Lehman Trikes Announces New Product!

Lehman Trikes introduces Hawg EFX Running Boards for 2009-2010 Harley-Davidson Tri Glide and Street Glide trikes! The new Hawg EFX are made of a durable composite that fasten securely to the fenders and are supported by a steel subframe providing a sturdy and reliable weight-bearing step. The ultimate in weather protection and style, the new running boards are manufactured and painted in-house by Lehman Trikes, the original supplier to Harley-Davidson for components, paint, and conversion services for 2009-2010 Harley-Davidson trikes. Factory color matched paint is available for all colors.  Hawg EFX are available through select Harley-Davidson and Lehman Trikes dealers nationwide.
For more information on Hawg EFX and to locate a Lehman Trikes dealer,

Visit at :  www.lehmantrikes.com

New American Outlaws from Freedom Performance

Biker’s Choice® introduces the American Outlaw Dual System.  They run on both the right AND left side of your motorcycle for a more symmetrical look.  These systems come with oxygen sensor ports and have removable baffles.  Triple step headers make for more horsepower, torque and heat reduction and are available in show quality chrome or ceramic black. The heat shield is a full length, 1- piece part and hardware is stainless steel for strength and rust resistance.  Made in the USA with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Visit at :  www.bikerschoice.com.

New Pro Pad Mini Beast II

Pro Pad Inc. announces their latest addition to their widely popular air horn collection- the MINI BEAST 1. This self contained air horn features a stunning round aluminum chrome cover. Easy to install, just plug-n-play, this self contained unit puts out a whopping 128db blast from its twin trumpets. Backed by a full manufacturers 3 year replacement warranty . It makes it easy to be heard.

Call at : 800 403 2714
Visit at : www.propadinc.com

New Wiley X Black Ops

The latest superstar in the acclaimed Wiley X® Black Ops™ Collection is so diverse and cool it makes other glasses lie down and beg for mercy. The all-new Wiley X Black Ops P-17M is a powerhouse of style and performance — rugged, unbreakable and so versatile it can follow you from the field to the frontline to first base without breaking stride.

This innovative new Wiley X Black Ops Collection is inspired by covert operators, with matte black frames and military spec neutral grey lenses tailor made for elite-level military and law enforcement personnel and dedicated, extreme shooters. In fact, the entire Wiley X Black Ops line delivers the company’s famed High Velocity Protection™ (HVP™), including shatterproof Selenite™ Polycarbonate frames and a special formulated T-Shell™ scratch resistant layer with 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Thus, the aerodynamic profile of the new Wiley X Black Ops P-17M allows you to slip seamlessly into both darkness and light. It will stay right on your face like you were born with it there, thanks to the Wiley X P-17M’s well engineered silhouette and its non-slip rubberized temples and nose piece. And Wiley X is the only premium sunglass manufacturer that has official ANSI Z87.1-2003 high velocity and high mass impact standards certification on its entire product line — as the insignia on the lenses and frames will attest. That means that these incredibly cool and powerful glasses have been tested to withstand the impact of a .25” diameter steel ball fired at 150fps, and the weight of a 1.1lb. pointed projectile dropped from a height of 50”.

Wiley X products are trusted across the globe to serve and protect the faces of American heroes of every stripe, not to mention rock star athletes from the BassMaster Classic to NASCAR’s Pit Row. And with the new Wiley X Black Ops P-17M, you can see with clarity and rest assured that these glasses are gear that have been held to a higher standard than any other, like the professionals that inspired them.

Visit online at www.wileyx.com.

JIMS Caddy Lift

The new JIMS® Lift Caddy,patent pending, No.776 allows you to maneuver occupied bike lifts around your shop or garage effortlessly. Have you ever started repairing a motorcycle only to discover you are waiting for parts with a bike stuck on a lift and in the way? JIMS® Lift Caddy can be installed in the time it takes to change oil and will allow you to easily roll the delayed bike out of the way. The Lift Caddy remains locked whenever the lift is on any of the locking bar positions; the heavy-duty casters spin 360 degrees and should be adjusted to engage the ground only when your bike lift is raised past the top locking bar to its highest possible position. JIMS® Lift Caddy will fit Handy® Lifts, Direct Lifts or any lift with a 2” square bottom cross member and 15” of mounting space. This tool has an MSRP of $197.50 and like hundreds of other JIMS tools is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Visit at : www.jimsusa.com

Call at :  805-482-6913.

