Meredith, NH – Thousands of Laconia Motorcycle Week attendees are expected to attend the Northeast POW / MIA Network’s Freedom Ride and vigil on June 13th to raise awareness of POW/MIA issues and honor the only current living American Prisoner of War, United States Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, whose hometown is Hailey, Idaho. For the past 20 years motorcycle riders from across the country have commemorated missing and captive American soldiers with a ride and vigil the Thursday of Laconia Motorcycle Week. The Freedom Ride will begin in Gilford and conclude with a vigil at Hesky Park in Meredith with a proclamation from New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan. Information on the Freedom Ride, sponsored by Laconia Harley-Davidson, can be found at www.northeastpowmianetwork.org <http://cd3.campaigndispatch.com/link.php?M=1448833&N=2997&L=4812&F=H> .

The Northeast POW/MIA Network gained nationwide attention some 25 years ago when a small group of veterans began holding weekly Thursday night vigils in Meredith to honor servicemen and women missing in Vietnam. Through basking heat, ridged rain storms and mid-winter snows, this small group has held a weekly vigil each and every Thursday night to gain recognition for the members of our armed forces who were unaccounted for. The vigil was quickly embraced by Laconia Motorcycle Week attendees and has grown into what is now the Freedom Ride, drawing thousands of supporters each year.

“Our primary focus this year is to dedicate our vigil to Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and his family,” said Bob Jones, vice-president of the Northeast POW/MIA Network. “We need to do everything necessary and raise awareness so we can bring this American soldier home.”

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was captured in Afghanistan in 2009 and is believed to be held by the Haqqani network, an insurgent group affiliated with the Taliban, likely somewhere in Pakistan. Sgt. Bergdahl recently “celebrated” his 27 birthday unwillingly as an American Prisoner of War.

Sgt. Bergdahl’s status is classified as Missing/Captured or MIA-C, a severe injustice according to Jones. “International law and the Geneva Convention do not make any mention of the Missing/Captured status, thus it does not provide Sgt. Bergdahl privileges of care and treatment afforded to someone that is classified as an official Prisoner of War,” said Jones. “We are calling on the United States government to officially change Sgt. Bergdahl’s status to POW so he can obtain the protection and international recognition he deserves. Those responsible for sending Sgt. Bergdahl into harm’s way are equally responsible to protect him and to bring him home.”

The Freedom Ride begins at 5:00pm on June 13th in the Lowe’s parking lot located on Route 11 – 1407 Lakeshore Road in Gilford. At 6:00pm they will make the scenic seven mile ride along Daniel Webster Highway around Lake Winnipesaukee and meet for a vigil at New Hampshire’s Original POW/MIA Memorial, “The Rock” at Hesky Park in Meredith.

“The Freedom Ride is one of the most powerful aspects of Laconia Motorcycle Week,” said Anne Deli, owner of Laconia Harley-Davidson. “It is important that as a community, we extend our hand to the Northeast POW/MIA Network and Bergdahl family and let them know that Bowe, and all past and future Prisoners of War will not be forgotten.”

About Northeast POW/MIA Network

Northeast POW/MIA Network is a volunteer organization comprised of veterans and non-veterans using awareness, communication, education, legislation, and compassion to assuage the pain associated with one of the most devastating outcomes of service to one’s country. The Network honors POW/MIAs who have returned home and are still waiting to come home and aggressively pursues means to return the missing and protect those serving. For more information about Northeast POW/MIA Network, please visit: www.northeastpowmianetwork.org <http://cd3.campaigndispatch.com/link.php?M=1448833&N=2997&L=4812&F=H> .


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    Contact: Stefanie O’Neill FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
    Telephone: (208) 721-8884
    Email: [email protected]

    Jani and Bob Bergdahl to speak at the Bring Bowe Back event in Hailey, Idaho on June 22, 2013

    Hailey, Idaho – The Bring Bowe Back event is pleased to announce that both Jani and Bob Berdahl we will be speaking during the ceremony to honor their son, American POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

    The event, planned for June 22, 2013, is a community event turned rally to support the Bergdahl family. Along with members of the local community, attendees will be coming in from across the Country for this event, including several members of Rolling Thunder from Illinois. There will be live music from local bands Paddy Wagon and Up a Creek, as well as the Buckaroo Balladeers. The event will feature speakers such as State Senator Michelle Stennett and Ketchum Mayor Randy Hall. The event will be from 1:00pm – 5:00pm, with food and beverages available, as well as activities for children. The Ceremony will start at approximately 2:00pm.

    Prior to the event, a procession of over 500 motorcycles will be riding through Bellevue and Hailey, arriving at Hop Porter Park at approximately 1:00pm. The motorcyclists, mostly comprised of POW and MIA groups from around the Pacific Northwest, will be led by the Missing Man Formation. Bob Bergdahl will be riding Bowe’s motorcycle in that formation. They will be escorted by Hailey Police Chief Jeff Gunter.

    There will be an informational meeting for all media prior to the start of the ceremony. Please contact Stefanie O’Neill at (208) 721-8884 with any questions.