescopic fork, 46 mm diameter, 4.7 in / 119 mm travel
Rear Suspension Single shock 4.5 in / 114 mm travel, air adjustable

Dry Weight 864 lbs / 392 kg
Ground Clearance 5.5 in / 140 mm
GVWR 1,385 lbs / 630 kg
Length 104.6 in / 2656 mm
Rake/Trail 25° / 5.9 in / 150 mm
Seat Height 26.5 in / 673 mm
Wheelbase 65.7 in / 1668 mm

Brake System Type Individual front and rear control with ABS
Front Braking System Dual 300 mm floating rotors with 4-piston calipers
Rear Braking System Single 300 mm floating rotor with 2-piston caliper

Front Tire Dunlop Elite 3, 130/90B16 73H
Front Wheel Cast 16” x 3.5” with tire pressure monitoring
Rear Tire Dunlop Elite 3, 180/60R16 80H
Rear Wheel Cast 16” x 5.0” with tire pressure monitoring

Ride Command customizable infotainment system featuring: Map/Navigation with pinch-to-zoom and swipe, Bluetooth compatible audio, Vehicle Status, Vehicle Info, Trip 1, Trip 2, and Ride Data. Keyless ignition, electronically adjustable windscreen, heated grips, dual-stage heated seats, cruise control, ABS and TPMS.

Thunder Black $26,999 US
Willow Green over Ivory Cream $27,999 US
Indian Motorcycle Red over Ivory Cream $27,999 US

The 2017 Indian Chief Roadmaster Classic has been decked out in plenty of premium leather.

The 2017 Indian Chief Roadmaster Classic has been decked out in plenty of premium leather.

Harley Racing Going Wide Open, Live Streaming at Mama Tried’s Flat Out Friday

Harley-Davidson will be broadcasting Flatout Friday on Facebook Live

Harley-Davidson will be broadcasting the Flat Out Friday Super Hooligan Races on Facebook Live.

Tune In to the Harley-Davidson Facebook Live Racing Broadcast Friday Night, February 17

Grassroots indoor motorcycle racing action returns to Milwaukee this weekend and Harley-Davidson will be live-streaming the action from Mama Tried’s Flat Out Friday. Racing will take place on the concrete floor of the BMO Bradley Center arena on an oval circuit soaked with sticky Dr. Pepper syrup, and race fans can catch every lap on a Harley-Davidson Facebook Live broadcast beginning at 7 p.m. CST on Friday, Feb. 17.

Rusty Butcher (of the #HarleyHooligans) aims to defend his title in the Hooligan class while AMA 450 Pros race for more than $15,000 in prize money in the Charlotte Kainz Memorial Race. Nine other classes will also be competing: Open amateur, four stroke brakeless, youth 85, open vintage, inappropriate, women, boonies, Z125 and Bultaco.

To check out the action live and in person, purchase tickets at

In addition to Friday’s races, Harley-Davidson is sponsoring a full slate of Mama Tried events in Milwaukee throughout the weekend.

• Feb. 16: Mama Tried Bike Night at the H-D Museum 400 W Canal St., Milwaukee
More than 100 race bikes are expected to flood Motorcycle Plaza as Flat Out Friday racers bring their quickest machines to the Harley-Davidson Museum campus before the competition gets hot and heavy on Friday night. MOTOR Bar & Restaurant will have food and drink specials, while the Zach Pietrini band provides the soundtrack.

• Feb. 17: Mama Tried’s Flat Out Friday
BMO Harris Bradley Center, 1001 N 4th St, Milwaukee
Indoor flat track racing featuring nine classes. Doors open at 4 p.m. CST

Flatout Friday Super Hooligan races at Mama Tried Show

It’s on like Donkey Kong! Flat Out Friday is tomorrow!

• Feb. 17: Mama Tried Pre-Party at the H-D Museum
The Garage at the Harley-Davidson Museum, 400 W Canal St., Milwaukee
Doors Open at 9 p.m. CST

Join Mama Tried and the Harley-Davidson Museum for the official Mama Tried Pre-Party after the Flat Out Friday races. The Pre-Party will feature a double-dose of rock from Red Light Saints, with opening set by He-Nis-Ra. Pre-Party concert tickets are $10 and are available for purchase online. Advanced tickets are strongly encouraged as this event will sell out.

