E-ZMount From Wetcoats Inc. Is A Gamechanger

Riding through New York can be a nightmare–and I love it. I know, I know. I know about distracted drivers. I know about the potholes, the never-ending construction, the taxis (Okay, the taxi drivers do stink), the buses, the trucks, the double-parked space hogs, the bicyclists, the glued-to-phones pedestrians. I know. It’s a risky environment, but it’s home and always has been. And weaving through the streets on two wheels makes rediscovering the city an entirely unique experience. Not to mention easier parking, the occasional filtering through traffic (don’t tell mom or Johnny Law), a multitude of motorcycle shops to hang out at, events to attend, beautiful photo ops–you get it. I love getting away from the city as much as anyone, but it’s far from an intimidating and negative experience.

Between my bouncing around from Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn, however, one thing always provided me with another slight headache. The E-ZPass. Commuting to AIM‘s HQ in Connecticut from Queens made for three tolls a day (ever since I completely ditched the car, my checking account has breathed a sigh of relief. But morning rain sucks). I usually kept my motorcycle E-ZPass in my right jacket pocket, which meant shifting down to 1st gear, riding with one hand on the clutch, trying to avoid the slick spots at the toll, digging for the E-ZPass with my gloves on, and pulling out the transponder before I had rolled too far past the scanner. Oy vey!

My clutch-control skills are now excellent. But more times than not, my transponder did not read and I had to wait for a traffic cop to come to my rescue, all the while being the guy holding up the line.

No more! Wetcoats Inc. owner Shane Salisbury sent me his company’s very own E-ZMount ($39.99). The mount was handmade in Brooklyn using locally sourced products, including full-grain leather. The Velcro hook and strap makes it an easily mountable, versatile product, on and off in seconds, and it can attach to literally anything. Fork leg, handlebar, clamps, triple trees–heck, you can even latch it around your backpack strap.

Here is it strapped around the fork tube. It has not missed a read, and I have not had to put my foot on the ground or take my hands off the handlebar once since attaching the E-ZMount. Considering I’m always bouncing between boroughs even when I’m not commuting to work, this is a dream. And the simple design, subtle and effective, means that the mount is far from an eyesore.

Your E-ZPass tag can be quickly inserted or taken out by merely popping open the metal snap button. It’s easy–E-Z–as it should be. It truly has made my life easier, no matter where I’m riding. With the influx of express E-ZPass lanes across the country, having the tag ready at all times gives me constant peace of mind.

Check out WetCoats-Inc.com for the full scope of Shane’s work, and to order your E-ZMount today. And also check out Shane’s Instagram to see him lay down some trick pinstriping, tattoo work, and other various work in mediums with which he’s supremely talented.


New Trike Expansion Ramp Available

LoadAll_Press Release ImageIntroducing LoadAll’s NEW TRIKE EXPANSION RAMP – Built and designed to load Trikes, wide ATVs, snowmobiles, golf-carts, side-by-sides and more! The expansion technology developed by LoadAll allows this ramp to expand in width from 43” to 50” to load wide equipment into the bed of almost any truck in a matter of seconds – Without relying on your tailgate. A MUST HAVE FOR ALL TRIKE OWNERS! Available for short & long bed sizes.

LoadAll InnerBox Loading Systems Inc.
3058 Eastern Ave. SE Grand Rapids, MI
(877) 241-4330

GaugeFace Motorcycle App Digital Data Gauge

Some accessories we bolt on our bikes are pure form with little function. However, here’s a device that allows you to maximize the potential of the cellphone you would normally keep in your pocket while riding. The GaugeFace Data gauge ($250 Canadian) allows you to use your iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4) or iPod touch (third and fourth gen) to interface with your bike’s Delphi ECM and display important data on the cradle-mounted smartphone. Some of the readouts available to the rider include speedometer, tachometer, engine temp, gear indicator, turn signal, compass, battery voltage, and, my personal favorite for stoplight to stoplight blasts, a programmable shift light.

The kit consists of the proper ECM wire harness adapter and a long pigtail, which can be routed to the cockpit area. A word of caution here: don’t route the cables near high-
voltage devices like the ignition coil or spark plug wires to avoid possible electrical interference. The GaugeFace device charges your iPod/iPhone while it’s connected and the engine is running. The free iTunes application offers several face designs to choose from. Another valuable benefit is the ability to access your bike’s diagnostic trouble codes. For the do-it-yourselfer, the GaugeFace can be an invaluable tool in properly diagnosing problems and fixing your bike.

