2017 American Iron Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide: Cruisers

There’s nothing like having an American V-Twin thundering beneath you, from the bolts of torque it unleashes from the first crack of the throttle to the raw vibrations in the bars and saddle. It’s a sensation that’s often imitated but never duplicated. This style of cruiser motorcycle is at the crux of the Harley, Indian and Victory brands, bikes with big power and big style, everyday riders and bar hoppers. With that in mind, let’s take a peek at the 2017 American cruiser motorcycle market.

Between its Softail and Dyna models, Harley-Davidson easily leads the segment in terms of having the most horses in the stable. Last year Harley threw its High Output Twin Cam 103 in all Softails and Dynas except the Street Bob, along with introducing the Softail Slim S and Fat Boy S with the Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110. While the return of both “S” models in 2017 is good news from the Harley camp, overall it’s a quieter year for The Motor Company. This rings true across the board as there’s only returning models from all three American manufacturers as no all-new cruiser motorcycles hit the market.

2017 Harley Street Bob

2017 Harley Street Bob

Harley Dynas are a hot commodity, the FX chassis a favorite for those who ride hard. With its mini-apes, bobbed back fender and solo seat, the 2017 Street Bob sports a chopper-like vibe. The front is tall and skinny, its rear is slammed, and the fork lowers, triple clamps and engine covers have all received the blacked-out treatment. At $13, 849 it’s the most affordable Dyna in the bunch and a great bike to get your “Easy Rider” on with.

2017 Harley Low Rider

2017 Harley Low Rider

Harley introduced its Low Rider in 1977 and the model continues to find a soft spot in Harley enthusiasts’ hearts. The 2017 Low Rider keeps the rider’s triangle compact with mid-mount controls and an adjustable seat and handlebars. The handlebar riser can be moved forward or backward 2.4 inches and the seat design allows for 1.5 inches of adjustability. Traditional styling and plenty of chrome trim help the latest Low Rider maintain its longstanding status as a fan favorite.

2017 Harley Low Rider S

2017 Harley Low Rider S

With club-styling straight from the factory, the 2017 Low Rider S ups the attitude ante with a host of performance upgrades including the Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110 engine, forward-facing heavy breather intake, and upgraded suspension thanks to a cartridge fork and emulsion-type rear shocks. American Iron Garage Editor Tyler Greenblatt said “There’s fast, then there’s 110” Screamin’ Eagle Dyna fast” in his first ride review of the Low Rider S. With a bikini fairing, slotted heat shields, burly pipes, and denim gold rims against a primarily black bike, the Low Rider S has the rugged good looks to match its boosted performance.

The 2017 Fat Bob is no slouch in the attitude department either thanks to meaty tires front and back, dual bullet headlamps, and Tommy Gun exhaust. The Fat Bob rolls on disc wheels from machined aluminum and benefits from dual front discs. A custom LED tail light, drag bars, and coil-over shock housings give the Fat Bob its own signature look amongst Dynas.

2017 Harley Wide Glide

2017 Harley Wide Glide

The 2017 Wide Glide also has its own unique identity thanks to its wide, raked-out fork, 21-inch laced wheel and wire sissy bar. The Wide Glide runs a single rotor on the front and has the fists in the wind riding position courtesy of drag-style bars and forward controls. Internal wiring keeps the bars nice and tidy. Chrome bits and top-notch paint, especially with the nostalgic flame job on the tank, provide the Wide Glide flair.

Harley’s Softail motorcycles are prized for having an old school, hardtail look without the rigid ride thanks to its hidden rear shocks. Last year, cruise control and ABS became standard on all Softails.

2017 Harley Softail Slim

2017 Harley Softail Slim

For 2017, the Softail Slim comes in two versions, the base model equipped with the High Output Twin Cam 103B engine and the “S” version running the Screamin’ Eagle Air-Cooled Twin Cam 110B V-twin. The 2017 Softail Slim is distinguished by vintage Hollywood bars perched atop a stout fork. With the signature Softail horseshoe oil tank and cat eye console, the Softail Slim has textbook American cruiser styling. The 2017 Softail Slim S punches a little harder thanks to its Twin Cam 110B and Stage 1 High Flow intake. It looks the part of brawler thanks to a black triple clamp and riser, gloss black headlamp ring, black fork slider covers, fork lowers, mirrors, and over/under shotgun exhaust with slash cut mufflers. The added punch comes at an added price. At $18,999, the 2017 Softail Slim S costs $3900 more than the $15,099 Softail Slim.

