Kickstart Classic 2017 Set For This Weekend

We were thrilled with last year’s turnout. This year, we decided to hold the event a little earlier: we don’t need anyone suffering heat stroke! Join us for a weekend of pure, old-school fun

Start stretching your hamstrings, topping up your oil, and packing the extra tape for those loose parts—it’s time for the Kickstart Classic once again! This coming weekend, May 18-20, marks the 6th annual meet-up and ride at the Wheels Through Time museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Each year, we try to pick a unique, interesting destination for the Kickstart to conclude, and this year we settled on the AMCA meet in Denton, North Carolina.

We just saw Buzz off today, the boss man packed and ready to head south to get to WTT museum sometime between what we can only surmise as today and the ride on Friday. (Keep your eyes peeled for the American Iron truck with an auld Harley in the back!)

Rolling out from the Wheels Through Time museum, you’ll score a chance to get a sweet riding shot and possible be seen in the magazine!

Thursday evening will be the meet and greet at on the museum’s grounds, where you can either sign in and pick up your stuff if you preregistered, or you can register for the ride on site. Food will be served, and the museum will be open for all of your gazing and drooling leisure (admission is included with your registration).

Friday morning, we ride. As most of you know, the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains provide some of the most beautiful roads for cruising this side of the Mississippi. We’re going to take our time, snaking through the region as we make our way to Salisbury, North Carolina, for an overnight stay.  There will be an entire day’s worth of riding.


Gorgeous roads await. Make this the trip for your riding season.

Saturday, we roll into Denton in the late morning, and there will be a parade, vendors, a show, and more awaiting our arrival.

The Kickstart Classic is open to all makes and models of motorcycles, though the newer bikes will have to ride behind the old lugs, just in case a thing or three goes bouncing backward. This is a purists dream, deep in the valley of the mountains where time feels as though it stands still, and for a weekend it truly does, as Dale Walksler’s invaluable collection of old iron serves as the appropriate setting for the rumble of motorcycles from the teens, ’20s, ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s reverberating through the mountains from the small town of Maggie Valley, and suddenly we’re in a different decade—heck, we’re transported to a different century.


Water vs Oil Cooled Heads: Caption Correction for American Iron Magazine Issue 343

American Iron Issue #434 caption correction

We hate when things slip through the cracks. Here’s how the captions for water vs. oil cooled cylinder heads should have read. 

To err is human, to forgive divine – Alexander Pope

While each issue of American Iron Magazine goes through a rigorous editing process, sometimes things slip through the cracks unnoticed until after the fact. Such was the case with the captions on Donny Peterson’s well-written article about Harley’s new Milwaukee-Eight Engine.

The typo occurred on Page 32 in the caption about oil vs water cooled cylinder heads. The captions should be flipped as the water cooled cylinder head is featured in the first picture, oil cooled in the second. So we wanted to apologize to both Peterson and our readers for any confusion it may have caused. A correction is running in our next issue along with our online apology.

We are, after all, only human. Please forgive our errant ways. – AIM

American Iron is going full throttle in print

Buzz Kanter EIC

SHIFTING GEARS by Buzz Kanter 

SHIFTING GEARS, by Buzz Kanter, Publisher

As the temperature drops and the air gets crisp, it’s starting to feel like one of my favorite times of the year to ride here in Connecticut. Especially in the early morning and late afternoon when the sunlight adds a magical quality to the golden autumn colors along my favorite twisty back roads of New England.

I am so into riding now that I will soon be heading out to visit Vermont’s covered bridges on a motorcycle. If I can get to enough of them, I’d like to turn the trip into a motorcycle tour to share in print with American Iron Magazine readers.

