Street 750 At X-Games: Vote #XGamesFlatTrack

Street-750-Flat-TrackerHarley-Davidson’s new Street family, spearheaded by the larger brother, the Street 750, has not only sparked a lot of buzz from fans, enthusiasts, and even from those outside the Harley market altogether, but is taking The Motor Company to new grounds even before being made available to the general public.

The Street 750 is currently being manned by Brad “the Bullet” Baker, AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National champion, to compete in ESPN’s X Games competitions, no doubt to show off its capability before hitting the market. The latest race featuring the 750 took place at ESPN’s X Games Aspen. That particular competition, where the 750’s rubber and shocks were tested in an arena of snow and ice, will now be showcased further to perform in a completely different environment — the dirt, set at X Games Austin, what Harley-Davidson has described as “an adrenaline-fueled Flat Track exhibition.”

In the same manner as how the US-based manufacturer originally approached this all-new platform (the first in 13 years) by reaching out to its fans, The Motor Company is, once more, asking for the general public to voice their opinion on whether Flat Track racing should become a future medal sport at X Games. Harley-Davidson encourages the public to take part by using #XGamesFlatTrack to participate officially.

Image by Tricia Szulewski

Image by Tricia Szulewski

As per Harley-Davidson, the manufacturer was influenced in regards to approaching what would inevitably become the new Street platform, after receiving input from 3,000-plus customers, riders, and dealers from all over the world, clocked in from over 10 countries.

The new Street 750 will make its debut at Harley-Davidson dealerships in the coming weeks around the world.

Again, for your voice to be heard, use the #XGamesFlatTrack hashtag when posting on any given social media outlet:

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Check out the promotional video for the Harley-Davidson Street 750 at X Games Aspen.

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