Similar to the Softail Slim, the 2017 Fat Boy also comes in two versions, the first with the High Output Twin Cam 103B engine and the second with the Screamin’ Eagle Air-Cooled Twin Cam 110B. Solid disc wheels and thick forks are standard fare on both, as are wide handlebars and a 200mm rear. The 2017 Fat Boy S gets the bigger engine and performance intake along with the blacked-out treatment. The list includes frame, wheels, fenders, a gloss black front console, brake levers, hydraulic clutch assemblies, handlebar, handlebar riser, triple clamp, headlamp trim ring- even the axle nut covers are black. For paint, there’s two choices: Vivid black and Denim black. At $20,199, the 2017 Fat Boy S is the spendiest of the 2017 Softails.

2017 Harley Breakout

2017 Harley Breakout

2017 CVO Pro Street Breakout

2017 CVO Pro Street Breakout

The 2017 Breakout sits low and stretched. Add drag bars, 21-spoke Turbine wheels, and staggered, straight cut pipes to the equation and you’ve got the raciest-looking Softail of the bunch. The Breakout rolls 21 inches tall up front and 240mm wide out back with a High Output Twin Cam 103B slung in between. The Harley Breakout has a more custom look than other standard Softails.

Meanwhile, the 2017 CVO Pro Street Breakout does look like a custom bike direct from the factory floor. This thing will straight up boogie thanks to its Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110B engine and heavy breather intake. A hydraulic “Assist & Slip” clutch facilitates smooth launches. The CVO Pro Street Breakout’s performance is further boosted by an inverted fork and dual discs on the front. With Aggressor wheels, a club fairing, chin spoiler, top-shelf paint and a gold race stripe, it’s one mean-looking machine.

2017 Indian Chief Classic

2017 Indian Chief Classic

Indian powers into the cruiser segment with a twin bill of Indian Chiefs, the classy 2017 Chief Classic and its alter ego, the 2017 Indian Chief Dark Horse. Powering both is a pearl of an engine, Indian’s 1811cc Thunder Stroke 111 that easily pumps out in excess of 100 ft-lbs. of torque. The 2017 Indian Chiefs are an attractive combination of classic and contemporary. Plenty of the company’s heritage is evident, from the motorcycle’s big valanced fenders to the illuminated headdress on the front fender to the graphics on the tank. Make no mistake, though, these are modern machines with ABS, cruise control, and keyless ignitions. The stout frame is made of cast aluminum with an airbox integrated into the design. A big powerful bike like this needs big brakes so Indian equipped them with dual 300mm floating rotors on the front. The 2017 Chief Classic exudes class thanks to a bounty of shiny chrome, from the engine and exhaust to the fork and bars. Premium paint is icing on the cake, the Chief Classic striking in either its Pearl White or Burgundy Metallic over Thunder Black colorways. For the 2017 Indian Chief Dark Horse, it’s all about the black. There’s a hint of silver in the machined cylinder heads, fender trim and pipes, but beyond that everything on the bike has been blacked-out. At $17,499, the Chief Dark Horse is a grand cheaper than its dolled-up sibling.

2017 Indian Chief Dark Horse

2017 Indian Chief Dark Horse

Victory takes a four-pronged approach to the 2017 American cruiser market, all powered by the tried-and-true Freedom 106 V-twin. In the same manner as its competitors, Victory offers its 2017 Vegas in a traditional and blacked-out form. The standard Vegas sports a striking wheel up front in the form of the industrial 21 inch Falchion. The frame is color-matched to the Sunset Red paint job, the vibrant color offset by a powertrain, bars and fork clamps all in black. The spined tank continues to be one of its strong style points while its headlight has a new, more streamlined design. With a low 25 inch seat height, the 2017 Vegas is suitable for a wide variety of riders. On the flip side, the 2017 Vegas 8-Ball is dark as night, the contrast cut of the Falchion wheels, fork legs, and speedo housing the only shiny bits on the bike. At 25.2 inches, its seat height is a tad higher than the 2017 Vegas. With an MSRP of $12,999, the Vegas 8-Ball is the most affordable of the Victory cruisers.