Biketoberfest & More
meanwhile, farther south, there is plenty going on in and around Daytona and Orlando, Florida, during the next few weeks. Anchored by Biketoberfest on Daytona Beach, there is much to see and do from October 13 to 16. The AMA Hall of Fame (I was honored to have been inducted in 2002) will be honoring and inducting the new class at a swanky ceremony on October 13 in Orlando (motor­ Also in Orlando is the AIM Expo, a strong industry trade event open to the general public (

Looking for more exciting motor­cycle action? As you are reading this I am preparing to scare myself silly on a 1915 Harley boardtrack racer at the Sons of Speed event. It is at the New Smyrna Speedway on Saturday, October 15. The track opens early, and the race heats will begin around 1 pm. There will be a number of brave fools (including me) flying around this paved 1/2-mile track at excessive speeds with no brakes. We will be trying to recreate the feel and excitement of the long-gone boardtrack days. Please join us and cheer on Team American Iron.

American Iron
print is not dead! the fact that so many people are reading this magazine confirms my feeling. OK, so we do have some digital readers, but they are welcome in the family. We at American Iron are going full throttle in print, and we’re still growing and expanding.

American Iron Magazine continues to lead the pack with a solid new issue full of popular editorial every four weeks, that’s 13 issues a year! Our hard-working team must be doing something right, as we are still the world’s best-selling motorcycle magazine on the newsstand. In addition, we are increasing our all-tech American Iron Garage to six issues a year, and you can subscribe to it now.

I strongly recommend subscribing to American Iron Magazine and/or American Iron Garage because it saves you time and money (more than half off the single copy price), and you will be entered to win our American Iron/-Dennis Kirk custom Harley Fat Boy. To subscribe, please call 877/693-3572 or go to

We expanded our events this year. In 2016, we did the American Iron River Run with Indian Motorcycles up the Mississippi River, the Patriot Ride in Minnesota, the Motorcycle Kickstart Classic in North and South Carolina, and the Dream Ride in Connecticut.

We’d love to hear any and all event suggestions you have for American Iron rides and events, along with anything else you’d like to suggest or share, at

Ride safe, ride smart, have fun.


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Harley’s new 107 cubic inch, Milwaukee-Eight

Buzz Kanter EIC

SHIFTING GEARS by Buzz Kanter 

SHIFTING GEARS, by Buzz Kanter, Publisher

I  can’t believe it’s been 17 years since The MoCo last invited us for an exclusive look and ride of a new generation of Harley engine, the TC88, which we named the Fathead. Seventeen years!

You have already seen the cover of this issue of American Iron Magazine. Harley’s engineers, designers, and marketing teams have pulled the cover off a totally new engine design to carry Harley Trikes and Touring bikes into the future.

We are honored that American Iron Magazine readers will be the first to read about this exciting new engine design officially named the Milwaukee-Eight. Riders like to give Harley engines nicknames. When I first saw photos of this engine I thought the top end looked rather muscular, so how about we call it the Musclehead?

In brief, the all new 107″, single cam, four-valve-per-head Milwaukee-Eight will be available in all 2017 Trikes and Touring models. The bikes without lowers will use the oil-cooled version. Touring bikes and Trikes with lowers will use the oil and water-cooled designs, but the non-Touring models will retain the current Twin Cam powertrains. The limited-production CVO models will now be powered by a larger 114″ version of the all new Milwaukee-Eight.

The Harley team tells us the new Milwaukee-Eight engine idles lower, runs cooler, is faster, and gives better gas mileage than today’s Twin Cam. It’s quite an engineering feat, and one well worth waiting for.

For a lot more detail, please read our exclusive article and photos starting on page 46 for more information.

Sons of Speed Boardtrack Racing
love the romance and excitement of old motorcycles and the thrills and spills of real antique motorcycle racing? Check out the Sons of Speed boardtrack-style racing near Daytona on October 15.

American V-twin motorcycles from the teens through 1924 will be racing on the half-mile, banked asphalt of New Smyrna Speedway with no brakes, no transmissions, and no clutches! Join me, Billy Lane, and a cast of characters this Biketoberfest as we try to recapture the days of old, when racers were bold.

