EBR Holds Launch Party, Lists 2016 EBR Prices

Riders are ready to throw a leg over America’s sportbike with the announcement that EBR Motorcycles resumed production March 1. The public, Buell enthusiasts, and EBR fans are rolling in to East Troy, Wisconsin to attend the EBR Launch Party on Friday, March 18. During their Press Day on March 17, the new company, EBR Motorcycles, LLC, announced the 2016 MSRP for the 1190SX at $12,995 and 1190RX at $13,995. The first motorcycle to roll off the production line was a limited edition 1190RX with a patriotic American flag paint job to highlight the fact that EBR Motorcycles are designed and handbuilt in East Troy, Wisconsin, making them America’s only sportbike, capable of going head-to-head with the European and Asian Superbikes.

“The launch of EBR Motorcycles in 2016 is very exciting for American motorcyclists and the Buell Nation around the globe,” said Bill Melvin. “The team at EBR is top-notch and they have worked enthusiastically towards this day. It’s a great day for America. America can succeed in manufacturing a high performance sportbike that competes with the fastest motorcycles in the world. The excitement over EBR from riders is stunning, and dealers are quickly expressing their interest in being an EBR dealer; EBR is ready to twist the throttle and enjoy the ride!”

2016 Patriotic EBR 1190RX

The first motorcycle to roll off the new EBR production line is a limited edition 1190RX with a patriotic American flag paint job to highlight that EBR Motorcycles are designed and handbuilt in East Troy, Wisconsin.

A multitude of media attended the EBR Press Day on March 17, and Steve Smith, CEO said, “The dealers and riders are already fired up about signing up for a 2016 EBR. With our aggressive and competitive MSRP, the 1190SX and 1190RX will be priced as a hot item this spring.”

EBR Motorcycles is in the process of making plans to auction and donate the proceeds of the first American patriotic bike off the production line to a national charity that assists American military personnel and veterans.

Founder and CTO, Erik Buell said, “We are glad to see the talk all over the Internet and Facebook about the launch and those coming to the Launch Party event. It is always fun to meet riders in person, that’s what brings joy to the job!”

For 2016, EBR Motorcycles is focused on their restructuring, as well as updates for their 2017 models and development of 2018 motorcycles and future innovations. EBR Motorcycles will continue to work closely with its race sponsors and privateer race teams that achieve success while racing EBRs worldwide.

The EBR Motorcycles team would also like to emphasize that EBR is available for contract engineering of motorcycle or other high-tech products, including electrics. With the many designs already done for Asia, Erik Buell and the team have shown they can design products for other manufacturing companies that are award winning world-class motorcycles.

“Working with Erik and EBR to develop an innovative super bike like the 1190 is just an amazing experience,” said Dan Hurda, Director of Engineering. “And on top of that, we are working on so many other exciting designs for the future. It’s the kind of job every kid who goes to engineering school dreams of.”

Riders interested in purchasing a 2016 EBR motorcycle should email their address and phone number to Info@EBR.com to receive the location of the nearest ‘Top Dealer’ carrying 2016 models. The list of dealers is quickly growing, and while website updates are still underway, email is the best way to get the most up-to-date information on local dealers.

Dealers interested in selling EBR Motorcycles should contact Sales@LiquidAP.com to receive the information packet on becoming a 2016 dealer.

Anyone interested in more information about the EBR Motorcycles partnership, investment opportunity, or purchasing assets that are excess to current production should visit www.LiquidAP.com.

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Erik Buell Racing Closes. Motorcycle Builder Files For Receivership

Erik Buell Racing, an East Troy motorcycle manufacturer previously owned by Harley-Davidson Inc., has ceased operations.

The company, with 126 employees, also is filing for court protection from creditors, Buell said Wednesday.

Erik Buell Racing is the sequel to Buell Motorcycle Co., which was owned by Harley-Davidson Inc. for more than a decade before Harley dropped the brand in 2009.

Initially, the new company produced hand-built $40,000 sport bikes for road-racing enthusiasts. More recently, it geared up to build a mass-production motorcycle that sells for about $19,000 but has a similar racing pedigree.

Company founder Erik Buell invested his own money into the new venture, followed by backing from Hero MotoCorp., the largest motorcycle manufacturer in India.

The company had been doing well on the racing circuit but struggled financially.

“The turn we recently took, after we thought we were moving forward, was unexpected. We thought we had secured funding, but in the end, we were not able to get the funding in place. Therefore we need to do the best we can under the circumstances for all parties in interest,” Buell said in a statement.

The company is closed for now, Buell said, and is seeking protection under a state statute which is similar to federal bankruptcy law. Attorney Michael S. Polsky will be the court appointed receiver at the company’s request. Bids will be solicited for the company as part of the Chapter 128 process, with the winning bid to be determined by the court.

“To say this setback is a disappointment does not begin to express what I feel right now. I am personally grateful for the support of our outstanding workers, customers and vendors. While this is a sad ending, I personally hope for a new and better beginning,” Buell said.

Motorcycle News: EBR New 2014 American Streetbike From Erik Buell

Erik Buell Racing (EBR) announced that a new sportbike is being unveiled today.

New 2014 EBR Street Motorcycle From Erik Buell

New 2014 EBR Street Motorcycle From Erik Buell

The new, street-legal high performance motorcycle carries EBR’s model designation 1190RX and is a direct descendant of EBR’s race-bred limited edition 1190RS Super Bike. While the 1190RX shares its sibling’s 1190cc engine and many of EBR’s exclusive performance and handling-enhancing features, it is a new design created to tame the wildest roads and rouse the most demanding riders.

“This is the culmination of decades of dedication, innovation and teamwork,” said EBR founder Erik Buell. “We have been working to create a pure rider’s machine and a true world brand. From the heartland and the heart of America, these are extraordinary motorcycles that discerning riders everywhere will be passionate to own.”

The EBR 1190RX is a direct descendant of EBR’s race-bred limited edition 1190RS Super Bike with a new design. The EBR 1190RX has a liquid cooled, V-twin, four stroke 1190cc motor producing 185 HP at 10600 rpms and 101.6 ft-lbs of torque at 8200 rpms. Built for high-end performance, the EBR 1190RX will be a great street-legal motorcycle for the performance-minded enthusiast.