Behind the 8-Ball with CycleSounds


Cycle Sounds, has recently introduced their Victory Vision® 8-Ball fairing audio system. Kit includes 5.25 inch full range speakers, amplifier, and all necessary wiring and connectors to hook the system up. Wiring harness includes quick disconnect for easy installation and removal of the fairing with the sound system installed. With Cycle Sound’s easy mp3 hookup, […]

Jeff from SuperTrapp and his Pipes

Jeff Wells, SuperTrapp Sales Manager talks to JPTV at the 2009 J&P Cycle Open House, specifically about their FatShots Slip-Ons

Black Hills Leather from LegendaryUSA

LegendaryUSA sent us some videos on gear we’ll be posting in the next few months…

CycleVisions Converts your Softail or Dyna

CycleVisions Fairing Mounting Kits

CYCLE VISIONS FAIRING MOUNTING KITS These mounting kits let you add a genuine H-D Road Glide fairing to your Softail or Dyna. No need to buy an expensive H-D dresser! You’ll get the look you want while saving money. A genuine Road Glide fairing is perfect for that cross-county road trip you’ve always dreamed of, […]

This Month from Drag Specialties

Drag Spoon Seats

Drag Specialties sent us these great parts for June –  For more information, go to or contact your local Drag Specialties dealer. Click for more

Garage Girls Motorcycle Progressive Suspension

Sara Liberte of the Garage Girls talking to Progressive Suspension about some of their new 2010 products at the V-Twin Expo

New Barnett 2.25” Scorpion Harley Belt Drives

Barnett 2 B-drive-Polished

The newest addition to our Scorpion line of primary components is our 2.25” belt drives. What makes these belt drives unique is that they are available in five different drive ratios- stock, 5% underdrive, 10% underdrive, 8% overdrive and 12% overdrive. This allows you to raise or lower your RPM (measured at 65 mph), if […]

LegUp by Chopper Design

A unique accessory for your Touring Bike. Imagine the ability to steady your bike as you come to a stop, have it held upright at a light or stop sign with your feet on the pegs (you really should put them down, but you don’t have to!!), then have the support automatically retract as you […]

Motorcycle Harley Service Knowledge

This is a clip from the ‘Fix My Hog’ Series… Pretty good stuff.

Motorcycle Blue Pipes?

The boys at Blue-Job help us out with an instructional video (click the headline to watch) (ps – that would be a giant bowl of spit.)