Harley Magazine American Iron Magazine http://www.aimag.com American motorcycle reviews, news , events and custom bikes Mon, 30 May 2016 17:37:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Giving Back: Thunder Struck Builds Custom Trike for Combat Hero SSgt. Meadows http://www.aimag.com/giving-back-thunder-struck-builds-custom-trike-for-combat-hero-ssgt-meadows/ Mon, 30 May 2016 16:48:01 +0000 http://www.aimag.com/?p=20545 “How do you feel about giving veterans their freedom back?”

When Mark Daley of Thunder Struck Custom Bikes was asked this by a customer, he wasn’t sure what to think of the ambiguous question. Turns out the question came from John ‘Hardcharger’ Barker, a vet and Combat Hero Bike Build Chairman. A division of the non-profit Eagles Up! the Combat Hero Bike Build is “a program designed by warriors, for warriors, to give our wounded heroes the freedoms they once enjoyed. The motorcycle is long associated with freedom and adventure.”

SSgt. Shaun Meadows on hot rod Thunder Struck Customs Trike

U.S Air Force Staff Sgt. Shaun Meadows, this year’s recipient of the Combat Heroes Bike Build, proudly leads the pack on his hot rodded Thunder Struck Customs Trike. (Photo by Rebecca Bauer/ Col. Littleton Ltd., Inc.)

This statement couldn’t be truer. “Moto-therapy” is one of the best ways many veterans deal with PTSD. The Combat Hero Bike Build program takes it a step further as it tailors a motorcycle to soldiers who might not otherwise be able to ride because of traumatic bodily injury. Once Barker explained to Daley the cause behind the question, he didn’t hesitate to jump onboard.

This year’s Combat Hero Bike Build recipient is one tough hombre. U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Shaun Meadows has undergone extensive training in demolitions, survival, air traffic control, airborne operations, scuba, close air support and more. On July 31, 2008, Meadows was on combat patrol in Afghanistan when his convoy struck a roadside bomb. As a result of his injuries, doctors had to amputate both legs above the knee. SSgt. Meadows was flown to Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he began the recovery and rehab process. Being a bilateral above knee amputee wasn’t going to keep this soldier down. Meadows started walking two-and-a-half months after his injury. By six months, he was running. In June of 2010, Meadows became the first active duty double amputee in Air Force history to parachute from a military aircraft. If you look up tough hombre in the dictionary, I believe you’ll see a picture of Meadows.

Thunder Struck Customs Combat Hero Trike

Thunder Struck Custom Bikes out of Medford, OR, built this wicked club-style trike for wounded veteran Staff Sgt. Shaun Meadows, a bilateral above knee amputee. 

You can’t just build any old bike for a guy whose idea of fun is jumping out of airplanes. Considering who the bike was for, Thunder Struck Customs created a mean, clean machine, to match Meadows disposition, converting a stock 2005 Dyna Low Rider into a hot rod of a trike.

The conversion to a three-wheeler started with a rear end conversion from Frankenstein Trikes. Thanks to a Frankenstein swingarm adapter, the kit slides right in to the stock swingarm mount making the process fairly painless. Thunder Struck lowered the trike with a set of Progressive shocks to make it as easy as possible for him to climb into the La Pera seat. But what really makes the trike stand out is its monster backside. The Cooper Zeons, usually reserved for cars, give the trike a serious attitude, the 18×10’s mounted in a sharp-looking set of Ridler Wheels. Can you say burn rubber?

In tailoring the trike to Meadows, Thunder Struck moved all functions to the bars so he can control everything with his hands. Housed on the left-side is a Pingel Electric Speed Shifter. In addition to the throttle, on the right is a Kliktronics K-Lever 2, a system that puts hand levers for both brakes on the same control housing. Both brake reservoirs are also mounted on the bars. Finally, Thunder Struck added a reverse gear from Motor Trikes to the stock 5-speed transmission to make backing out fuss-free.

Thunder Struck Vet Trike Maltese Cross

This Maltese Cross and Skull on the trike’s fairing represents Meadows’ 22nd Special Tactics Squadron. 