• Feb. 18-19: Mama Tried Motorcycle Show
126 S. 2nd St., Milwaukee, Wis.
Saturday, Feb. 18: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. CST
Sunday, Feb. 19: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. CST

The Mama Tried Motorcycle Show is an indoor invitational showcasing the best custom, homebuilt, and unusual race and street motorcycles from the Midwest and beyond. The show will feature more than 100 motorcycles from builders of all genres, including flat-trackers, hill climbers, choppers, and bobbers.

2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special Unveiled

2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special

2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special

Swapping chrome for black and powered by the muscular Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, the new 2017 Road King Special motorcycle pushes Harley-Davidson’s touring line in a dramatic new styling direction, expressing a contemporary perspective on the classic Road King model.

“The Road King Special pounds down the boulevard like a gleaming locomotive rolling through a train yard at midnight,” said Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson Vice-President of Styling and Design. “The Road King has always reflected the purity of the Harley-Davidson FL riding experience. By exchanging chrome surfaces for black and lowering the bike’s profile, we’ve moved the traditional Road King into a new space that’s very current in the custom bagger scene.”

A dark front end topped by a massive gloss-black headlamp nacelle is the signature styling element of the 2017 Road King Special. A new 9-inch-tall, 1.25-inch-diameter mini-ape handlebar puts the rider in an aggressive posture on the bike that’s also comfortable for long runs on the open road.

2017 Road King Special ready to prowl the city.

“Chrome was retained only on some key engine components,” said Harley-Davidson Designer- Stylist Dais Nagao. “The lower rocker boxes, pushrod tubes and tappet blocks are finished with chrome to emphasize the V-Twin shape of the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine. We added a new engine-turned air cleaner insert, a finish that’s also featured on the tank console.”

The Road King Special’s engine guard, handlebar and hand controls, mirrors, turn signals, engine covers, air cleaner cover, mufflers and exhaust shields also feature black surfaces. New gloss black turbine cast-aluminum wheels include a 19-inch front wheel topped by a low-profile fender. At the rear, stretched saddlebags flow over the mufflers to provide a slammed-to-the-ground appearance without reducing suspension travel. A rear fascia panel fills the space between the saddlebags and rear fender, and a low-mount license plate module completes the tight, low lines of the rear end.

Comfort, control and performance are enhanced by the all-new front and rear suspension components featured on all 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring model motorcycles. New hand-adjustable emulsion-technology rear shock absorbers offer 15 percent more pre-load adjustment than previous low-profile touring shocks. The front suspension features new double-bending valve suspension technology that delivers the damping performance of a racing-style cartridge fork with linear damping characteristics and reduced weight. Reflex linked brakes with ABS and the Harley-Davidson Smart Security System are standard equipment on the Road King Special.

2017 FLHRS Road King Special

The new 2017 Road King Special features a new gloss-black headlamp nacelle, a 9″ mini-ape handlebar, and the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine.

Powered by the new Milwaukee-Eight engine
New for all 2017 touring models, the Milwaukee-Eight engine offers quicker throttle response, more passing power, purer sound, a smoother ride and more of the feeling riders want from a Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycle engine.

More Power Each Milwaukee-Eight engine produces 10 percent more torque than the engine it replaces in touring models. In addition to increased displacement, the Milwaukee-Eight engine features a higher compression ratio and four-valve cylinder heads with 50 percent more intake and exhaust flow capacity. The valve train requires no adjustment as the design of the rocker arms enables valve lash to be set at the factory for life. Dual spark plugs for each cylinder contribute to more-efficient combustion. A single chain-driven camshaft is lighter, mechanically less complex and creates less friction and noise.

Quicker Acceleration The Milwaukee-Eight engine weighs the same as the engines it replaces, so its extra power contributes directly to improved acceleration performance. The Milwaukee-Eight 107 accelerates 11 percent quicker from 0-60 mph, equal to a two-to-three bike length improvement, and 11 percent quicker from 60-80 mph in top gear, equal to a one-to-two bike length improvement, compared to the Twin Cam High Output 103.

2017 Road King Special Mini-Apes

2017 Road King Special Mini-Apes

Heat Management The Milwaukee-Eight engine offers improved rider and passenger thermal comfort due to reduced heat absorption, increased heat rejection and a redesigned exhaust system. The Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine features a precision cooling strategy that targets a flow of oil around the hottest areas of the cylinder heads. A new knock sensor for each cylinder enables more-precise timing control. The rear exhaust pipe is repositioned and the exhaust catalyst is relocated to move heat away from the passenger. Idle speed is lowered from 1,000 rpm to 850 rpm.

