Vanguard to Launch Full-Carbon, Connected Helmets w/ Partners Veldt & Fusar

Vanguard Helmets

Vanguard Motorcycles is launching a couple of carbon-fiber, Bluetooth-connected helmets.

Vanguard, the new motorcycle company based in New York City that debuted to critical acclaim at the December 2016 International Motorcycle Show, is launching its first line of full-carbon, ultra-light, connected helmets in partnership with helmet manufacturer Veldt and riding tech innovator Fusar.

Vanguard, Veldt and Fusar have partnered to develop this exclusive line of connected carbon helmets, matching the Roadster tones and fitted with specific titanium parts.

The two Vanguard helmets (“Carbon” and “Aluminum”) are fully ECE/DOT-approved and among the lightest and closest fitting that can be found in the market – with an average total weight of 2 lbs 6 ounces (1,080 grams). They can optionally be factory-fitted with Fusar Bluetooth headsets and combined with the Fusar Handlebar Remote Control, giving access to the newest technology and app for motorcycling.

Vanguard Carbon Helmet

Vanguard Carbon Helmet

The functional, utilitarian and minimalistic design, combined with the integration of Fusar riding technology, makes the Vanguard helmets one of the best helmets available right now, and the ideal riding complement to the future Roadster.

With a MSRP of $590 (including shipping for direct orders), and $650/$720 with optional Fusar technology packages, Vanguard’s helmets are priced to offer a great value to riders. The helmets are available now at Vanguard’s webshop and soon at retailers worldwide.

To celebrate this launch, Vanguard is hosting an on-line contest to give away 2 helmets and 20 coupons for $100 off any helmet! The contest can be entered here. This contest is open until June 9th.

Vanguard Aluminum Helmet

Vanguard Aluminum Helmet


Says Francois-Xavier Terny, CEO of Vanguard Moto Inc.:

We appreciate the patience of our supporters who know that developing a world-class, proprietary premium motorcycle takes time. To maintain this groundswell of excitement we wanted to start offering mobility-related products that reflect Vanguard’s philosophy of contemporary design, premium features and excellent value. These helmets are exactly in line with what we believe should be the foundation of a strong mobility brand, and we’ll be regularly introducing new products and technology to give riders exceptional experiences.

Says Ryan Shearman, CEO of Fusar:
Vanguard is integrating design and engineering in ways that other motorcycle companies simply have not been able to achieve. We share the belief that technological innovation is going to play a huge role in the future of the global motorcycle industry and understand the importance of well thought-out, integrated products. As partners, Fusar and Vanguard will work together to help shape entirely new riding experiences for tomorrow’s riders.

Says Guy Montag, COO of Veldt:
We see Vanguard’s design and engineering as a bold statement very close to what we had in mind when we created the Mark 1 helmet: “form follows function” is Veldt’s credo. Veldt’s project also started from scratch, using only the best materials, in order to create an essential object, minimalist and beautiful. We are therefore proud to team up with Vanguard and look forward to giving riders the best protection and style.

Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Chronicles: Kuryakyn Precision Line

Rock, Rumble & Rebellion custom 2017 Harley Street Glide

Kuryakyn might have officially announced its Precision Line for Milwaukee-Eight models yesterday, but guess what? Just about everything from the Precision Line is already on the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger. Kuryakyn’s latest is designed to dress up areas of your engine that often get overlooked and will help riders spruce up their Milwaukee-Eight with a slew of bolt-on covers.

The list of products from Kuryakyn’s Precision Line featured on the custom 2017 Harley Street Glide Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger includes a Precision Transmission Shroud and Top Cover, Inner Primary Cover, Cylinder Base Cover, Tappet Block Accent, Starter and Oil Cooler Covers, Voltage Regulator Cover, and Servo Motor Cover. Considering the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Street Glide was used to launch a new product line before it was available to the public makes it stand out even more in the crowded bagger segment.

So, if you didn’t already know, the RRR bike is for sale. To drive this point home, we hand it off to hype man Greg Smith of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. Here’s how Greg broke it down on Facebook.

NEWS BREAK: The 2017 Kuryakyn-Buffalo Chip ROCK RUMBLE REBELLION BIKE is for SALE. It is a 2017 Harley-Davidson Street Glide complete with newly released Kuryakyn Mesh, Riot accessories and much more (over $13,000) It is being listed at a price of $43,500. Paint by the one and only Gilby’s Street Department. If you’re interested in getting the Complete Parts List and or more information please message me. FRIENDS PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS THAT MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN OWNING THIS ONE OF A KIND BIKE.

‘Nuff said.