A 21-inch tall RC Components wheel sets the tone up front, the wheel stripped down and powdercoated by Jesse Ruiz at Legendary Coatings LLC. Black 10-inch T bars and a Ness fairing give the build a little club-vibe. One of the trike’s defining features is the Maltese cross and skull painted on the fairing. The image represents Meadows’ 22nd Special Tactics Squadron. Last summer the Airman flew to Thunder Struck’s hometown of Medford, Oregon, to get measured for the trike. Meadows was wearing a hat embroidered with the emblem representing his unit when he arrived, and the idea to put that image on the trike in honor of his squadron spawned. The incredible paint, pinstripes and graphics were artistically applied by Thunder Struck’s go-to guy, Jason Titus.

While the engine is a stock Harley Twin Cam 88, it’s outfitted with a Thunder Struck MD Designs air cleaner and a set of Bassani pipes Daley cut up for the build. The floorboards and front axle covers are also by Daley’s MD Designs. The Thunder Struck team customized the struts and bobbed the stock Dyna fender on the front as well. On the rear, they cut up an RSD license plate holder, used the light in the fender and affixed the license plate holder to the Frankenstein rear.

After completion, the trike was hustled down to SoCal just in time for its presentation in Ontario, California. With much fanfare, Meadows received his new ride like a rock star, the expression on his face priceless.

Thunder Struck Trike Kliktronic Controls

Thunder Struck outfitted the Combat Heroes Bike Build trike with Kiktronic controls with both brake levers just off the right grip.

But his journey with the Thunder Struck Combat Heroes trike was just beginning. Meadows then embarked on a cross-country trek with a group of veteran riders making the Run for the Wall, the huge yearly gathering in Washington, D.C. in honor of Memorial Day. Meadows’ group planned on visiting Arlington National Cemetery to show their respect for POWs, those killed-in-action, and MIAs.

A cross-country ride on a trike for a new rider would be a monstrous endeavor for anybody. Fortunately, Meadows is getting the VIP treatment as he and his Thunder Struck trike were flown to stops along the route so that Meadows could lead the procession into town.

On this Memorial Day weekend, we tip our hats to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and to Meadows for his bravery and service to our country. We hope he enjoys the freedoms his new ride provides. We’d also like to acknowledge Mark Daley and the Thunder Struck Customs team as this is the third Custom Heroes Bike Build they’ve completed, all in the name of “giving veterans their freedom back.”

Thunder Struck Combat Heroes Trike parts Frankenstein Rear End Thunder Struck Vet Trike Mark Daley Combat Heroes Trike 2016 Thunder Struck 2nd AMD Trophy Thunder Struck Combat Hero trike paint Thunder Struck Big Tim's FXR Thunder Struck Wounded Warrior Trike Thunder Struck Custom Bikes Thunder Struck Customs trick trike Thunder Struck Trike rear fender Thunder Struck Custom Bikes magazine spreads Thunder Struck Customs Sniper Thunder Struck 2005 Dyna Low Rider trike conversion Thunder Struck strikes oil! Thunder-Struck-Vet-Trike-Fe Thunder-Struck-Trike-fork Thunder Struck Trike Cooper Zeons ]]>
Oil Change & Museum Tour: Pit Stop at Arlen Ness Motorcycles http://www.aimag.com/oil-change-museum-tour-pit-stop-at-arlen-ness-motorcycles/ Sat, 28 May 2016 01:05:20 +0000 http://www.aimag.com/?p=20510 Five-hundred miles had come and gone on the new engine. Still 500 to go before home. But if you’ve gotta make a pit stop for a service job, Arlen Ness Motorcycles isn’t a bad place to have to stop.

Backside of the building I roll up to the second-story garage on the Indian Chieftain Dark Horse. They’ve graciously got me in on short notice. The job left me a couple hours to wander around the Ness compound.

Arlen Ness Museum Untouchable

The “First” bike, aka “Untouchable,” has taken many forms over the years before Arlen returned it to this late ’70s rendition.

Walking in the building is like the Pearly Gates of custom motorcycles, the split staircase rising from the foyer leading to the land of Arlen Ness, twin-engines, superchargers and a larger-than-life picture of the man himself. He deserves to be supersized. His ingenuity and artistry is a benchmark of the industry, as is his humble ambassadorship.

