Motorcycle Jacket! Two From Harleys FXRG Line

Hello, my name is Joe Knezevic, and I am addicted to Harley-Davidson Functional Riding Gear. My habit began back in 1999 when I got an FXRG Series 1 leather jacket, and I have been strung out ever since. Through the years, the pushers on Juneau Avenue have expanded, improved, and updated the line, keeping me and other junkies on the hook.

These days my fix comes from two of the Motor Company’s most recent additions to this product line: the men’s FXRG Textile Jacket (#98366-09, MSRP $495-$515) and the men’s FXRG Perforated Leather Jacket (#98521-09, MSRP $625-$645). The beauty of having both of these jackets is that I can switch between them with relative ease. This has allowed me to continue my addiction with little or no side effects. At least, that’s what I’d like to believe.

Both jackets have many similar features including removable, CE-approved,
lightweight body armor at elbows, shoulders and back; a removable kidney belt; and precurved sleeves that combine with the zippered cuffs, action back, and snap waist tabs to make these jackets very comfortable when riding. Other shared features include two outside zippered hand-warmer pockets and an interior pocket system that includes a zippered pocket, a cargo pocket, an MP3 player pocket, and an eyewear pocket with lens wipe.

Flipping between jackets is great because I have all the same creature comforts when wearing either jacket, but the different exterior skins make it less obvious that I’m hooked on what these jackets offer their wearer.

The FXRG Textile Jacket is very versatile and the one I get my fix from most regularly. It’s made from a lightweight, windproof, and waterproof Airguard nylon, and it’s abrasion and tear resistant. Four large vertical vents and a fixed CoolMax lining makes this jacket comfortable to wear in warm weather, while the lightweight and breathable Primaloft warmth liner allows me to stay satiated into colder weather.
For a familiar, but different, high, I go with the perforated leather jacket whose skin is made up of a large diamond-plate pattern reinforced with a Cordura-mesh backing. The combination CoolMax fixed lining and heat-deflecting, leather definitely keeps things cool on hot days, while the removable Gore-Tex Windstopper liner does a great job of extending the comfort range of this jacket when things get chilly.

Between the two, I now have almost every riding scenario covered. These jackets are about first-rate function, then style, which luckily is not gaudy. I just love having both at my disposal any time I need an FXRG fix. I suggest you try one of these jackets, but don’t blame me if you end up in FXRG Anonymous. AIM

Joe Knezevic as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

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A few issues back I came clean about my addiction to Harley-Davidson’s Functional Riding Gear (FXRG). Well, my rehab hasn’t gone according to plan, and I fell off the proverbial wagon. This relapse can be directly correlated to the moment I slipped my feet into the third generation of the FXRG performance riding boots shown here.

Of all the products Harley-Davidson Footwear offers, the FXRG-3 boots (#D98304/$210) are, in my opinion, the cream of the crop. Three things drew me to these babies in the first place. First, they are not flashy. Secondly they are well thought out and durable. Third, and perhaps most importantly, they feature a breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex lining to keep feet dry inside and out.

Since I have wide feet and there is no W (wide) option, I chose to go up a half size to compensate. Still, when new the boots were a little snug, but they’ve broken in nicely. They are now comfortable to wear all day, on or off the bike.
I’ve never been a big fan of zippers on the side of lace-up boots, but they are convenient. The FXRG-3s
feature quality YKK zippers, which, combined with the pull tab at the top of each boot, makes slipping these kicks on or off a breeze.

Boasting a slip-, abrasion-, and oil-resistant outsole, you have plenty of support and traction when your feet are planted on the ground. The tops are contoured so they don’t dig into my thick calves.

Overall these suckers are one of the best off-the-shelf riding boots I’ve ever owned. They come with a 30-day comfort guarantee. In other words, if you’re in the market for a new pair of riding boots, what do you have to lose by getting hooked on the Harley-Davidson FXRG-3 stompers?  AIM

— Joe Knezevic as published in American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

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