View the entire Precision Collection at

Corbin Launches Fire & Ice Dual Touring Saddle for 2014-17 Indian Chiefs

Another Corb-innovation! This newest version of our extremely popular Dual Touring saddle is the World’s first production Heated AND Cooled motorcycle saddle*. That’s right, Corbin was first to bring the luxury of heated seating to your motorcycle and now we’ve created an option for relief of your burnin’ bum during the summer months. Like all Corbin break through innovations, this system is designed for simple installation and is fully self-contained in the saddle.

Our new Dual Touring saddle is the perfect blend of form and function for the new Chief models. As always, we’ve maximized the seating area and positioned the rider bucket in the sweet spot to offer the best possible ergonomics and long range comfort. Sculpted seating platforms conform to the shape of your body to give more square inches of even support and eliminate hot spots and pressure on your tailbone.

Corbin Launches Fire & Ice Dual Touring Saddle for 2014-17 Indian Chiefs

Corbin’s Fire & Ice Dual Touring Saddle for 2014-17 Indian Chiefs

* NOTE: This version of Corbin’s Dual Touring Saddle is designed to work with two Corbin backrests or our Tourbox, but will not work with the Indian sissy-bar or Roadmaster trunk. Click HERE for a Dual Tour saddle that will work with the sissy-bar.

About Fire & Ice : Ever hear of the Peltier Effect? If so, you’ve probably already figured out the basics of how the Corbin Fire & Ice system works. With just a couple of fans and some clever application we can include both heat and cool in the same saddle without pumps, compressors or fluids. It should be noted the cooling effect is affected by ambient temperature. In our samples the room temperature was 74 degrees and it took just a few minutes to cool the seating surfaces down to a chilly 63 degrees. In our continued tests, the system quickly cooled the surface 10-15 degrees below ambient temperature. On the heat side we thermostatically set it to top out at approximately 110 degrees.

Dual Touring Saddle with HEAT & COOL, 2014-2017 Indian Chief
MSRP: $993

Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation Releases New Monkey Sport Bar for All Harley Models

Bagger Nation's Monkey Sport Bar

Bagger Nation Combines Classic Style of OEM Monkey Bar with Signature Bent Uprights for Low Slung Look with Loads of Attitude and Comfort

Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation, the custom shop known for providing the Harley-Davidson aftermarket with trend-setting designs of the highest quality, is proud to unveil the new Monkey Sport Bar for 1986–2017 H-D touring models.

“When it comes to all of our parts and accessories, we blur the line between function and aesthetics until there is no line,” says Paul Yaffe, “and our new Monkey Sport Bar is no exception—yes, it looks sharp, but it has all the comfort and utility our OEM Monkey Bars are famous for.”

Designed by a rider, not just for looks but for facility, the new Monkey Sport Bar has you covered with: (1) Width: Yaffe Monkey bars are narrower because they utilize a more labor-intensive process when assembling grip post areas—swedging is cheaper but adds 2” to each side of the bar; (2) Natural Grip Angle: Yaffe Monkey bars don’t force hands or wrists into uncomfortable positions; they are engineered to provide natural, relaxed grip angles—non-riders wouldn’t think of this; (3) Adjustability: Yaffe Monkey bars allow maximum rotation for hand control positioning—you can put ’em where you want ’em; (4) Pull Back: with their exclusive arched pull-back design, Yaffe Monkey Sport Bars provide 9” of pull back if you want it (while still ensuring optimum back comfort); because of patent protection, no other company can curve uprights forward when viewed in profile; only Bagger Nation can provide that look for you.

The new Bagger Nation Monkey Sport Bar is a direct bolt-on replacement part with NO modifications needed. Bagger Nation also offers a complete line of cables, bushings, Super Clamps, wiring and complete install instructions. Available in gloss black powder coat or brilliant chrome plating, you won’t find a better (or better-looking!) low-slung bar for Road Glides and Road Kings.

About Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation
Paul Yaffe has been designing and building custom motorcycles and motorcycle parts and accessories for over 30 years. In that time, he has won many awards, contests and honors, including three consecutive “World’s Most Beautiful Motorcycle Awards, he has twice “Builder of the Year”, and three times “Trendsetter of the Year” honors and has had his custom motorcycle featured in the famed Guggenheim Museum. Recognized as an influential force in the world of custom motorcycle building, Paul opened his shop Paul Yaffe Originals over twenty-five years ago, and today his designs are among the best and most sought after on the planet. For Paul’s latest parts, designs, news and appearances, check out and follow him on Facebook, Twitter (@BaggerNation), Instagram(@pybaggernation) and YouTube.

Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Chronicles: Kuryakyn Crusher and Hypercharger ES

Crazy John Street Drags at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip.