It takes talent to reinvent the same bike again and again to make amends. Makes you appreciate “Untouchable” that much more. Besides, it’s the “First,” the bike that helped put Arlen on the map. Not sure what’s finest – the flow of the frame, the belts of the Magnuson Supercharger boosting the big-bored Knuckle, the stretch of the tank or the paint that’s on it. Then there’s what’s not seen, like the oil running through the frame and the brake line run through the fork.

I don’t know where to look. There’s “Ness-Stalgia” next to “Mach Ness,” the Biker Build-Off “Overhead Cam Sportster” ready to battle the “Hulkster.” There’s the orange and matte grey bike he went to town drilling out. Shovel lower, Knuckle upper, it was one of the first with belt drive. Arlen bead-blasted it to get the matte-to-gloss effect, blasting trim like the fender struts, too. Ness bucked trends.

Arlen Ness Shovel/Knuckle combo

With a Shovel lower and a Knuckle upper, this Ness custom was one of the first with belt drive.

Had to virtually tear myself away from the museum. Zach, the third-link in the Ness trifecta, kindly gave me the grand tour. Zach is moving on up. Literally. He’s moving his office upstairs near Arlen and Cory. Smart and ambitious, he’s also moving up in the industry, leaving little doubt the Ness empire will be in good hands for a long time coming.

In a back room he shows us one of his latest projects. The frame is a modern take on a digger, 27 pounds of chromoly with Arlen’s axle plate design anchoring its tail. The Victory Freedom 106 engine has been cracked open and built up by Lloydz Motorworks and outfitted with a B Class race blower. Words like 250 horsepower entered the conversation, straight-line acceleration and Point A to Point B.

Zach Ness project bike tank

Zach Ness holds up the mock-up tank for his latest project bike.

Zach Ness Modern Digger project bike

Zach’s latest project uses a modern digger frame with a Victory Freedom 106 given the Lloydz Motorworkz treatment then boosted with a B Class race blower.

In another chamber we meet Jeff Border, who’s been with the company 26 years. He uses what he’s learned in those 26 years to lead research and design of Ness parts and accessories, a lucrative part of the Ness portfolio as Big Sucker sales can attest to. Zach says Border “makes things work” around here.

Work is one thing there’s no shortage of. While Zach’s project sat downstairs, Arlen’s build for Born Free was taking shape upstairs. The company is in the process of producing Octane parts. They’re fine-tuning a new saddlebag and topcase combo for Victory Visions, the Ness design more traditional, changing the complexion of the bike in a good way. Resources are being spent on wheel development. The warehouse was full and shipping trucks were hustling in-and-out all morning, operations running like a fine-tuned machine.

Arlen Ness Banana Frame Arlen Ness Wheels Ness Victory Vision saddlebag and topcase combo Ness Springer choppers Arlen and Bev Ness Ness-Untouchable

Speaking of fine-tuned machines, we take one last trip around the upstairs garage before hopping back on our freshly serviced Chieftain Dark Horse, walk by treasures like the chopped and slammed red Ness van called the “Harley Hauler.” Above it, the one-off, hand-built roadster race car powered by a motorcycle engine hangs ornamentally on the wall. Another fine example of Ness’s hand-formed aluminum bodywork, the Roadster features a tubular hand-fabricated frame to boot. As for the engine, it’s also been given the Ness touch, the 104 cubic-inch S&S V-Twin outfitted with a Magnuson Supercharger and Twin Weber Carbs. The iconic duo needs to be squeezed into the museum somehow instead of gathering dust in a storage area.

While I would have been happy to spend more hours there, time to hit the road. A long day through the Shasta range awaited. But what a pit stop. Not every day you get a behind-the-scenes look at an industry leader, from the research and design department responsible for their hot-selling parts to the paint booth tucked in the back of the building. Better yet, how many other oil changes come with a free museum tour of world-class customs from three generations of builders and display cases overflowing with more than 40 years of trophies and walls of magazine covers? Going above and beyond seems to be the Ness way.