I will be on my 1915 Harley-powered reproduction boardtracker, representing Team American Iron. Other racers include Billy Lane (event promoter) on a 1913 Indian, Rick Petko (of Discovery’s American Chopper) on a 1913 Indian, Xavier Muriel (musician with Buckcherry) on a 1919 Harley, Jay Allen (of Broken Spoke) on a 1913 Thor, Shelley Rossmeyer-Pepe (Rossmeyer H-D) on a 1915 Harley, and Warren Lane (Atomic Metalsmith) on a 1919 Indian, and possibly others.

I expect the bikes will be showcased around town before the event. The races start around 1 pm, Saturday, October 15, at the New Smyrna Speedway (3939 Florida Route 44). Tickets are available at and at the gate. Hope to see you there. This is going to be wild!

American Iron’s
we get requests every week for back issues of our various magazines, motorcycle books and collectibles, and for AIM swag. We sell our back issues, while supplies last, and other interesting, motorcycle-related stuff at or call 203/425-8777, ext. 114 to order. Watch for limited-time special discounts!

Ride safe, ride smart, have fun.


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2016 American Iron Kickstart Classic

CLICK HERE to register for the event.

This 3 day event is on public roads and is open to riders of all makes and years of motorcycles. We have some beautiful roads planned staying off the interstate highways. This year’s event offers several excellent organized rides near Maggie Valley, NC. on Friday and going to Chesnee, SC. Saturday.

• $100 pre-registration (each rider and each passenger). After June 28th, registration increases to $150 per person.

• All registered riders and passengers receive passes to the Wheels Through Time museum, the free welcome dinner
Thursday at Wheels Through Time, one event T-shirt as well as parking and sponsored dinner in Chesnee, SC.

Thursday July 28. 5 PM
Free welcome dinner to all registered riders at Wheels Through Time museum in Maggie Valley, NC

Friday July 29
Group photo at 9am. All day and half day organized rides from Maggie Valley, NC. ending back in Wheels Through Time.

Saturday July 30 9 am
Group ride to Chesnee, SC (back roads) to join up with the AMCA Legends Chapter “Antique Bikes On Main.” bike show, swapmeet, and hosted free dinner that night. Also Wall of Death, stunt riders, fireworks and more. Riders can stay overnight in Chesnee or ride back to Maggie Valley (3 hours on backroads, less than 2 1/2 hours by highway) Saturday afternoon.

Sunday July 31 (optional)
Various motorcycle events in Chesnee, SC

Dyno Solutions’ New Location

State-of-the-Art Tuning in Connecticut 

Dyno Solutions, conveniently (for us, anyway!) located in New Milford, Connecticut, is now operating at a new location. Just 2-1/2 miles north of its old location on Route 7, the new HQ can be found at 571 Danbury Road, New Milford, CT. We’ve taken numerous bikes over to Dyno Solutions to get ’em tuned just right, and you may recognize the name from multiple install stories in which we’ve swapped out exhausts, air cleaners, etc. A center for all your tuning needs, Dyno Solutions is a certified Dynojet Power Vision tuning center offering custom fuel maps for all bikes, and older bikes are welcome to be serviced, too.

Dyno Solutions uses the latest wide band 02 sensor technology. Every dyno run can show you not only horsepower and torque, but also the exact air/fuel ratio. This takes the guesswork out of fueling adjustments. The air/fuel ratio graph and printout shows a rich or lean condition at each rpm range during a dyno run allowing fast and accurate engine diagnostics. Load control simulates real world riding conditions that are needed to finely tune smaller throttle positions on a motorcycle. This “steady state” testing is the only way to accurately and quickly tune a motorcycle. Dyno Solutions has the latest Eddy Current load control system for repeatable, consistent results. The work done at Dyno Solutions comes highly recommended from us here at American Iron.

