American Iron Garage The All-Tech Harley Magazine New Issue

Following the terrific popularity of past issues of our American Iron Garage newsstand speiclas, we at American Iron Magazine are publishing 3 issues of our all-tech Harley magazine in 2015. These are newsstand specials and are not included with subscriptions. The first issue of 2015 is now on sale.

All-tech Harley magazine.

All-tech Harley magazine.


We offer plenty of new products and services for Harleys ranging from stock, baggers, chopers, bobbers and more.

Lots of great do it yourself tech, installs, maintenance and home built customs.

This issue features a bargain basement build by Steve Hatcher of an old Ironhead Sportster as a sweet street tracker. Including buying the basketcase Harley, the entire cost was less than $2,000.

If you can’t find this issue of American Iron Garage (it might sell out quickly) you can buy a digital copy at DIGITAL or a print copy from

Fix My Hog Motorcycle Tech Video

Harley Technical How To Video

If you’ve checked your wallet lately, you know that the good old dollar ain’t what it used to be. We’re all feeling the economic crunch, and splurging is a thing of the past. And let’s be honest, it’s getting tougher to afford any form of dealership service for our beloved cycles. But the belt tightening process should not preclude us from taking care of our rides, should it? Not a chance!

Thanks to the innovative Fix My Hog series of DVDs, penny pinchers and home wrenchers alike can enjoy learning low-cost maintenance tips in the privacy of their own garages. The newest offering, Softail & Dyna Part 2, capitalizes on the success of Part 1 with an expansive, twin-disc package of practical mechanics designed specifically for Softail and Dyna owners. From routine equipment checks to more sophisticated procedures, the two-DVD set runs nearly four hours, and is an amazing virtual classroom for you to enjoy and indulge in. You’ll learn everything from fluid replacement to wheel alignment to brake changes, and can pace yourself within your own comfort zone. No tech school jargon or attitude, no impatient instructors, and no ridiculous tuition costs.

If you’re a regular reader of these pages, you know that we’ve given high marks to other Fix My Hog DVDs in the past. The fact remains that the entire series of video tutorials is the most cost effective and enjoyable way to acquire practical knowledge about your machine, and to actually do the work yourself. It’s time to grab the tools, fire up the DVD player, and learn as you go. There’s no greater feeling than working on your own machine — except maybe saving some money in the process. AIM

–Adam Williams as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

Fix My Hog