Arlen Ness Motorcycles HQ Victory Ness Cafe Zach Ness side cover Arlen Sez "No Stock Bikes." Arlen Ness Axle Plate Design Ness-Stalgia Ness-Victory-Vision-saddleb Arlen Ness office Arlen Ness Untouchable Supercharger Cory Ness cartoon face on tank Ness-Untouchable Arlen Ness Drilled-Out Dyna Arlen Ness Motorcycles entrance Arlen Ness Enterprises Museum Tour 2016 Arlen Ness Born Free project bike ]]>
American Iron Magazine: Top 10 Motorcycle Rallies of the Summer http://www.aimag.com/american-iron-magazine-top-10-motorcycle-rallies-of-the-summer/ Thu, 26 May 2016 21:13:44 +0000 http://www.aimag.com/?p=20475 It’s time once again to gear up and hit the open road as motorcycle rally season is upon us. With so many rallies to choose from, we’ve whittled them down to a list of ten to help riders plan out their summer.

Download (PDF, 1.24MB)

Indian Motorcycle Engineers Take on El Mirage in “Passion for Speed” http://www.aimag.com/indian-motorcycle-engineers-take-on-el-mirage-in-passion-for-speed/ Thu, 26 May 2016 17:41:32 +0000 http://www.aimag.com/?p=20461 Indian Motorcycle at El Mirage.

Indian Motorcycle has produced a seven-episode video series of the after-hours development of land speed racers by its engineering team. (Photo courtesy of Indian Motorcycle Co.)

At Indian Motorcycle, designing and building exceptional motorcycles doesn’t end after an eight-hour workday. Melding their careers with a shared fervor for going fast, a team of Indian Motorcycle engineers continues to practice their art on two-wheeled skunk-works type projects after-hours in the office and at home. Now, in a seven-episode video series titled “A Passion For Speed,” we’re able to capture a glimpse of what happens in these creative sessions as the team prepares an Indian Scout and Indian Chief Dark Horse for land speed racing in El Mirage, Calif.

Located in the Mojave Desert, El Mirage dry lakebed has attracted speed enthusiasts for more than 60 years. At its best, the 1.3-mile-long hard and smooth track serves as a unique venue for testing a machine’s maximum velocity. At its worst, under spectacular summer thunderstorms, it becomes an impassible quagmire of clay and silt.

In “A Passion For Speed”, we follow the Indian Motorcycle team – Calibration Engineer Wayne Kolden, Senior Development Technician Chet Michaelson, Development Technician Dan Gervais and Powertrain Development Technician Neil Sikora – as they build a Scout and Chief Dark Horse specifically for dry lakebed duty, recall where their passion for fast machines came from, work together to overcome setbacks, and then travel 1,800 miles to realize their dream. The series begins when the team has only 22 days remaining until race day and culminates in a surprise ending that has team members counting the days to their next opportunity.

“It’s not a one-man show, by any means,” says Michaelson. “It’s everybody coming together and chipping in and building something phenomenal. And that really is the foundation of where Indian Motorcycle came from – a bunch of guys in the shop working for the win. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

“The first motorized bike that I had was actually a homemade minibike that my dad built with me,” Kolden explains while assembling an engine in his home workshop. “All of the kids our age had minibikes, motorcycles and go-karts. Everyone was a motor-head. That was just the environment we had growing up. To go to El Mirage, or hopefully someday Bonneville, is one of my dreams.”

“At Indian Motorcycle we love riding and racing as much as our dedicated and passionate owners,” says Reid Wilson, Marketing Director for Indian Motorcycle. “Wayne, Chet, Dan and Neil reflect the obsession we all have for motorcycling. All we needed to do was follow them with a camera and do some interviews. This was their passion project.”

Watch “A Passion For Speed” here. Learn more about Indian Motorcycle by visiting IndianMotorcycle.com and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media channels.

New Streamliners Exhibit Opens at National Motorcycle Museum June 4 http://www.aimag.com/new-streamliners-exhibit-opens-at-national-motorcycle-museum-june-4/ Thu, 26 May 2016 17:06:01 +0000 http://www.aimag.com/?p=20458 The Story of MOTORCYCLE LAND SPEED RECORD COMPETITION

A Call for Motorcycles for this New Exhibition

The great Vincent tuner Rollie Free taught us that in Land Speed Record runs, streamlining is of the utmost importance even if that means simply “tucking in” one’s head, torso, arms and legs. Land Speed Record competition is focused on top speed. Eclipsing Rollie’s roughly 150 mph run in 1948, unlimited class big guns are now knocking on the 400 mph door. But watching the 50cc machines can be almost as exciting.