2017 Victory Vegas 8-Ball

2017 Victory Vegas 8-Ball

The 2017 High-Ball exudes more attitude thanks to a 12 inch mini-apehanger handlebar and chunky tires on 16 inch spoke wheels. Matte paint replaces the gloss of the Vegas. A grunty 1731cc engine with plenty of low end torque suits this motorcycle perfectly. The High-Ball with the Suede Nuclear Sunset Orange paint is matched to whitewall tires while the Suede Black version is mated to straight black rubber. Even with the high bars, the High-Ball will surprise you with its willingness in turns.

2017 Victory High-Ball

2017 Victory High-Ball

2017 Victory Gunner

2017 Victory Gunner

The final offering in the Victory stable is the 2017 Gunner. The fact that Victory competes in the NHRA with a Gunner drag bike is a good clue as to the company’s intentions with this bike. With bobbed fenders, 24-spoke cast aluminum wheels, 16 inch wheels all the way around, and pullback handlebars, the Gunner is a real runner. Muscular Dunlop 491 Elite tires are ready to be roasted on this bike. Price point is definitely one of Victory cruisers’ strong point, the 2017 Gunner starting at $13,499 with the Suede Titanium Metallic paint.

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2017 American Iron Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide: Performance Cruisers

Victory Stunters Joe Vertical and Tony Carbajal

Joe Vertical and Tony Carbajal demonstrate the prowess of the 2017 Victory Octane.

Since OEM’s have been busy unveiling the latest crop of 2017 motorcycles, we’ve put together a series of “Buyer’s Guides” to bring you up to date on the latest and greatest offerings from American manufacturers. With the performance bar being raised higher and higher, it’s an exciting time in the industry. Victory unveiled its 2017 Octane by inviting a bunch of journalists to the track for some runs down the dragstrip and a little Stunt Riding 101 taught by Joe Dryden and Tony Carbajal. Dryden further demonstrated the Octane’s prowess by setting a Guinness World Record for the “World’s Longest Burnout.” Harley countered by bringing back its racy Roadster model for 2017 with stronger brakes, beefier suspension, mid controls and lowered bars. These days, “cruisers” don’t necessarily mean simply “sit back and enjoy the ride.” With that in mind, we take a look at the 2017 segment of American-made motorcycles that lean more toward the performance side of the equation than typical cruisers do.

2017 Night Rod Special

2017 Night Rod Special

2017 V-Rod Muscle

2017 V-Rod Muscle

One of the first to break down those stereotypes is Harley-Davidson’s V-Rod. Launched in 2001, the V-Rod was a big departure from the norm for The Motor Company. Powered by a liquid-cooled, 60 degree Revolution V-twin developed with the help of Porsche, the motorcycle came straight from the factory ready to rip up the quarter-mile. With its low rise bars, streamlined tank, fastback tail section and meaty 240mm rear, the V-Rod sure looks the part. Thanks to a powerplant with arm-stretching torque, Brembo brakes, ABS, and a “slipper” clutch, the V-Rod has the “go” to support its “show.” Joining the 2017 Night Rod Special is the 2017 Muscle with its faux air-rams on the sides of the tank, straight shot dual exhausts, rear turn signals integrated into the fender and more chiseled lines. If you’ve ever thought about plunking down the money for a V-Rod, the time is nigh because we’ve heard rumors this is the last year it will be in production.