UltimaBareBonesRoller: American Iron Magazine

Brand new:

Ultima’s® newest Rolling Chasis:

the “Bare Bones Roller” is a great way to start that build with a huge head start in savings to add a little meat to those bones. Roller includes:

Ultima® Rigid 200 Tire Frame

Ultima® Front End including: Triple Tree 5 Degree,

Ultima® Chrome Fork Sliders 2” Over,

Dust Shields. Head Cups, Two Tapered Bearings.

Front Wheel 60 Spoke 21”, Rear Wheel 60 Spoke 18” x 5.50”

Visit at : www.ultimaproducts.com


Always a cool source for “anything but ordinary” real chopper and café accessories, Licks Cycles has just released their awesome CLIP ON BARS to the public. Previously seen on Café style customs like the company’s show stopping “LC FUELIE” machine, these low down Road Race inspired bars provide a whole new dimension for today’s custom builders.

Licks CLIP-ON’S are precision crafted from high quality aluminum stock, machined to competition spec tolerances. A straight forward fit, the CLIP-ON’S simply slide over and clamp on stock 39MM fork tubes and are completely adjustable. You can mount them low, under the top tree, or mount them high above the tree by going with slightly longer fork tubes. Above or below the slippery lines and unmistakable flair of the Café Racer styling is simply kicks ass….
Each kit comes complete with 1” x 12” adjustable bars, billet bar clamps and mounting hardware.

Call at    :  413-663-9050

Visit at : www.lickscycles.com.

JIMS® Fat 5 Transmission and The World’s Fastest Bagger

We are proud to announce that Tom “T.R.” Reiser, from T-Man Performance, put our Fat 5 Overdrive Transmission to work and nailed a World Record 183.1 mph run at the recent BUB Salt Speed Trials at Bonneville Raceway! Now crowned as piloting the World’s Fastest Bagger, we are extremely proud to be one of T-Man’s sponsors, a part of his team’s success and for the opportunity to reveal what our mighty JIMS Fat 5-Speed Transmission is capable of. Big Power is what it takes to break a world record, which is why T.R.’s transmission of choice is the JIMS Fat 5. Our patented shift ring design and compact shifter technology allowed us to increase gear widths up to 53% over stock gears, making it more than capable of handling the highest level of horsepower and torque than any other gearbox on the V-Twin market. Way to go T.R. you are the man!

Visit at:  www.jimsusa.com,

Call at:    805-482-6913.

Wire Plus Introduces Big Bear Chopper Lighting Module

Winfield, KS- Wire Plus Powersports Electronics is proud to introduce a replacement plugged lighting control module for Big Bear Chopper motorcycles. “If your turn signals are no longer working correctly, this may be the fix you need”, stated Don Bromlow, National Sales Manager for Wire Plus. The lighting control module controls the operation of the front, rear turn signals, and provides load equalization and auto cancelling.  It also operates the rear turn signals as brake lights and running lights with one wire hook-up. This replacement module works with all of the switches used on most models manufactured by BBC. (Several different plug configurations are offered…Please verify that the Deutsch connector matches your module)  MSRP: $139.95.

Wire-Plus products are built to survive the rugged urban environment. Their products feature vibration resistant, solid-state breaker technology and their focus is on the reliability of everything we manufacture. Wire Plus backs every product that they manufacture with expert technical support. If you want the best in digital technology, check out the latest from Wire Plus. Reliability…Ease of Installation…and Quality All in One!

Are you a golfer AND a biker?

Go-Go Caddy is a quick-release, detachable mount and rack that allows riders to carry their golf clubs to their favorite course.  Attached to the sissy-bar mounts, the rack angles back over the bike for perfect balance so the rider does not even know the clubs are there.  In addition, with 4 mounting points and 2 locking points, your clubs are safe and secure and you never have to worry about the clubs falling out or losing your favorite driver.  What is more is that hunters can carry their guns in a hard case to the shooting range, musicians can haul their guitar to their next gig or rehearsal, and scuba divers can carry their oxygen tank to the ocean and all the while going in style by riding your Hog!


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Special rates for buying in bulk!

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