To help you learn the history of Land Speed Record competition, the technology involved, what it is like to squeeze into a land speed record motorcycle and hurtle down the salt at 200, 300 or more miles per hour, the National Motorcycle Museum is in the research and planning phase for a new exhibit entitled Allstate Motorcycle STREAMLINERS presented by J&P Cycles. The exhibit is set to open June 4, 2016.

Streamliners National Motorcycle Museum Anamosa, Iowa

STREAMLINERS, a new exhibition at the National Motorcycle Museum in
Anamosa, Iowa, premieres June 4, 2016. (Photo courtesy of the National Motorcycle Museum)

The machines pictured are among many already committed for display, but the Museum is looking for additional LSR bikes, riding gear, film footage, models, photos, fine art, stories from tuners and riders and land speed record parts like engines, wheels, frames and more to help tell this exciting story. These items would be on loan for the exhibit, returned afterward.

Bikes recently confirmed for the show include Salt Ghost from Lowbrow Customs, the Rick Vesco Yamaha twin XS650 powered streamliner, Tina, a Vincent single from the Big Sid and Matthew Biberman collection, the World’s Fastest Bagger from Klock Werks Kustom Cycles, the J&P Cycles Streamliner, the Bakker Motorsports Hyabusa sidecar rig, an un-faired pre-unit supercharged Triumph, plus interesting Howard Allen Knuckle and Panhead Harleys. A machine powered by a pre-War Plymouth flathead six-cylinder engine, Monster, and Tramp III from the S&S Cycle Museum are also expected to be part of the exhibit. And there are more land speed record bikes coming on line.

The STREAMLINERS exhibit will be curated by John Stein, expert on straight line motorcycle competition and author of two books; WORLD’S FASTEST MOTORCYCLE and MOTORCYCLE DRAG RACING; A HISTORY.

If you have Land Speed Record bikes, items to loan or a story to tell you can be included in this one year exhibit running from June 2016 to May 2017. Please contact us at mmederski@nationalmcmuseum.org, or call 614-551-0960.

We appreciate the support of our sponsors, Allstate Motorcycle Insurance and J&P Cycles. And we wish Allstate Motorcycle HAPPY ANNIVERSARY; as of this year Allstate has been insuring motorcycles for 50 years!

Make plans to see this exhibit during the National Motorcycle Museum’s June 4 Vintage Rally 2016 event or any time through May 2017 when the 12 month temporary Allstate Motorcycle STREAMLINERS exhibit presented by J&P Cycles will be dismantled.

Move Over XR750: Harley Debuts Liquid-Cooled XG750R Flat Tracker for Springfield Mile http://www.aimag.com/move-over-xr750-harley-debuts-liquid-cooled-xg750r-flat-tracker-for-springfield-mile/ Thu, 26 May 2016 09:00:44 +0000 http://www.aimag.com/?p=20447 Harley XG750R flat track racer

The XG750R is making its official debut this weekend at the Springfield Mile and will be piloted by Harley factory racer No. 67 Davis Fisher.

The cat is officially out of the bag. Harley-Davidson has added a new engine to its repertoire, a race-modified, liquid-cooled V-Twin based on the 750 Revolution X of the Street 750. Developed with the help of Vance & Hines, the new platform is a race-only engine powering Harley-Davidson’s XG750R, the successor to the 44-year-old XR750. The XG750R will be raced by Harley’s young gun Davis Fisher this weekend at the Springfield Mile. On April 12, we reported that Fisher was testing a prototype flat track engine at the Lone Star Half-Mile. He also competed with it last weekend in Sacramento, earning his first trip to the GNC1 Mains with the platform. Fisher will continue to help Harley develop the engine throughout the remainder of the 2016 AMA Pro Flat Track season while Harley’s other factory racer, Brad Baker, will continue to ride the tried-and-true XR750.

Here’s more on the new flat tracker courtesy of Harley-Davidson.

Harley XG750R factory flat track bike

Harley-Davidson has quietly been giving he XG750R a shakedown at the last two mile races but is officially unveiling it this weekend at the Springfield Mile.