2017 Sportster Forty-Eight

2017 Sportster Forty-Eight

One motorcycle that isn’t going anywhere is Harley’s Sportster. The iconic motorcycle is heading into its 60th year of continuous production in 2017. Offering the Sportster in both 883cc and 1200cc versions in a variety of configurations contributes to its longevity. This rings true once again in 2017. Harley got ahead of the game by releasing the 2017 Roadster a few months before the rest of its lineup. Positive reviews rolled in thanks to its 43mm inverted fork, adjustable rear suspension, dual front discs and a sporty riding position. The popular Forty-Eight returns in 2017, another 1200cc powered Sportster that runs a 49mm fork along with 16-inch cast aluminum wheels front and back and chunkier tires. While the Forty-Eight and Roadster both sport the heritage Peanut tank, the Sportster 1200 Custom has the 4.5 gallon tank and a lot more chrome than its 1200cc siblings. The Iron 883, a member of Harley’s Dark Custom line, is back in 2017 as well, the 883cc equipped Sporty with its blacked-out styling and solo seat a great gateway bike for just under $9K. Speaking of gateway motorcycles, the Street 750 and Street 500 featuring Harley’s liquid-cooled Revolution X engine both made the cut for 2017. While Harley improved the braking package on the Street models last year, in 2017 both are offered with a couple new options, including ABS for $750 or the H-D Smart Security System for $395.

2017 Harley Sportster Iron 883

2017 Harley Sportster Iron 883

Similar to Harley and its Roadster, Victory got the jump on its 2017 offerings by releasing its Octane back in March. The motorcycle represents Victory’s first foray into liquid-cooling, its 1179cc 60-degree V-twin said to be good for over 100 horsepower. Compact and quick, American Iron’s Editor-in-Chief Steve Lita said “I don’t ever recall riding any V-Rod that offered the agility or the pared-down muscle car feeling of the Octane or left as much spending money in my wallet,” in his first ride review. With a cast aluminum frame and wheels, Victory’s Octane rockets up to 60 mph in under four seconds. A sticker price of $10,499 leaves a little of that pocket change Lita mentioned.

2017 Victory Octane

2017 Victory Octane

Joining the Octane in Victory’s performance cruiser stable is the 2017 Hammer S. With a pro-street style stance, rear cowl, and 250mm rear, the Hammer S is a long-running staple in the Victory lineup. Powered by the tried and true Freedom 106 engine, the Hammer S sports an inverted fork, dual front discs and 18-inch tires front and back. Offered in a blacked-out Hammer S Eight Ball version last year, in 2017 the Hammer S comes in Gloss Black with White Racing Stripes only.

2017 Victory Hammer S

2017 Victory Hammer S

For 2017, Indian Motorcycle Co. enters the niche with two models, the 1133cc 2017 Scout and the 999cc 2017 Scout Sixty. With its revvy engine, cast aluminum frame, slick gearbox and low center of gravity, the Scout has been a tremendous sales success for the company. Last year, Indian offered the Scout with ABS as a $1000 option, which is a carry over to 2017. The two-tone paint schemes for the 2017 Scout are new, though, the contrast helping define the bike’s lines even more so than the monochromatic ones.

2017 Indian Scout

2017 Indian Scout

The 2017 Scout Sixty is also offered with ABS, but only on the Indian Motorcycle Red version. Though the engine is smaller, the Scout Sixty displays much of the same character as its stable mate, from the revviness of its engine to its sure-footedness in turns. Primary differences between the two include one less cog on the transmission of the Scout Sixty, smaller cylinder sleeves and a remapped ECU. The other differences are mostly cost-saving cosmetics, from less machining to less chrome to seat materials. But at a buck under $9K, the Scout Sixty is priced competitively enough to leave a little change for customization. Roland Sands Design used the Scout Sixty as a base platform for its SuperHooligan flat trackers it has been racing over the last year at events across the country.

2017 Indian Scout Sixty

2017 Indian Scout Sixty

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Victory Motorcycles & Slingshot Showcases Set for New York IMS

Operation Octane winner at 2016 New York IMS

Visitors can check out Strokers’ Operation Octane winner at the 2016 New York IMS this weekend.

Experience the entire line of Victory Motorcycles and Slingshot three-wheeled roadsters, custom vehicles and all-new parts & accessories, and take part in a bike give-away & other special events

Victory Motorcycles and the Polaris Slingshot roll into the Progressive International Motorcycle Show (IMS) in New York City, December 9-11, with the entire line of Victory motorcycles, Slingshot roadsters, custom bikes, new parts & accessories, vehicle giveaways and more.