American Iron Magazine River Run by Indian Motorcycles & Patriot Ride

Join the staff of American Iron Magazine for a free and fun run up the Mississippi River in July.
Indian sponsored, but all makes and models and years of motorcycles are welcome

Indian sponsored, but all makes and models and years of motorcycles are welcome

American Iron Magazine River Run sponsored by Indian Motorcycles. 
Friday, July 8, 2016
* Free event open to riders of all makes, years and models of motorcycles.
* We gather at Riverside Park in La Crosse, WI the morning of Friday, July 8.
* Gas tanks full and bladders empty, sidestands up at 12 noon. Ride with the editors of American Iron Magazine along the banks of the Mississippi River to the Twin Cities Indian dealer in St Paul, MN for a free reception and party that afternoon and evening.
Join us at The Patriot Ride

Join us at The Patriot Ride

Ride to the Patriot Ride with American Iron Magazine and Indian Motorcycles. 
Saturday, July 9, 2016
* Free all brands motorcycle meet-up at Twin Cities Indian in St Paul, MN.
* Gas tanks full and bladders empty, sidestands up at 9 am. Ride with the editors of American Iron Magazine to the Patriot Ride at the airport in Blaine, MN. Our group will have VIP reserved parking and a special place on the Patriot Ride. All riders must be registered for the Patriot Ride.
* Custom and classic motorcycle show supported and judged by Donnie Smith and American Iron Magazine. At least one of the bikes in the show will be photographed and featured in the pages of American Iron Magazine and/or American Iron Garage.

Dream Show Registration is Now Open

Dream Ride

Registration is now open for the Dream Show judged motorcycle show portion of the 2016 Dream Ride Experience in Connecticut, which benefits the Special Olympics.  American Iron Magazine is the Presenting Sponsor of the Dream Show, and all entrants to the August 28th Dream Show have a chance to win Editor’s Choice and have their bike featured in an issue of American Iron Magazine.  For full registration details, go to:

WIN THIS HARLEY! Dennis Kirk Sweepstakes Update IV

This 2009 Fat Boy came to us relatively bone stock and ready to revamp. Now, it leaves our hands a new bike, ready to be ridden by it's a new owner, who can be you!

This 2009 Fat Boy came to us relatively bone stock and ready to revamp. Now, it leaves our hands a new bike, ready to be ridden by it’s a new owner, which can be you!

Centuries of poets, bards, and musicians have long serenaded the masses with the wonders of the world shaking the cold of winter and embracing a rebirth in spring and summer. So, too, are we excited for the changing weather, albeit with less pretty wordification. As we move into the riding season for much of the country, our American Iron Garage Spring issue is in still circulating the newsstands, and Summer will be hitting the shelves at the end of May. There’s still much to be seen on our Dennis Kirk/American Iron Magazine giveaway Fat Boy, with the upcoming issues of AIG rife with installs and how-to guides, and there’s plenty of time for you to enter to win. Head over to to order any and all back issues of AIG, and keep your eyes peeled for these Fat Boy installs, as well as many others, in the our Summer issue.

We got our hands around some Love Jugs Cool Masters, a pair of external cooling fans that promote efficient air flow over those hot twins while crawling through traffic. It was a fairly straightforward install, and we were even able to complete a Klock Werks project from Spring that required an ignition relocation. The exhaust system also received some TLC in the form of blacked-out 2-into-1 Freedom Exhaust Outlaws, and we noted some tips and tricks to get through this install properly. Lastly, we cleaned up the stock coil and hanging wires with an ACCEL Stealth SuperCoil install, a project that might sound daunting but was actually finished with relative ease. The winner of this sweepstakes will surely be a happy new owner.

The Love Jugs assembly mounted right onto the left side of the Fat Boy, where the horn used to be. Who needs that thing, anyway? (To be relocated!)

The Love Jugs assembly mounted right onto the left side of the Fat Boy, where the horn used to be. Who needs that thing, anyway? (To be relocated!)

Love Jugs Cool Masters will keep the future owner's skivvies a little drier this summer.

Love Jugs Cool Masters will keep the future owner’s skivvies a little drier this summer. Notice the Klock Werks ignition relocation mount, too!









And how can that new owner be you? Be sure to check out our Summer (On sale 5/31) issue to get a peep into the American Iron ossuaries where all the handiwork gets did, and purchase the coming issues to follow along with in-depth articles and close-up photos of the modifications. And how can this Fat Boy be yours? Subscribe to American Iron Magazine(877.693.3572) and you are automatically entered to win. So subscribe today. Or, you can enter with no purchase necessary at

Dangling wires be gone, this stock coil setup hits the bricks.