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip loves power so much it holds drag races right down the middle of its amphitheater! (Courtesy of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip) 

Power. Bikers can never get enough. That’s why the first thing many riders do is swap out their stock air intakes and exhaust. It’s one of the easiest, quickest ways to boost horsepower and torque.

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip loves power. Why else would it hold drag races right down the middle of its amphitheater headed up by a guy named “Crazy John!”

The Chip’s love of power can also be seen in the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger Kuryakyn built for them. This custom 2017 Harley Street Glide isn’t meant for simply cruising. It’s definitely got a performance bend to it.

For one, it’s already equipped with the new Milwaukee-Eight 107 claimed to put out 114 ft-lb. of torque at 3250 rpm. So what’d Kuryakyn do to squeeze even more power out of Harley’s new V-Twin? It followed the tried-and-true formula of swapping out its intake and exhaust.

Kuryakyn Hypercharger ES on Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger

The Kuryakyn Hypercharger ES got a fresh new look and a few performance tweaks. 

To get the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger breathing deeper Kuryakyn threw on its new Hypercharger ES intake. While the Hypercharger has been a staple in the Kuryakyn repertoire for about 20 years, they’ve revamped the ES with a modern, edgy look. On the performance side, Kuryakyn states “An integrated electronic servo motor delivers precise RPM-based butterfly engagement. The all-new custom Kuryakyn-designed high-flow K&N filter delivers approximately 10% more airflow than previous models for improved CFM rating, and a new internal ‘stinger’ design on the end cap maximizes airflow to the throttle body.” Kuryakyn’s Hypercharger ES is scheduled to be available for Twin Cam/XL models this month followed by the Milwaukee-Eight in late June.

Providing even more punch is a set of Kuryakyn Crusher Maverick 4” Slip-Ons for the Milwaukee-Eight in black. You think this thing barked before, you should hear it now. And while the Maverick Slip-Ons are available to the general public, you’ll only find the Crusher One-Off Custom Headers on the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Street Glide. To ensure that the new air/fuel ratios are dialed in just right and the bike’s running at peak performance, the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger has been outfitted with a Vance & Hines Fuelpak FP3.

Kuryakyn Speedform Saddlebag Extensions on RRR bagger

The Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger runs a set of Kuryakyn Crusher Maverick 4” Slip-Ons for the Milwaukee-Eight. In black, of course!

While we’re excited to be running a full feature on it in American Iron Magazine Issue #352, the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger would have fit right in with our American Iron Power issue that’s just about to hit newsstands. From a turbo-boosted Sportster to Pete Hill’s Bonneville Racer to STAR Power’s Twin Cam upgrade, this special issue lives up to its name – American Iron Power! Even though it doesn’t hit newsstands until May 16 you can get your copy now at

Mustang Launches John Shope Signature Series Seats for Indian Motorcycles

Shope Signature Series Cafe Mustang Seat for Indian Scouts 2015-17

Shope Signature Series Cafe Mustang Seat for Indian Scouts 2015-17

Designed by Shope; Handcrafted by Mustang

John Shope of Dirty Bird Concepts takes a vision and pushes it beyond conventional boundaries. The renegade “Risk Taker” is a veritable mastermind of unadulterated concepts capable of taking any ride to another level. Now the Dirty Bird is teaming up with Mustang Seats to develop the new Shope Signature Series designed exclusively for Indian Motorcycle. Two brands founded on quality, purpose-built products, are now delivering the ultimate fusion of custom design and quality craftsmanship.

Available in either a Café or two-up Tripper style, seats feature a diamond-stitched pattern with the exception of the Café style for the Scout which is Tuck and Roll stitched. All four seats feature double stitched, high quality expanded vinyl plus a perforated design center panel for a custom flair.

As with all Mustang seats, the marine-grade fiberglass baseplate, proprietary comfort foam and individually sewn covers are proudly handcrafted and assembled in their New England facility (tours are available by appointment).

For more information, visit or call Mustang at 800-243-1392 or 413-668-1100. Feel the Mustang difference!