The entire line of 2017 Victory motorcycles, including the all-new Victory Octane and best-selling Victory Cross Country models, will be on display at the show alongside the new 2017 Polaris Slingshot, Slingshot SL and Slingshot SLR.

Attendees will be the first to see the winners of the Operation Octane dealer custom build contest, check out the Victory Cross Country Tour Swiss endurance rider Urs “Grizzly” Pedraita used this past summer to set a new world endurance record by riding 62,000 miles over six continents in 72 days, marvel at a custom Slingshot created by The Auto Firm, enter sweepstakes to win a Victory Magnum or a Slingshot SLR, and receive a special coupon good for a one-year extended warranty on a motorcycle purchased at participating dealers. Plus, Victory motorcycle owners can show their key and/or a picture of their ride to receive a special gift.

Grizzly Cross Country Long Beach IMS 2016

The fairing of Grizzly’s world-traveling Victory Cross Country tells tales of the open road.

“Victory and Slingshot vehicles have both turned heads and fired up imaginations,” said Kevin Reilly, Marketing Director for Slingshot and Victory motorcycles. “Not only have the production vehicles proven to be winners, but the custom scene is seeing our vision and taking it even further, which is very exciting to see for both brands.”

IMS New York City takes place Dec. 9-11 at the Javits Center. Doors open 2 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. Sunday. Ticket prices are $20 for Adults and free for children ages 11 and under.

In addition to New York City, look for Victory Motorcycles at future IMS series stops, including Washington D.C., Dallas, Cleveland, Minneapolis and Chicago.

Visit MotorcycleShows.com for a full schedule of IMS events. Learn more about Victory Motorcycles at VictoryMotorcycles.com or follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Catch up to Slingshot at www.Polaris.com or try to keep up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

2017 Victory Motorcycles Unveiled – First Look

2017 Victory Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles unveils its 2017 line of motorcycles, from the agile and quick Octane to its top-shelf Cross Country Tour.

Increased power, more standard amenities and amplified style prove performance is in our DNA

Victory Motorcycles has always focused on performance. The design brief for the very first Victory motorcycle was simple: build a motorcycle that’s more powerful and handles better than any other American cruiser.

Eighteen years later, Victory remains dedicated to the pursuit of performance. For 2017, after achieving a 2nd place podium position at the Isle of Man TT with the Victory RR, becoming the 2nd and 3rd fastest motorcycles to climb Pikes Peak with the Empulse RR and Project 156, accomplishing a circumnavigation of the globe in record time with Urs “Grizzly” Pedraita and his Victory Cross Country Tour, and setting a Guinness World Record burnout with Joe “Vertical” Dryden aboard an Octane, America’s most innovative and aggressive motorcycle manufacturer is geared up for its most powerful year ever, redefining what an America V-twin motorcycle can be. Whether it’s our 1200cc Octane, five-model Cruiser family, Magnum, Magnum X-1 and best-selling Cross Country Bagger models, Cross Country Tour and Victory Vision Touring models or electric Empulse TT, these bikes are just the beginning of a new era in American motorcycle performance.


2017 Victory Octane

The 2017 Victory Octane is available in four color options and is priced from $9,999 to $10,499.



Drop the clutch and light up that rear tire. Octane makes it easy by following classic American musclecar formula: a powerful motor in a lightweight chassis. What’s left is just what you need to go very fast and without distraction. Featuring a high revving liquid-cooled 60-degree V-Twin with four-valve heads and dual-overhead cams that makes 104 horsepower and 76 foot-pounds of tire-shredding torque, Octane has the heart of a Pikes Peak International Hill Climb racer and a 0-60 mph time that makes it the quickest Victory ever produced. But power is only half of the musclebike equation. There’s also a stiff and lightweight cast-aluminum frame, sharp steering geometry, a tight wheelbase, and 32 degrees of lean angle that together deliver agility previously unknown to American V-Twin motorcycles. Need more power? Need more sound? Check out the Victory’s Stage 2 Kit that includes an air intake and 2-1 exhaust to offer 10% more horsepower and 5% more torque. Fast, capable, stylish and affordable. Victory’s Octane is the formula for the Modern American Musclebike. Available in Gloss Black ($9,999), Matte Super Steel Gray ($10,499), Matte Pearl White ($10,499) and Gloss Black with Graphics ($10,499).



