Custom Cycle Control T-Bar Handlebars

Henderson, NV– Custom Cycle Control Systems, Inc. introduces their new T-Bar handlebar system complete with Climax Hand Controls. CCCS produces by far the cleanest looking “self-contained” handlebar systems available in the market today. The hand controls are completely concealed…All the lines, wires, and cables run through the bars and exit below the top tree. The T-Bars dimensions are 31″ W x 9″ H1 x 8″ p/b x 8″ H2 and can be customized starting at $250.

Additional features and benefits of a CCCS complete T-Bar system include:

• 100% internal wires, cables and hoses

• All wires, cables & hoses come extra long so you can “cut to length”

• No assembly – Move Right to Mounting & Install

• Hidden brake and clutch fluid reservoirs

• 7 micro switches (maintain all stock control functions)

LED Marker Lights in the hand levers are available

Grip Choice – CCCS offers six styles to choose from or we can modify grips from &

Climax Controls are designed to work as good as they look

● Convenient push pin accessibility to the internal throttle, and reservoirs (no special tools needed)

● Dual Cable Internal Throttle (easily accessible)

• EZ Pull Throttle Lock

• Install Kit (includes everything necessary to complete the job…hydraulic fittings, relay, bleeder bolt, fill funnel, throttle cables/ends and ferrules)

• Gauge options available (custom charges may apply)

• Made with pride In the U.S.A.

•The Only SIMPLE SOLUTION to Clean Hand Controls & Bars

Custom Cycle Control Systems, Inc. also has a wide variety of other styles to choose from, ranging from old school drag bars to radical new styles such as the Rock Star. You can also incorporate a digital speedometer from either Wire Plus or Dakota Digital into your design. Systems are now supplied with matching switch wire colors for easy integration to your bikes stock wiring harness.  Hydraulic clutch actuators are available for bikes that need that conversion. All CCCS handlebar systems are CNC machined from extruded billet aluminum, manufactured right here in the USA and are available in either luxurious show chrome or black anodized finishes. Bars can also be polished or powder coated gloss black. There are six styles of grips to choose from, or we can also modify most other grips. Complete Custom Cycle Control Systems start at $2,395.00 MSRP.

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Always a cool source for “anything but ordinary” real chopper and café accessories, Licks Cycles has just released their awesome CLIP ON BARS to the public. Previously seen on Café style customs like the company’s show stopping “LC FUELIE” machine, these low down Road Race inspired bars provide a whole new dimension for today’s custom builders.

Licks CLIP-ON’S are precision crafted from high quality aluminum stock, machined to competition spec tolerances. A straight forward fit, the CLIP-ON’S simply slide over and clamp on stock 39MM fork tubes and are completely adjustable. You can mount them low, under the top tree, or mount them high above the tree by going with slightly longer fork tubes. Above or below the slippery lines and unmistakable flair of the Café Racer styling is simply kicks ass….
Each kit comes complete with 1” x 12” adjustable bars, billet bar clamps and mounting hardware.

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Grip Ace Universal Switch Kits

The patented Grip Ace™ allows you to replace the bulky electrical controls on your motorcycle with a simple, modern digital 4-push button rubber switch pad that can be installed anywhere including in the hand grip, the handlebar, steering wheel or on the bike itself.

The Grip Ace Universal Kit includes everything needed for Custom and Production motorcycles applications. Now you can can have clean handlebars with all the necessary switches in one hand to be street legal. It can Control your Starter, Hi/Lo Headlights, Turn Signals, Hazards and Horn. Works on all motorcycles. Does not include handlebar grips. You will have to fabricate installation in your own grips, handlebars, or somewhere on your motorcycle. Instruction included.

The Grip Ace Switch can be fitted into most grips. Cut a matching opening in your handlebar’s Rubber Grip with an X-Acto type knife, then using the supplied Glue in the Grip Ace Kit, just glue the back of the digital switch pad to your metal handlebar behind the grip opening. For mounting inside a Metal Grip or Handlebar you will want to machine a location for it, or you can also send your custom Metal Grip or Handlebar to Grip Ace for exact precision machining. You can also hide the Grip Ace Switch Assembly anywhere on your bike, like under the gas tank.

Grip Ace Digital Switch Kits are also available installed in Hand Grips for popular motorcycle applications. The Grip Ace Universal Digital Kit with Instructions, shown here, provides for your own installation design and Retails at $369.99.

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