Shope Signature Series Cafe Mustang Seat for Indian Chieftains 2014-17

Shope Signature Series Cafe Mustang Seat for Indian Chieftains 2014-17

For the Indian Scout 2015-17:
Café style : #76305 MSRP $339 (driver width 9”)
Tripper style: #76306 MSRP $379 (driver width 8.5”, passenger 5”)

For the Indian Chieftain, Chief Classic, Dark Horse, Roadmaster & Vintage 2014-17:
Café style: #76307 MSRP $339 (driver width 11.5”)
Tripper two-up style: #76308 MSRP $379 (driver width 11”, passenger 6”)

Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Chronicles: Kuryakyn Mesh Collection

Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Bagger 2017

News flash – it got jacked! The Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger was last seen heading down I-90 in the wee hours of the morning. Luckily, it was the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s Lon Nordbye and Greg Smith who coordinated the heist. After months of searching, The Chip finally narrowed down its 2017 Poster Model to one lucky girl, Tawnielle Childs, who’s wasting little time settling in to her new role. Apparently The Chip did a photo shoot with Miss Childs and the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger and we hear it was smokin’ hot. We’ll see if we can’t get a hold of some of those photos to share with you somewhere down the line.

Meanwhile, Kuryakyn just released its all-new 2017 Catalog with over 400 new product releases. You’ll find many of those products on the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger, including several products from the company’s Mesh Collection. Launched in January, Kuryakyn says “The entire Mesh Collection incorporates multi-piece construction throughout. Most parts utilize a three-piece design integrating chrome or satin black aluminum outer frames with a satin black aluminum baseplate that’s exposed through satin black or chrome stainless steel mesh panels.” Hence the name.

RRR Street Glide 2017

You’ll find plenty of parts from Kuryakyn’s Mesh Collection on the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger including this Chrome Mesh Derby Cover. 

In the case of the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger, you’ll find the Mesh Collection on the Timing Cover Kuryakyn has created for Harley’s new Milwaukee-Eight engine, some of the first trim you’ll find for H-D’s new powerplant. On the flipside of the bike is a sharp-looking Chrome Mesh Derby Cover.

While these two covers are easy to spot, you have to look closely to appreciate the other items from the Mesh Collection, one because they’re satin black instead of chrome and two because they blend in so cleanly to the build they’re easy to overlook. But the difference between a good bike and great is in the details, right? Peek at the brakes and you’ll find Kurakyn Mesh Caliper Covers adding a sweet custom touch. Up on the bars are a Mesh Master Cylinder Covers for both the front brake and clutch. In the recess of the Batwing fairing you’ll see a Mesh Fairing Vent Intake. Head back to the bags, look close and you’ll find Kuryakyn Mesh Saddlebag Hinge Covers.

Kuryakyn and The Sturgis Buffalo Chip Rock, Rumble & Rebellion Chronicles

In the recess of the Batwing fairing of the Rock, Rumble & Rebellion bagger is Kuryakyn’s Mesh Fairing Vent Intake. 

Not sure how they’re going to pull it off seeing how the bike was just in Sturgis, but somehow they’re going to get it over to the East Coast just in time for Myrtle Beach Bike Week. It will be on display from 5/12 – 5/17 if you’re headed to the rally and would like to check it out. Maybe its potential buyer will be among that crowd as this thing’s for sale and will be going home with the highest bidder after the Sturgis Rally is over. Letting the bidding wars begin!

Indian Launches 1st Eyewear in Spring/Summer 2017 Apparel Line

Indian Motorcycle Co Entry Sunglasses

Indian Motorcycle Co Entry Sunglasses

2017 Offering to Include Company’s First Line of Performance Eyewear

The Spring/Summer 2017 range of Indian Motorcycle apparel and gifts continues to grow with the introduction of new products and categories for the Indian Motorcycle rider and enthusiast. Now available from North American Indian dealers and via, the range includes the following:

Liberty Jacket (MSRP $849.99):
* The US-made jacket has a classic styling and is made from hardwearing horsehide that naturally repels water.
* With a relaxed fit, the jacket includes CE certified shoulder and elbow protectors, a removable red contrast thermal lining, front and back hidden ventilation panels and side seam adjustment.

Indian Motorcycles Liberty Jacket

Indian Motorcycle Co Liberty Jacket

Drifter Mesh Jacket (MSRP $199.99):
* New mesh riding jackets provide further options for summer warm weather riding.
* Lightweight construction with full mesh panels to the body and arms, providing maximum air-flow.
* Distinctive black, grey and ecru color combination with bold applique and embroidered branding to the back and chest with an Indian headdress embroidered patch to the arm.
* Inside the jacket is a lightweight windproof lining that provides protection when the temperature drops.
* CE certified shoulder and elbow protectors and side seam adjusters are further standard features in this jacket.

Drifter Mesh Jacket – Women’s (MSRP $189.99):
* The women’s version of has its own distinctive styling to set itself apart from the men’s version, but still includes the important motorcycle riding features, such as CE certified protectors and removable wind-proof lining.