Take aim at the competition with this modern bobber, inspired by the original bobbers built by returning World War II vets who were hungry to recreate the adrenaline rush of flying a P-51 Mustang fighter plane. Powered by the 106 cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin mated to a smooth-shifting six-speed overdrive transmission, the Gunner has enough torque – 110 ft.-lb., in fact – available for takeoff. Combine that performance with the confidence inspiring riding position gained from a low 25-inch solo saddle and pullback handlebars, and you have the ideal recipe for a performance bobber. Available in Suede Titanium Metallic ($13,499) and Suede Sagebrush Green Metallic ($13,899).



Raise your fists and leave the civilized world behind on High-Ball®. There’s no radio or radiator, no saddlebags or sissybar, nothing to take the attention away from the big-bore V-Twin sitting in the belly of this beast. Reach up and grab some attitude with the ape-hanger handlebars and let the 16-inch spoke-alloy wheels roll. New for 2017, choose from a new Suede Black color with black-wall tires ($13,499) or a new Suede Nuclear Sunset Orange ($13,749) color with white-wall tires.



Drop the hammer on the competition with the Hammer S, the most aggressive cruiser in Victory’s lineup. Equipped with a big-block Freedom 106 V-Twin engine, burly inverted fork and a pair of strong-stopping four-piston brake calipers that look like they came off of a sportbike, extra wide pro stock-inspired 250-series rear rubber, a sleek rear cowl with a hideaway passenger pad and bodywork wrapped in musclecar racing stripes, the Hammer S is a streetfighter with an American soul. Available in Gloss Black with White Racing Stripes ($15,599).



Put some power into your profile with the Freedom 106-powered Vegas. Featuring clean custom styling, a color-matched frame, and a contrast-cut 21-inch front wheel, Vegas is the cleanest looking and most powerful factory custom made today. Check out the tucked-in headlamp, 21-inch contrast-cut Falchion front wheel, elegant pullback handlebars, slash-cut muffler tips, flush-mount LED taillight, and blacked-out details that make the rich Sunset Red metallic paint with matching frame really pop. Of course, since this is a Victory, the Vegas isn’t all show. With the same Freedom 106/six-speed overdrive combination as the rest of the Cruiser lineup, Vegas packs more than enough power to knockout any stoplight challengers, too. Available in Sunset Red ($13,999) with color-matched frame.



Sinister and blacked out, sparse use of chrome details, and a 21-inch contrast-cut Falchion front wheel named after a sword known for its versatility and ready to slice out plenty of attention. This is the Vegas 8-Ball. Front to back, the Vegas 8-Ball is sculpted by a tucked-in headlamp, chrome gauge cluster, black risers and pullback handlebars, slash-cut muffler tips and a flush-mount LED taillight. Like its sibling, it runs on a Freedom 106 V-Twin producing 110 Ft.-Lbs. of pulse-pounding torque mated to a smooth six-speed overdrive transmission. Available in Gloss Black ($12,999).

2017 Victory Magnum X-1

The 2017 Victory Magnum X-1 is loaded with custom features like contrast-cut billet wheels – featuring a 21-inch front – a new custom paint scheme and LED lighting.



The 2017 Magnum X-1 takes the stage powered by a 200-watt 10-speaker surround sound audio system. Loaded with custom features such as contrast-cut billet wheels – featuring a 21-inch front – a new custom paint scheme and LED lighting, this may be the only motorcycle on the market that attracts both custom motorcycle fans and concert groupies. Available in Pearl White with Platinum overlay and Electric Red pinstriping ($24,499).



Move boldly through your world on the Magnum muscle bagger. With a larger-than-life 21-inch front wheel – the biggest wheel ever fit to a production bagger – LED headlight and new muscle colors that demand attention, Magnum makes a mark on anyone who sees it. Turn on the cruise control, crank up the high-performance Bluetooth-enabled audio system blasting 100 watts from 6 speakers, and enjoy the ride knowing that anti-lock brakes monitor your traction at all times. Available in Gloss Black with graphics ($22,599), Habanero Inferno Orange with graphics ($23,099) and Indy Red Pearl with graphics ($23,099).