Improved Fit A new, slimmer primary drive cover and the low-profile shape of the air cleaner cover provide improved rider legroom around the engine and an easier reach to the ground for many riders. All Milwaukee-Eight powered models are fitted with an assist and slip clutch with improved hydraulic actuation and 7 percent less clutch lever effort.

Reduced Vibration The rubber-mounted Milwaukee-Eight engine features a single internal counter balancer that cancels 75 percent of primary vibration at idle for a more refined feel and more comfortable experience for rider and passengers while retaining the classic character of Harley V-Twin engines.

Richer Exhaust Note Lighter valves, a single camshaft, optimized cover designs and improved driveline components greatly reduce mechanical powertrain noise. The engine intake and air cleaner are designed to reduce intake sound while ensuring maximum air flow. As a result, the new Milwaukee-Eight engine is mechanically quieter, enabling a richer exhaust tone that meets all global noise and emissions standards while allowing the unmistakable rumble of its exhaust note to resonate.

Improved Charging The Milwaukee-Eight engine charging system delivers 50 percent more output to the battery at idle to better support the power demands of touring riders, including accessory lighting, performance audio, and heated gear and other accessories.

New Engine Styling The Milwaukee-Eight engine features sleek, modern styling that respects the heritage of previous Harley-Davidson big twin engines. The Road King Special is the first model to feature the Milwaukee-Eight in an all-black engine finish.

2017 FLHRS Harley-Davidson Road King Special in Olive Gold

Stretched hard bags with fascia panels and gloss black Turbine cast aluminum wheels and an absence of chrome help give the 2017 Road King Special a little bit different identity than the standard King.

The Road King Special model is offered in four color options: Vivid Black, Charcoal Denim, Hot Rod Red Flake Hard Candy Custom, and Olive Gold.

To experience the style and performance of the entire 2017 motorcycle line-up and feel the power of the Milwaukee-Eight engine, schedule a test ride at a local Harley-Davidson authorized dealer by visiting


Length – 95.4 in. (2423 mm)
Overall Width –  38.7 in. (983 mm)
Overall Height – 45.1 in. (1146 mm)
Seat Height:
• Laden 26.4 in. (671 mm)
• Unladen 27.4 in. (695 mm)
Ground Clearance – 4.9 in. (124 mm)
Rake (steering head) – 26°
Fork Angle – 29.25°
Trail – 6.9 in. (175 mm)
Wheelbase – 64 in. (1625 mm)
Tires (Dunlop Harley-Davidson Series, bias blackwall front and rear):
• Front – D408F BW 130/60B19 61H
• Rear – D407 BW 180/55B18 80H
Fuel Capacity – 6 gal. (22.7 L) (warning light at approximately 1.0 gal.)
Oil Capacity (w/filter) – 5.2 qt. (4.9 L)
Transmission Capacity – 1 qt. (.95 L)
Primary – Chain
Case Capacity – 1.1 qt. (1.0 L)

• As Shipped – 781 lb. (354 kg)
• In Running Order – 818 lb. (371 kg)
• Gross Vehicle Weight Rating – 1360 lb. (617 kg)
• Gross Axle Weight Rating
• Front – 500 lb. (227 kg)
• Rear – 927 lb. (420 kg)
Luggage Capacity
• Volume – 2.5 cu. ft. (0.07 m3)

Engine – Milwaukee-Eight 107 Engine
Valves – Pushrod-operated, overhead valves with hydraulic, self-adjusting lifters; four valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke – 3.937 in. x 4.375 in. (100 mm x 111.1 mm)
Displacement – 107 cu. in. (1746 cc)
Compression Ratio – 10.0:1
Fuel System – Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Air Cleaner – Paper, washable
Exhaust – Black, 2-1-2 exhaust withtapered mufflers
Lubrication System – Pressurized, dry-sump with oil cooler

Primary Drive Chain, 34/46 ratio
Final Drive Belt, 32/68 ratio
Clutch Hydraulically actuated 9 plate wet, Assist & Slip