Shadow Mesh Jacket (MSRP $189.99):
* While the Drifter Mesh has a bolder design, the Shadow mesh is a subtler style with black on black branding and all black color-way.
* Maximum airflow is achieved, thanks to the full mesh body and arms, while the jacket also includes a removable wind-proof liner, CE certified protectors and side seam adjustment.
Indian launches its first performance eyewear range with a collection of 4 designs to provide varying degrees of performance for use on and off the motorcycle, each of which have been CE certified.

Entry Sunglasses (MSRP $29.99):
* The first of the line include scratch resistant, anti-fog, shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses that have 100% UVA and UVB protection.
* The TR90 polycarbonate frame is lightweight and strong and includes non-detachable EVA foam eyecups that help to reduce peripheral light and wind when riding.

Lifestyle Sunglasses (MSRP $29.99):
* Made for riding with a low-profile polycarbonate matte black frame that will fit under your helmet.
* The lenses are shatter resistant polycarbonate and are also scratch resistant with anti-fog coatings and UVA/UVB protection.
* This style is also prescription ready.

Semi-Pro Sunglasses (MSRP of $59.99):
* The frame is a premium TR90 nylon that is strong and lightweight.
* The lenses are shatter resistant polycarbonate with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings as well as UVA/UVB protection.
* The detachable EVA foam eyecups provide addition protection from peripheral light and wind when riding, and can be easily removed when not riding.
* This style is also prescription ready.

Performance Sunglasses (MSRP $99.99):
* High-quality RochFlex design frame, which is lightweight and durable.
* The photochromic polycarbonate lenses react quickly to changes in light, transitioning from light to dark in around 60-90 seconds. This means the wearer can wear these sunglasses all day, from dusk to dawn, and they will react to the conditions.
* The sunglasses also feature easily removable PU foam eyecups to provide maximum protection against peripheral light and wind.
* This style is also prescription ready.

Indian Motorcycle jersey Spring/Summer 2017 Apparel

Indian Motorcycle Co 183 MPH Tee

In the casualwear range, for men and women, the Indian collection continues to grow, offering new graphic tees, shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. Two new tees in the men’s range include the World Tee and 183 MPH Tee, both inspired by Burt Munro and his land speed record attempts. The UV Protect Long Sleeve Tee provides UV SPF50 protection with thermal control, dry fast and high wicking properties, thanks to the cotton and bamboo charcoal fabric construction.

For the home, garage and man-cave, Indian offers new ranges of products. From the US-made woollen throw, large home-rug and numerous sizes of metal signs, these products make perfect gifts for any Indian rider and enthusiast. Learn more about Indian Motorcycle and it’s new range by visiting and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media channels.

J&M New ROKKER XXR Speaker & Amp Laughlin River Run Special

J&M New ROKKER XXR Speaker & Amp Laughlin River Run Special

Help us celebrate the Laughlin River Run!

J&M’s New ROKKER XXR Speaker & Amps for 2014-2017 Harley Baggers Offers THE BEST Audio Performance Available!

When ordering, use promo code 716P92939 to receive 20% Discount off our already great prices!(this special promo code will expire 5/2/2017)

Stop by the Big J&M Audio Demo Trailer during the Laughlin River Run Rally, April 26th – 29th, at the Riverside Hotel & Casino, 1650 S. Casino Drive, Laughlin, NV 89029.

Matching Pair: Mustang’s New Lid Covers for Harley FL’s Match Seats

Mustang Harley FL Lid Cover

Mustang offers lid covers for 1993-13 and 2014-17 Harley FL Touring models.

It’s no secret that Harley FL touring riders have a reputation for putting hard miles on their baggers–which can mean scuffed or scratched hard saddlebag lids! Whether you want to hide those battered bag lids or wisely protect their showroom-fresh look, seasoned riders know that Mustang’s lid covers are the perfect solution.

For years, Mustang’s popular lid covers for 1993-13 and 2014-17 FL Touring models with OE hard bags have been available in plain black (only $109 per pair) or with chrome or black pearl-centered studs ($129 MSRP). Mustang is now introducing a new line of lid covers to match their latest seats: diamond stitch, deluxe style, carbon and the Dave Perewitz Signature Series for only $139 per pair.

Mustang's Dave Perewitz Signature Series Saddlebag Lid Cover.

Mustang’s Dave Perewitz Signature Series Saddlebag Lid Cover.

Mustang’s form-fitted lid covers are made from the highest quality expanded vinyl and are uniquely designed to fit snugly with no wrinkles, unsightly straps or Velcro tabs. As with all Mustang seats, lid covers are proudly designed and individually hand sewn in their New England facility.

For more information, visit or call Mustang at 800-243-1392 or 413-668-1100.

Mustang offers lid covers for 1993-13 and 2014-17 Harley FL Touring models.