Harley Magazine Report – GET OUT OF THE BLUE™ WITH WIZARDS®

So you’ve just spent hundreds of dollars on new chrome pipes for your bike or headers for hot rod. They look great and sound awesome. In a short time you start to notice the once brilliant chrome starting to discolor. They have now turned shades of blue and gold. This is a common problem, and until now any remedy to remove the unsightly bluing was nothing short of back-breaking involving hours of scraping, rubbing and polishing only to end up with less than satisfactory results . . . and potentially scratched pipes!

WIZARDS has the solution. Out Of The Blue, the latest product in WIZARDS extensive line of detailing and finishing products, is a complete kit including a special polishing cloth to remove bluing and discoloration from your chrome or stainless exhaust. Its highly concentrated micro polish is designed to restore your pipes, shields or stacks to a “pre-bluing” condition by polishing off the blue discolored coating caused by overheating, oil residues or contaminants that have burned onto the pipe, improper tuning, or a combination of several causes. When used with our special polishing cloth included in the Out Of The Blue kit you won’t have to worry about scuffing or scratching either. Get Out Of The Blue and get back to the shine with WIZARDS!

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