Frame – Mild steel; tubular frame; two-piece stamped and welded backbone; cast and forged junctions; twin downtubes; bolt-on rear frame with forged fender supports; MIG welded Swingarm Mild steel; two-piece drawn and welded section; forged junctions; MIG welded
Front Fork – 49 mm Dual Bending Valve
Rear Shocks – Premium low height hand-adjustable rear suspension
Wheels: Black, Turbine Cast Aluminum
• Front – 19 in. x 3.5 in. (483 mm x 89 mm)
• Rear – 18 in. x 5 in. (457 mm x 127 mm)
• Caliper Type – 32 mm, 4-piston fixed front and rear
• Rotor Type – Dual floating rotors (front), fixed rotor (rear)
(diameter x width):
• Front – (dual) 11.81 in. x .2 in. (300 mm x 5.1 mm)
• Rear – 11.81 in. x .28 in. (300 mm x 7.1 mm)
• Anti-lock Braking System Standard
Suspension Travel:
• Front Wheel – 4.6 in. (117 mm)
• Rear Wheel – 2.15 in. (54.6 mm)

Engine Torque: North America 111.4 ft. lb. @ 3250 RPM (151 Nm @ 3250 RPM)
Lean Angle:
• Right 32°
• Left 31°
Fuel Economy (Combined City/Hwy) – 45 mpg (5.2 L/100 km)

• Headlamp Dual halogen headlight 55-watt 625 lumen low beam, 65-watt 1570 lumen high beam
• Tail/Stop Lights 8W/28W
• Front Signal Lights 8W/28W
• Indicator Lamps High beam, running lights, directional light bar, neutral, low oil pressure, engine diagnostics, turn signals, battery, security system (optional), low fuel warning, cruise control, ABS, Gear/RPM display, miles to empty display

Gauges Tank-mounted electronic speedometer with ergonomic hand controls with intuitive design for improved tactile feel. Includes trigger switch for odometer, trip A, trip B, clock, range to empty

2017 American Iron Buyer’s Guide: Tourers & Baggers

In the echelons of motorcycling, tourers sit atop the food chain. These bikes are built for the long haul, doing so in style and comfort. Modern touring motorcycles are loaded with the latest techno gadgetry, sophisticated navigation systems and keyless ignitions, windscreens that adjust at the push of a button and tire pressures displayed on multi-function monitors. Anti-lock brakes, cruise control, and pre-load adjustable suspension are standard fare.

Baggers continue to be a hot commodity as well. Gotta love a bike you can show off at your local bike night, then load up and hit the road to Sturgis. Prized for their versatility, baggers are also a palette for customization, big wheels, boomin’ stereos and bold paint. Seeing how baggers and tourers are on the upper end of the price scale places them in a very competitive segment.
While Harley-Davidson has been a dominant force in the segment, motorcycles produced by its rivals like the Victory Cross Country and Indian Roadmaster have encroached on that domination. Harley though has not rested on its laurels, stealing the American touring and bagger segment headlines for 2017 with the launch of a new engine and suspension package.

2017 Harley Milwaukee-Eight Engine

Harley-Davidson’s big bikes are now powered by the new Milwaukee-Eight engine, standard models receiving the 107 version and its top-shelf CVO models equipped with the 114. The engine’s valvetrain design features four valves per cylinder, dual plugs, and a single camshaft. More efficient and more powerful, American Iron Editor Steve Lita said “I think of this engine as a well-sorted-out Big Twin – it’s better than you ever thought the Big Twin family could perform,” after his first ride on Harley’s new tourers. (Read the full review in American Iron Magazine Issue #342!) Harley also updated suspension on its tourers with dual bending valve technology anchoring the front and hand adjustable emulsion shocks on the rear.

The list of 2017 Harleys receiving the new Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine includes the 2017 Road King, Street Glide, Street Glide Special, Road Glide, Road Glide Special, Electra Glide Ultra Classic, Road Glide Ultra, Ultra Limited, Ultra Limited Low, and both H-D trikes, the Freewheeler and Tri Glide Ultra. The CVO Street Glide and CVO Limited both get the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, an 1870cc monster.

2017 Harley Tri Glide Ultra

2017 Harley Tri Glide Ultra

With its new Milwaukee-Eight engine and suspension package, Harley’s 2017 Street Glide should continue to be a favorite with Harley loyalists. Other features that make H-D’s bagger with the fork-mounted Batwing fairing an attractive package is its Reflex dual disc linked Brembo brakes, Enforcer wheels, and a Boom! Box 4.3 Radio with 25 watts per channel. The 2017 Street Glide Special gets the upgraded infotainment center, a 6.5-inch touchscreen with integrated GPS and the BOOM! Box 6.5 GT audio system, ABS is standard (a $795 option on the standard Street Glide), a gloss black inner fairing and color-matched fairing skirt.