A new-generation Harley-Davidson flat-track motorcycle is ready to race. The Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Factory Team is unleashing the XG750R, its first all-new flat track race bike in 44 years, to battle in fierce, adrenaline-filled competition on dirt ovals across the U.S. The XG750R will make its official competition debut Sunday, May 29, at the AMA Pro Flat Track Springfield Mile in Illinois.

Powered by the fuel-injected, liquid-cooled Harley-Davidson Revolution X V-Twin engine, the XG750R will be raced by Factory Team rider Davis Fisher on the AMA Pro Harley-Davidson GNC1 presented by Vance & Hines flat track series. The new XG750R motorcycle is strictly for race competition and will not be offered for sale at this time.

The new flat tracker is powered by the 750cc Revolution X V-Twin engine designed for the Harley-Davidson Street 750, a motorcycle built for maximum urban maneuverability with rebellious Dark Custom attitude. Tuned for the track, this modified Revolution X engine will power the new XG750R in the extreme heat of competition as it fights to be first to the finish line.

Harley XG750R engine

The XG750 is a liquid-cooled, race-modified V-Twin dialed in with the help of Vance & Hines. The engine is based on the 750 Revolution X of the Street 750.

The race-modified Revolution X engine and a racing frame for the XG750R were developed by Vance & Hines Motorsports. Vance & Hines also is the partner for the factory Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines drag racing program where V-Rod motorcycles have won eight of the past 12 NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle drag racing championships.

“After decades of flat-track racing success behind the Harley-Davidson XR750 flat track motorcycle, we knew it was time to develop the next-generation Harley-Davidson to compete in one of the best spectator racing sports out there today,” said Kris Schoonover, Harley-Davidson racing manager.

Fisher, in his first season racing with the Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Factory Team and a rookie on the GNC1 series, will be the first racer aboard the XG750R. The 18-year-old racer from Warren, Ore., won the 2015 AMA Pro GNC2 championship.

“We wanted a young rider with plenty of raw ability for the XG750R program, and Davis proved himself in the GNC2 class,” said Schoonover. “We are excited to have the opportunity to bring an emerging talent like Davis up to the GNC1 series to develop the new bike alongside an experienced champion like Brad Baker.”

Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Factory Team rider Brad Baker, 23 years old and the 2013 AMA Pro Grand National Champion, will continue to race aboard the proven Harley-Davidson XR750 motorcycle while Fisher races the XG750R through its developmental stage.

Harley-Davidson XG750R and XR750 flat track racers

Old meets new. The liquid-cooled Harley-Davidson XG750R (left) is being positioned to replace the battle-tested warrior XR750 (right) that has been tearing up dirt tracks going on 44 years.

“The XG750R has shown great potential in testing and the first few races this season,” said Schoonover. “But as with any new racing motorcycle, there will be work to do. We’re excited to continue testing the XG750R in real world competition, and as we make our way through the season, we will evaluate the performance of the bike and our factory riders to see if Baker might switch to the new bike.”

Check Harley-Davidson.com for a full listing of this season’s races; also follow Harley-Davidson on Facebook for racing updates.

Be sure to also check out Baker and Fisher competing next week, June 2, during the ESPN X Games Austin at the Harley-Davidson Flat-Track Racing event. In its second year as an X Games medaled event, Harley-Davidson Flat Track Racing will feature top motorcycle racers from around the world going head-to-head on the challenging Circuit of The Americas half-mile chasing an X Games gold medal.

Harley-Davidson XG750R tank

Harley’s XG750R flat track racer is a sexy beast!

Indian Motorcycle Teams with Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride http://www.aimag.com/indian-motorcycle-teams-with-sisters-centennial-motorcycle-ride/ Wed, 25 May 2016 21:25:57 +0000 http://www.aimag.com/?p=20439 Indian Motorcycle War Bonnet logo

Event marks the 100th anniversary of the Van Buren Sisters’ courageous cross-country motorcycle journey on 1915 Indian ‘Motocycles’

Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, is proud to announce its partnership with the Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride, a cross-country group ride that celebrates the 100th anniversary of Augusta and Adeline Van Buren’s courageous and unprecedented motorcycle journey across the United States.