Dangling wires be gone, this stock coil setup hits the bricks.

Off comes the incumbent exhausts! Impeach!

Off comes the incumbent exhausts! Impeach!

Notice anything different? ACCEL Stealth SuperCoils clean up the left side reaaal nice.

Notice anything different? ACCEL Stealth SuperCoils clean up the left side reaaal nice.

On goes the Outlaws. Draw!

On goes the Outlaws. Draw!

2016 Indian Motorcycle Scout Sixty Ride Review

2016-Indian-Scout-Sixty-5NEW BIKE REVIEW by Dain Gingerelli
Peaceful smoke signals be damned! Indian Motorcycle is on the warpath to establish itself as a key player in the American motorcycle market. The tribe tripled its number last year with the introduction of three more models – the Scout, Roadmaster, and Dark Horse – and 2016 brings another addition to Indian’s brave new world. Meet the Scout Sixty, a motorcycle that’s bound to make new friends among a growing legion of Indian owners and enthusiasts.

People already familiar with the Scout might look at the new Scout Sixty and state the obvious: “It looks just like the Scout. There doesn’t appear to be any difference between the two bikes.” And, of course, those people would be correct in that assumption because the Scout Sixty does look much like the Scout. They even share the same identification tags, and you won’t see any “Sixty” script on that model, either. Close scrutiny, however, reveals that the Scout Sixty has less chrome and fewer sexy bare-metal machined surfaces on its engine cases and cylinders. Ditto for its black cast-aluminum wheels, and the Scout’s cast-aluminum frame is finished in a roughneck charcoal gray compared to the Sixty’s more conventional black coating, although both share the same design and dimensions. There’s also a difference in handlebars; the Scout has a chromed bar on black risers, the Scout Sixty has black on black. The seats are noticeably different, too: The Sixty’s pillion is covered with black vinyl, while the Scout’s passenger quarters are finished in the classic Desert Tan leather, although both solo seats are about 25.3″ off the deck.
So what gives? Why the big deal about the Scout Sixty? The big deal concerns its smaller retail price, $8,999, versus the Scout’s $11,299. And that’s a big deal because Indian Motorcycle hopes to recruit new riders with this price-leader model.

Obviously, achieving that $2,300 price spread required some cost cutting, and to do that, engineers were told to eliminate some components of the original Scout design. In a nutshell, the major cuts, in addition to the cosmetic changes mentioned above, include trimming engine size from 1133cc (69″) to 999cc (61″) and eliminating one set of cogs from the Scout’s six-speed transmission.  And, yes, the bike got its name from engine size, and we can only guess that Sixty had a better ring to it than Sixty-One.

Both of those cost-cutting steps were actually planned by Indian’s engineering staff long ago. When Indian Motor­cycle mapped out the original Scout’s corporate mission statement, it also decided that the new model would serve as the basis for a future price-leader model as well. Taking that route allowed the bean counters to amortize the research and development expenses between both models, thus allowing them to price the new Sixty an incremental amount less than the standard Scout’s 2016 MSRP of $11,299.

Reducing engine displacement was a rather straightforward process, using cylinder sleeves with smaller bore diameters – 2.898″ versus 3.661″ – to gain the sub-1000cc goal. According to Indian, the meatier cylinder walls account for the Sixty’s extra four pounds (claimed dry weight of 542 pounds) over the Scout’s dry weight of 538 pounds. Although the induction system retains the same 60mm throttle body, the ECU was remapped to compensate for the Sixty’s decreased combustion chamber size. There’s good news at the exhaust end, too; the Sixty’s stacked chromed mufflers resonate the same low burble that’s familiar from the Scout.

For the full ride review, custom bike features, tech stories and more,
CLICK HERE American Iron Magazine issue 333

Also available in digital format CLICK HERE American Iron Digital