2017 Harley Street Glide

2017 Harley Street Glide

The other bagger in Harley’s stable, the 2017 Road Glide with its frame-mounted Shark Nose fairing, is offered in three varieties. The base package of the Road Glide is the same as the Street Glide, from the Milwaukee-Eight 107 to the Reflex brakes to the Boom!Box 4.3 Radio. One difference is the Road Glide’s Dual Daymaker Reflector LED Headlamps. The 2017 Road Glide Special includes Harley’s premium 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system and BOOM! Box 6.5 GT audio system, an AM/FM/WB antenna, CVO-style low-profile rear suspension, a gloss black inner fairing, and a black powder coated Milwaukee-Eight 107. The 2017 Road Glide Ultra is set up for long distance road trips thanks to the addition of a Tour-Pak and luggage rack, a two-up touring saddle with passenger back and arm rests, and fairing lowers. Prices for 2017 Road Glides range from $21,299 to $26,299.

2017 Harley Road Glide

2017 Harley Road Glide

Harley’s apex tourer is the 2017 CVO Limited, an Ultra Classic Electra Glide taken to the nth degree in-house. The CVO Limited runs the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine teamed to a Ventilator Elite Air Cleaner and chrome dual exhaust. A dual control heated seat comes standard. It’s decked out in a long list of goodies from H-D’s Airflow Collection (rider and passenger footboard inserts, shifter pegs, brake pedal and cover, highway pegs, heated handgrips with knurled inserts, and shift lever arms), Chrome Slicer wheels, hand-laid graphics and custom-quality paint. The CVO Limited also runs Harley’s top electronic package, from its security system to digital tire pressure monitoring to speed tuning that automatically adjusts the volume, bass and treble of the radio.

2017 Harley CVO Limited

2017 Harley CVO Limited

The big news from Indian Motorcycle Co. for 2017 is the launch of its new infotainment center called the Ride Command System. Indian aimed to make its system bigger, faster, and more customizable than its competitors. The Ride Command System features a 7-inch touchscreen that can be expanded and contracted like a cell phone, a fast processor, and a new navigation system. One of its standout features is the ability to split the large display into two screens and the ability to pick what you want displayed on those screens. The display has also been moved closer to the rider than ever before making it easier to use. The system comes standard on the 2017 Chieftain and Roadmaster.

2017 Indian Ride Command System

2017 Indian Ride Command System

The 2017 Chief Vintage joins Indian’s touring options thanks to a removable windscreen and soft leather saddlebags. The Chief Vintage has heritage styling, from its valanced fenders to the script on the tank to the fringes on its tan leather seat. Dressing the Chief Vintage up in one of the two-tone paint options makes it look even more classic.

2017 Indian Chieftain

2017 Indian Chieftain

Indian’s first hard bagger, the Chieftain, has been a big hit for the company since its 2014 debut. The 2017 Chieftain and its blacked-out version, the 2017 Chieftain Dark Horse, should easily maintain that trend. The Chieftain’s streamliner locomotive-inspired front fairing is distinct, its Thunder Stroke 111 engine is rich in torque, and its suspension is dialed in solidly. In addition to the new Ride Command System and 100 watt audio system, the Chieftains come with power windshields, remote-locking hard saddlebags, and keyless ignition. The 2017 Indian Chieftain lists for $23,999 while the Chieftain Dark Horse is a couple grand cheaper at $21,999.

2017 Indian Roadmaster

2017 Indian Roadmaster

Completing the lineup is Indian’s top-shelf tourer, the 2017 Roadmaster. It’s a regal-looking bike, from its chrome powerplant to its leather seat to its topcase. Between its saddlebags, trunk, and pockets in the fairing and lowers, the Roadmaster offers 37 gallons of storage. Passengers are perched in the same supple leather as riders, they’ve got their own controls for the heated seat, and the rider floorboards are adjustable.

2017 Victory Cross Country

2017 Victory Cross Country

The strength of Victory’s 2017 models is its Cross Country. With a rigid two-piece cast aluminum frame and inverted fork, the Cross Country is one of the best handling baggers out there, a primary contributor to its popularity. The motorcycle has an aggressive, modern look thanks to its frame-mounted fairing whose lines are matched by its saddlebags and a distinctive tank with a spine running its length. The 2017 Cross Country comes with ABS, cruise control, and Bluetooth connectivity as standard features. With 21.3 gallon saddlebags, Victory claims the bike has “more storage capacity than any other bagger.” A competitive price point of $19,499 also works in its favor.