In 1916 the Van Buren Sisters were the first women to traverse the continental U.S., each on her own motorcycle. Their mission was to show the U.S. Army that women could serve as motorcycle messengers, and to throw light on the women’s suffrage movement of the time. Their ride was heavily reported and included riding to the summit of Pikes Peak, quite a feat on the unpaved road with their 1915 Indian “Motocycles” (as they were known at the time). The Sisters were inducted into the American Motorcyclists Association Hall of Fame in 2002 and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame in 2003.

The ride, beginning July 3 in New York and ending July 23 in San Francisco, honors and celebrates female motorcycling heroines of the past, and promotes the continued growth of women motorcyclists and the motorcycling community. The journey will loosely follow the Van Buren sisters’ 1916 path, with the primary route being the historical Lincoln Highway.

Two charities will be funded as a result of the Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride’s event efforts: Final Salute, Inc. and Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists. Final Salute is a national women’s veterans’ organization which provides temporary and permanent housing for the over 500,000 homeless female veterans in the United States. The Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists is an organization providing funding for motorcycle train-the-trainer scholarships that will help enlarge the number of female instructors and coaches for road, dirt and track.

“We are delighted that Indian Motorcycle has chosen to participate in the Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride,” says event organizer Alisa Clickenger. “Indian Motorcycle left an indelible mark not only on America’s transportation industry but also the defense of our country dating all the way back to World War I. Additionally, their importance to the Van Buren sisters’ history-making transcontinental journey makes them an ideal partner for us.”

“Indian Motorcycle is proud to celebrate the increase in female ridership as led by the Van Buren Sisters a century ago,” says Pam Kermisch, Director of Integrated Marketing & Customer Experience at Indian Motorcycle. “Looking back at the long history of our brand, it’s events like this that cement our commitment to brand enthusiasts, patriotism and inclusive ridership at every opportunity.”

In addition to the group ride program, Indian Motorcycle will sponsor select riders with the loan of new 2016 models for the trip, including Robert Van Buren, the great nephew of the Van Buren Sisters, and Sarah “SeCCRet” Moreau, who will be riding from Los Angeles, inspired her heroine Bessie Stringfield’s journey. Bessie Stringfield, an AMA Hall of Fame member, became famous for long distance riding in the 1930s and 40s. SeCCRet’s tribute will be reported through Black Girls Ride magazine.

The Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride begins July 3 in Brooklyn, N.Y. Other stops along the route include Latrobe, Penn. (July 7), Pickerington, Ohio (July 8-9), Anamosa, Iowa (July 11), McCook, Neb. (July 13), Colorado Springs, Colo. (July 15), Pikes Peak, Colo. (July 15) and San Francisco, Calif. (July 23)

More details about the Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride are available online at www.SistersMotorcycleRide.com. Learn more about Indian Motorcycle by visiting IndianMotorcycle.com and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media channels.

J&P Cycles’ Open House Rally Returns to Anamosa http://www.aimag.com/jp-cycles-open-house-rally-returns-to-anamosa/ Wed, 25 May 2016 19:31:04 +0000 http://www.aimag.com/?p=20432 J&P Cycles Open House Rally 2016

J&P Cycles’ annual Open House Rally customer appreciation event will return to its original location, the J&P Cycles retail center in Anamosa, Iowa off US Highway 151, on June 25th and 26th where it was founded and held for more than 20 years. J&P Cycles continues the commitment to Anamosa and moving the Open House Rally back to Anamosa is a way to say thank you to all the loyal customer-family who continue to love and support J&P Cycles.

With a crowd of over 35,000 last year, Zach Parham, General Manager of J&P Cycles is “excited to be hosting our Open House Rally at the J&P Retail Center again. With us signing a long-term lease on the existing store, we thought it would be a good to bring the event back to the facility where we have been for over 20 years. We are excited to hosting another great weekend for motorcycle enthusiast across the Midwest.”

Throughout the Open House Rally weekend, we have great attractions for the motorcycle rider and enthusiast as well as family-friendly fun and events:
– Over 100 on-site vendors
– Hands-on demonstrations
– On-site Installations
– Bike shows
– Motorcycle stunt shows
– Free food
– Giveaways
– Live music

About J&P Cycles: Founded by John Parham and his wife Jill in 1979 as a hobby, J&P Cycles has grown into one of the largest mail-order catalogs and e-commerce websites in the motorcycle parts industry. In addition, J&P Cycles operates three retail locations in Anamosa, IA, Daytona Beach, Fl, including our call center, and Sturgis, SD. J&P Cycles attends over 30 motorcycle rallies and events throughout the US every year.