Lead your pack anywhere with the overachieving Victory Cross Country bagger, now with even more standard features including ABS, cruise control and Bluetooth-enabled audio. Powered by our 106 cubic inch Freedom V-Twin delivering best-in-class horsepower and 106 ft-lb of torque, the Cross Country is a muscular bagger aided in its smooth running nature by inverted front fork, air-adjustable rear monoshock and dual front disc brakes with standard ABS. Carry along what’s important, and make sure it stays secure and dry in 21.3 gallon, lockable, weatherproof sealed saddlebags. Keep entertained with a standard AM/FM/Weather radio with Bluetooth capability to allow you to use your MP3/iPod as your music source, and amplify your riding experience with premium speakers that deliver powerful, crystal-clear sound. Want to increase your muscle mass? The “Made For Victory By S&S” Stage 2 Kit – S&S cams and high-flow air dam together with an available Victory Accessory exhaust system – offers 20% more horsepower and 10% more torque for Cross Country, Cross Country Tour and Magnum models. Available in Gloss Black ($19,499), Suede White Frost ($19,999), Suede Nuclear Sunset Orange ($19,999) and Sunset Red ($19,999).



Cross America in record time. Take the standard Cross Country bagger – a capable platform for any two-wheeled adventure – hit it with a dose of comfort and convenience features like a 200W eight-speaker Bluetooth and USB audio system, and what you get is the Cross Country Tour: a V-Twin touring bike ready to go anywhere comfortable and quickly. So set ambitious destinations with the Cross Country Tour, which offers the largest total cargo capacity on a production touring motorcycle (41.1 gallons). Victory’s Comfort Control System provides upper and lower air controls that channel the wind to maximize comfort while a padded passenger backrest, three-position adjustable floorboards and dual zone heated seats give your passengers the control they deserve. An air-adjustable rear suspension further aids rider and passenger comfort while ABS and new LED lighting helps keep your mind at ease. Available in Gloss Black ($21,999), Gloss Blue Fire ($22,499) and Two-tone Turbo Silver and Black ($22,999).



What if you cast off all convention and set out to build the ultimate American touring bike without any rules or restrictions on how that bike had to look, feel or act? The result would be the Victory Vision – America’s most comfortable touring bike. The Vision’s full-coverage fairing, sculpted in the wind tunnel, provides unprecedented comfort and protection. And because the fairing is mounted to the frame and not the handlebars, steering remains light and predictable. Underneath the innovative bodywork are the same capable underpinnings as all the Victory baggers and tourers, including the extra-rigid cast aluminum frame, air-adjustable rear suspension, and of course a gleaming example of the same four-valve overhead-cam Freedom 106 V-Twin that delivers such unexpectedly brisk acceleration. Add to that a power windshield that turns wind resistance into your plaything, standard ABS and cruise control that instill confidence, a heated seat and heated grips that keep you rolling year round, and 29 gallons of storage capacity with enough room for two no matter where adventure takes you. Available in Gloss Black ($21,099) and Gloss Blue Fire ($22,099).



We’re equal opportunity speed freaks. Whether it burns hydrocarbons or kilowatt-hours, we don’t care as long as it’s fast. The Empulse TT is fast where it matters most. Built on the same platform that claimed a spot on the podium at both the Isle of Man and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the Empulse TT accelerates up to 100+ MPH and has a 10.4 kWh battery module that can fully charge in 3.9 hours. Equipped with sport-tuned inverted front forks and an adjustable suspension to provide track-level performance, the Empulse TT is also the only electric bike equipped with a gearbox – a six-speed transmission – although shifting is entirely optional as it also operates in a twist-and-go mode for maximum convenience. The Empulse TT … the only electric motorcycle available from a major motorcycle manufacturer, putting it in a class of one. Everyone else is still catching up. This is American muscle at its most modern. Available in Titanium Silver with Havasu Red ($19,999).

Increased power. More standard amenities. Amplified style. Victory Motorcycles.