2017 Victory Magnum X-1

2017 Victory Magnum X-1

There’s three other versions of the Cross Country in addition to the base model, the 2017 Magnum, Magnum X-1 and Cross Country Tour. With a 21-inch front hoop, slammed rear, 100 watt, six speaker sound system and stylish paint/graphic combos, the Magnum leans more to the production custom side. The Magnum X-1 takes it a step further with a 200 watt, 10 speaker system, 21-inch Black Billet aluminum wheels, LED headlights and White-Pearl paint with hand-laid electric-red pinstripes. The 2017 Cross Country Tour is road trip ready thanks to a huge topcase, Victory’s collection of vents and deflectors that comprise its Comfort Control System, and a comfortable passenger perch.

2017 Victory Vision

2017 Victory Vision

The final bike in Victory’s stable is the 2017 Vision. Hard to believe, but the big luxury-tourer is celebrating its 10th anniversary in production. Like the Cross Country, the Vision handles surprisingly well for a bike its size. With upright ergonomics, big floorboards, well-placed handlebars and a big, cushy seat, the Vision is ultra-comfy on long hauls. Heated handgrips and seats, a power adjustable windscreen, linked brakes with ABS, and a huge 29 gallon topcase add to its touring resume.

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Indian Motorcycle Launches Dealer Battle in Project Chieftain – Build a Legend

Indian Motorcycle has announced its latest in dealer customization contests, Project Chieftain. Over the past four months, Indian Motorcycle dealers from across North America have been meticulously working to build the world’s most legendary custom Chieftain yet.

The winner will be chosen by popular vote – that means you! Every voter will be entered to win a 2017 Chieftain. Each daily vote is equal to an entry in the sweepstakes. Voters can vote daily to increase sweepstakes entries and chances to win. The top three bikes will be unveiled at an Indian VIP party in Daytona Beach during Daytona Bike Week in March.

Voting for Project Chieftain is now open! Scope out a few of the entries below, then be sure to check out all of the competitors at IndianMotorcycleCo/Project Chieftain to cast your vote and for a chance to win a 2017 Chieftain. #projectchieftain

Classic Elegance – Head Indian Motorcycle

Classic Elegance – Head Indian Motorcycle
This beautiful bike evokes the feelings of days gone by, living up to its name “Classic Elegance”. The mystic and golden brown paint scheme along with cream accents and rich leather creates a striking visual and almost tactile image. We didn’t forget the legendary chrome. With 17 factory accessories, 22 Indian engravings and emblems it’s impossible to confuse this bike’s classic lineage. Custom bags, tank and the striking 26″ billet spoke wheel complete the transformation of this legendary bike.

Arizona Sunset - Indian Motorcycle Peoria

Arizona Sunset – Indian Motorcycle Peoria
26″ custom front wheel matching rear. The air ride system allows the rider style and looks. Duel exhaust, Stage 2 Indian Pipes, custom tips, with the Indian cam system for the performance needed. Blended with the stretched bags, side body panels, and custom front fairing, this bike has been designed around the Ride Command system. Enjoy this Chieftain as much as we enjoyed building it. Help from our friends at: AZZKIKR Len, Hoagie, and Darwin.

Barnstorm Chieftain – Indian Motorcycle of Central Massachusetts

Barnstorm Chieftain – Indian Motorcycle of Central Massachusetts
Our goal was to elevate the aspects of the Chieftain performance platform. Because this particular model was already well known for its handling and ergonomics, the challenge was exciting and interesting. Increasing power output with the Indian Motorcycle performance cams, intake and a handmade stainless exhaust was a key step. This, paired with aggressive styling, stunt-inspired bars and controls, bring the bike to an unprecedented level of comfort, ability & aesthetics.

American Proud - Coastal Indian Motorcycle

American Proud – Coastal Indian Motorcycle
Our Custom Chieftain will mesh history with the present. First, we want to honor the American men and women that created Indian back in 1901 while recognizing the awesome team that brought it back to us. Another Special Thanks to all the Service men and women that make what we do possible. This bike is designed to honor or our past and our future….AMERICA PROUD.

Tequila Sunset – Indian Motorcycle of Hollister

Tequila Sunset – Indian Motorcycle of Hollister
This bike features a 23″ custom front wheel, stretched front fender, raked triple trees, custom gold metallic paint, custom made side covers, custom made air cleaner, and frenched in turn signals in the saddlebags.