Buffalo Chip to Host 1st Christian Bikers “Light up the Hills” Rally http://www.aimag.com/buffalo-chip-to-host-1st-christian-bikers-light-up-the-hills-rally/ Wed, 25 May 2016 18:45:01 +0000 http://www.aimag.com/?p=20425 As many as 5,000 Christian bikers from across the world will be coming together to communicate, worship and coordinate their missions and work during the first annual Light Up the Hills motorcycle rally. The event, organized by the non-denominational Fellowship of Motorcycle Ministries, will be hosted at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip July 6-9, 2017. This gathering of Christian motorcycle clubs, ministries, associations and groups will offer attendees the opportunity to assemble in fellowship and enhance their individual missions.

“The Buffalo Chip is the perfect venue to host this rally,” said FMM Executive Director Quentin D. Hix. “It’s a place where thousands of Christian bikers can gather together to be renewed and rejuvenated, enjoy fellowship and worship God. Rod and the staff at the Chip share our values and have embraced our vision for this event.”

Sturgis Buffalo Chip

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip will host the Christian bikers first annual “Light up the Hills” motorcycle rally in July, 2017. 

The three-day rally will be headquartered at the Buffalo Chip where all will be offered the opportunity to camp and worship. The event is being planned in partnership with Promise Keepers Inc. and the Sturgis Association of Churches. There will be three evenings of Christian speakers, entertainers and well-known musical artists at the Buffalo Chip with an afternoon downtown Sturgis experience which will include entertainment and shopping. Christian bikers will be encouraged to participate in rides through one of the most scenic areas of the U.S. – the fabled Black Hills of South Dakota, taking in the many national parks, monuments and forests.

“Christian bikers have found a rally home where they can come together and celebrate their spirituality,” said Buffalo Chip President Rod Woodruff. “The FMM’s desire to create a welcoming event for Christian bikers and their association with partner organizations and many Christian motorcycle clubs will no doubt contribute to a successful annual gathering at the Buffalo Chip.”

About The Sturgis Buffalo Chip
The Sturgis Buffalo Chip is the home of the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling held each August. Established in 1981, the venue’s nine-day festival, known as The Best Party Anywhere, remains one of the world’s most televised and longest running independent music festivals. Buffalo Chip guests enjoy world-class concerts, fun events, moving freedom celebrations, thrilling PowerSports and more. Located three miles east of Sturgis, SD on 600 creek-fed acres, it offers cabins, RVs, camping, a swimming hole, bars, mouth-watering food, showers, paved roads, and more to visitors traveling from all corners of the world. More details are available at www.BuffaloChip.com.

Should Harley Build This Standard Motorcycle? http://www.aimag.com/should-harley-build-this-standard-motorcycle/ Mon, 23 May 2016 22:52:02 +0000 http://www.aimag.com/?p=20389 Harley Standard Motorcycle concept

This standard Harley motorcycle is the creation of Glorin Chiourea, a recent Instituto d’Arte Applicata e Design graduate. (Photos courtesy of Glorin Chiourea) 

Harley-Davidson has carved out its niche in the cruiser motorcycle segment by sticking to its guns when it comes to motorcycle manufacturing. As the adage goes, “If it ain’t broke…”

Sure, every now and then The Motor Co. ventures out of its comfort zone, but its bread-and-butter are cruisers and tourers. It’s helped them be market leaders of that segment for eons.

But recently Glorin Chiourea, a student from Turin, Italy, and a recent Instituto d’Arte Applicata e Design graduate, shared with us his concept for a Harley standard motorcycle. For his Moto Design class, his instructor tasked students with designing a new motorcycle for Harley-Davidson in a new category. Listing successful competitors like Yamaha’s FZ-07 and the Ducati Monster, Chirourea designed this standard Harley.

He chose that style of motorcycle because “They’re highly engaging to ride, full of character and look great. Overall it’s an excellent user-friendly bike.”

Is this a motorcycle Harley should be producing? What do you think?

Harley-Davidson Standard motorcycle

A standard Harley-Davidson could potentially introduce The Motor Co. to a new segment of riders.