See “How It’s Made” – Baker 6-into-4 Transmission Video

Baker Drivetrains are some of the best in the biz. Ever wonder how one is built? Then check out this video from the Discovery Channel series How It’s Made. Here’s a little more info on the video courtesy of the Baker Gearhead newsletter.

The Discovery Channel crew did an enticing job of documenting how our 6-into-4 transmission goes from a billet block to a full-fledged American made transmission made of over 120 components for their How it’s Made series.

If you want to see the assembly process in 5 minutes, here you go.

Discovery Channel’s ‘BIKETACULAR’ Featuring Top 20 Bikes Premieres Aug. 29

Discovery Channe's BIKETACULAR will air August 29.

The Discovery Channel is debuting a new motorcycle show called “BIKETACULAR” August 29.

Discovery states: “BIKETACULAR is a rip-roarin’ countdown through the 20 most amazing motorcycles of all time. A killer lineup of bike experts and Discovery Motor Mondays’ cast will take viewers on an action-packed ride to find the bikes that have left the biggest marks on the motorcycle industry. From iconic brands and innovative designs, to extreme outliers and bikes of the future, BIKETACULAR will rev up the insane world of two-wheeled action.”

We got our hands on a short “BIKETACULAR” teaser video clip to share with you posted up on American Iron’s Facebook page. Don’t forget to check out the premiere Monday, Aug. 29th, 10 p.m. ET/PT.

New DISCOVERY CHANNEL show #BIKERLIVE Featuring Raw Iron Choppers

Raw Iron Choppers will be on a new DISCOVERY CHANNEL show called #BIKERLIVE next Monday June 2nd at 10pm/9pm central for the Rust belt episode. (show has changed times, so keep a look out with any DVR or TV guide scheduling in case it changes back to 9pm eastern)

How it all started: Earlier this year we were asked to be a part of this new series which began airing May 12th on Discovery Channel, called #BikerLive.  We started filming in the beginning of March and had only 5 weeks to build a ground up custom motorcycle.  When I say ground up, I really mean we started with straight sections of DOM tubing and flat sheets of 18 gauge sheet metal as we typical do here at Raw Iron; our end result was a beautiful crafted fire breathing motorcycle.  This project was a “shoot from the hip” style of build with no prior designs, parts, or build style in mind…with little time to prepare and 36-55 hour multiple-days without sleep, we pulled it off and we’re extremely happy with the outcome of our build.  I had a ton of help from my supporters/sponsors as well as my closest friends that joined in, we could have not made this happen without everyone’s input.  “I did not do this show to promote just myself/RIC or enforce the stereotypical rock star bike builder stigma…I wanted to build a bike to hopefully motivate and inspire the public of all ages to get out there and start welding, machining, or just get involved in something that has positive benefits surrounding the blue collar industries.  That’s how it started for me 10 years ago, from watching all the Motorcycle Mania and Biker build off shows.”  MOTIVATE, CREATE, & INSPIRE!

Your vote counts: Votes are determined by via Twitter, you must tweet: #bikerliverawiron during the show to cast your vote.  You can vote as many times as you’d like.  If you don’t have a twitter, you can sign up for one just like any other social media sites and if you don’t want to keep it, just delete it after the airing of the show.

JUNE 14TH (Raw Iron Choppers-Unveil Bash) will be held at Zeppes Tavern in Newbury, Ohio from 1pm till close on Saturday June 14th.  We will be unveiling the “Raw Iron Special” bike on site, assortment of vendors, custom bikes and hot rods (bring your one of a kind ride up to the event), live music, food & drinks, and tons of awesome giveaway items from our generous sponsors.  This is a public event, so everyone is welcome to join us.