Secret New Polaris Vehicle – Slingshot: Motorcycle Or Trike?

First Harley pulls the wraps off the “concept” LiveWire electric motorcycle.

And now Polaris – manufacturer of Victory and Indian motorcycles, not to be outdone, is teasing us with these short video clips about the Slingshot – whatever that is – and hints of more video to come.

Below is an image of what Polaris shared with the US Patent Office and we suspect is the basis for what they are about to reveal in public later this month.


Minnesota-based Polaris Industries have teased their new vehicle ahead of a 27 July reveal. The three-wheeled Slingshot (patent drawing shown) looks to be a blend of motorcycle and car - it has no doors, an open top and a windshield that looks like a bike visor

Video 1 of 4

Video 2 of 4 (others to post later to tease us.

Here is a photo of what might be a live Slingshot that was recently leaked on the Internet.

Is this the car in the flesh? This image was snapped by a user on SlingshotForums and apparently shows the car being made by Polaris in a car park. The company has released two teaser videos, while the full reveal is on 27 July. Rumours suggest it will launch in 2016 and will cost under £17,500 ($30,000)

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