I used a popular RAM mount, which clamps to the handlebar with U-bolts and has two pivot joints so I can set the viewing angle as needed. The cradle holds my iPhone 4 securely, and the entire RAM mount with cradle retails for $40.24. Of course, cradle prices vary by application. AIM


Logicopolis Technology Inc.
4938 Haliburton Pl., Dept. AIM
Victoria, BC, Canada V8Y 2Z8

RAM Mount
8410 Dallas Ave. South, Dept. AIM
Seattle, WA 98108

Story as published in the January 2012 issue of American Iron Magazine.

Speed-Way Retractable, Waterproof and Locking Full Protection Shelter

Speedway Motorsport Shelters provide affordable coverage for all motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, bicycles and riding lawn mowers… even firewood storage!

Speedway Motorsport Shelters offers a unique product that has the motorcycle community buzzing. After your ride, you pull into your driveway and into your bike’s own, personal shelter. The retractable waterproof cover is easy to use, keeps out weather, dust and debris, with the added feature of cross-ventilation to prevent any condensation from occurring inside.

Included is an LED Bright Light which mounts to hardware inside the shelter, for easy night access; and with the addition of a Diamond-Tough floor (available separately), worries about oil drips, condensation and dust on the driveway are over. Now your bike can be parked in the garage, along side the house, or in the driveway, fully covered and completely safe with the security of a padlock.

Features and Benefits:
• Built-in locking hardware for added security
• Retractable structure makes access simple and quick — no waiting for pipes to cool
• Two Sizes Fits All: Standard/Sport and a Touring Shelter for full-dress touring bikes
• Diamond Tough Floor (available) to prevent driveway drips and to keep out dust and moisture
• Cross Ventilation with large window on each side of the shelter
• Waterproof seams keeps weather and condensation out
• LED Bright Light (included) for night access
• Carrying Case with Handles for portability
• Wheel Chock available for perfect bike placement and stabilization

For more info about Speed-Ways Retractable shelter visit: www.SpeedWayShelters.com

American Iron Product Report – American Custom Black Line

Stay Cool this summer with American Custom’s new “Black” line of mufflers

Just in time for the riding season, American Custom exhaust systems are now
available in a “Black Ceramic” finish. Finally, you can get the same
sound, power,
flexibility and quality that you’ve grown accustomed to from American Custom
in black as well as chrome.  The “Black” line of products from
American Custom is more than just tough looking.
The Cerakote™ ceramic coating that they apply provides superior
protection against
corrosive environments and thermal shock.
Contact: American Custom, LLC

Have you ever been checked for your pipes?? Post your story on the
forums – Aimag Forums


LAT’s latest oil additive was developed specifically to increase levels of zinc and moly in any synthetic or petroleum based engine oil. An increase in zinc and moly volume significantly enhances valve train protection and creates a barrier against piston scuffing.  Additionally LAT Liquid Friction Reducer (LFR), provides engines with many of the performance benefits LAT Racing Oils have built their race winning reputation on. The sophisticated formula produces an additive which has proven to increase horsepower, torque and mileage while significantly reducing friction and engine operating temperatures. Each 12 ounce bottle treats up to 6 quarts and retails for $14.95.

Call at: 888-528-6457

Visit at:www.latracingoils.com

Titan Bulldog Motorcycle Review

I know what you’re thinking: seen one motorcycle wheel chock, seen ’em all. Not true! While there are several models available, some have better features, which is the case with the all-new Titan Bulldog ($239). Made of steel, it weighs in at a hefty
33 pounds. The extra weight — plus the four large rubberized feet — keeps the Bulldog in place when rolling your bike up into the cradle and gives it a 1,500-pound load rating.

The spring-loaded chock cradle always returns to the entry position when not in use, an enhancement over other, similar chocks on the market. Combine that feature with the squeezing action of the cradle sideplates, and it makes for one smart chock. As you push the motorcycle wheel into the rocking cradle and over-center, a cam action, combined with the return spring, draws the sideplates toward each other. There’s nothing to adjust or activate. It’s ingenious. Once the wheel comes to a stop against the front V-plate, you can lock the cradle in place with a small metal latch: make this a mandatory action. To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to use some tie-downs to secure the bike, especially if using the Bulldog in the back of a truck or on a trailer. The only downside is that it’s not easy to adjust the cradle to one of its three positions for different wheel sizes.

The Bulldog, which has a two-year warranty, is available in black, blue, red, orange, and an orange/black combo.

Guess which one is for H-D owners? AIM

–Steve Lita as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

Titan Lifts