Learn more about Victory Motorcycles’ 2017 lineup at VictoryMotorcycles.com or follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

2017 Victory Octane First Ride Review

2017 Victory Octane 1st Ride Review

NEW BIKE REVIEW • by Steve Lita

OK. So let me get this straight. You want me to pin the throttle and dump the clutch, right?” Those were my words to the stunt riding duo of Joe Vertical and Tony Carbajal at the Victory Octane press launch. Joe and Tony were our guest hooligan event directors for the day. Ironic that we were practicing hard motorcycle launches at a press launch, I thought. Their response to my question? A resounding “Yes.” So that’s what I did aboard the new 2017 Victory Octane. And the result was a high-revving blast-off with plumes of smoke dissipating from the Octane’s rear tire as I fishtailed down the back straight at Orlando Speedbowl. Our test day, held a few days before Daytona Bike Week, included agility testing on a gymkhana course, practicing burnouts and the aforementioned rolling burnouts, and finally drag race test runs down the quarter-mile strip. Not your average evaluation of a new model motorcycle. But the Octane is not your average cruiser. It’s more like a cruiser that thinks it’s a sportbike, actually.

While I was riding the Octane around the back roads of Florida, I kept trying to think what I could compare it to. In the realm of American-made muscle cruisers, I could think of only one, the V-Rod, and expanding my thoughts to manufacturers of non-American machines I could only think of one other: the Star VMAX. Quite frankly, when considering the real-world scenario of what I could have the most fun on without breaking the bank, the answer kept returning to one point: Octane!

Steve Lita Burnout 2017 Victory Octane

The 2017 Victory Octane press launch included some Hooligan 101. Looks like Lita learned fast.

Sure, both of those other models are a hoot to ride and plenty capable of leaving dark strips on the pavement themselves. But I don’t ever recall riding any V-Rod that offered the agility or the pared-down muscle car feeling of the Octane or left as much spending money in my wallet as the Octane. How much is the Octane, you ask? Try on $10,499 and see how it fits. Fits me just fine.

The formula is as old as hot-rodding itself: big engine times small/lightweight chassis plus few amenities equals Ya-Hoo! Carroll Shelby did it with the little Cobra way back in the ’60s, and it still works today, even on two wheels. Actually, given modern efficiencies in manufacturing, materials, and systems such as fuel injection, the formula works even better now.

Providing the muscle in this muscle bike is an 1179cc, liquid-cooled 60-degree V-twin, Victory’s first crack at a liquid-cooled engine. It utilizes dual overhead cams with four valves per head and a 60mm throttle body equipped induction system to create a 104 hp output and 76 ft-lbs. of torque. That’s more horsepower than any other Victory motorcycle up to this point. The short-stroke engine allows higher engine rpm and a quick-revving engine response more akin to a sportbike than a conventional V-twin, and the modest 10.8 to 1 compression ratio should allow the Octane to live happily on common street-grade gasoline. The smooth shifting six-speed trans sends power to the short geared rear sprocket via a belt drive. It’s amazing to me that the belt can withstand the punishment that the engine produces, but it does. That’s modern technology for you.

2017 Victory Octane Wheelie

Lightweight and powerful, lofting the front wheel of the 2017 Victory Octane doesn’t take much.

You’ve probably been muttering “Just how fast is it?” since you read about our little excursion to the drag strip in the first paragraph. Victory’s usually optimistic press blurbs say the Octane can do the quarter-mile in 12 seconds and blast from 0-60 mph in less than four seconds. Well, this ain’t no bull. I saw a fellow moto-journalist rip off a 12.05, and we heard about a pro rider dipping in the high 11.90s. Me? After a couple practice runs, I was able to muster a 12.40. Guess I need a little more practice on those hard launches and finding the proper shift-points (and a few more salad lunches). Not bad for a cruiser, with a not-the-largest-V-twin-out-there 72ci engine. Thanks to that law-abiding, wide-open throttle testing, I can also tell you the Octane pulls all the way to redline. Power doesn’t peter out at the high end of the tach. It just keeps pulling until you’re bouncing off the rev-limiter, hence the need for more shift point practice on my part.

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