American Iron Garage The All-Tech Harley Magazine New Issue

Following the terrific popularity of past issues of our American Iron Garage newsstand speiclas, we at American Iron Magazine are publishing 3 issues of our all-tech Harley magazine in 2015. These are newsstand specials and are not included with subscriptions. The first issue of 2015 is now on sale.

All-tech Harley magazine.

All-tech Harley magazine.


We offer plenty of new products and services for Harleys ranging from stock, baggers, chopers, bobbers and more.

Lots of great do it yourself tech, installs, maintenance and home built customs.

This issue features a bargain basement build by Steve Hatcher of an old Ironhead Sportster as a sweet street tracker. Including buying the basketcase Harley, the entire cost was less than $2,000.

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Harley Magazine News, What Is Most Important To You?

We at American Iron Magazine want to know what is the most important current Harley news to you and your riding friends?

Electric Harley concept motorcycle?

Liquid cooled Harley Big Twins?

Project Rushmore?

Recent push by the feds for a national helmet law?

Aggressive EPA actions against motorcycle modifications?


Please reply to this post with what you feel are the most important Harley news topics and why you feel that way.

Harley News? Share With American Iron Magazine Readers.

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Harley Magazine News: American Iron Magazine Celebrates 25th Anniversary in 2014

All of us at American Iron Magazine want to thank our readers and advertisers for keeping us the best selling Harley magazine in the world and for supporting us for 25 years in March 2014.

We will soon be announcing the details, but American Iron Magazine will be announcing a terrific 25th anniversary sweepstakes program for the new year. No details yet, but you will be blown away by the quality and quantity of great motorcycle prizes and giveaways we have in store.

American Iron Magazine Guarantee of Excellence For #1 Harley Magazine

URGENT: We have gotten a few calls regarding the new issue of American Iron Magazine. It seems our printer messed up a few of the copies missing some pages and binding in duplicates of others.

If you have a copy of American Iron Magazine that is not printed, bound and finished properly please send it back to our offices at 1010 Summer St., Stamford, CT 06905. We will replace the bad copy with a good one AND give you a FREE one year subscription as our way of apology.

TAM Communications stands behind our product and offer this Guarantee of Excellence on all our magazines – American Iron Magazine, Motorcycle Bagger and RoadBike.

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American Iron Video: 2013 Harley Honor Ride

Here’s a great video documenting the 2013 American Iron Honor Ride to Milwaukee for Harley’s 110th anniversary.

Best Selling Harley Magazine in Print AND Digital On-Line

All of us at American Iron Magazine want to thank our readers and advertisers for helping keep us the best selling print Harley magazine again this year.

And, after less than a year of digital publishing, we are excited that American Iron Magazine has grown into the best selling digital Harley magazine on-line at, the digital magazine newsstand.

For more information on subscribing to American Iron Magazine in digital format, please click here. Our international readers have been taking advantage of the digital delivery of American Iron Magazine as it is much cheaper and faster than a traditional print subscription outside of the US. A full year (13 issues) digital subscription costs only $25.95 anywhere in the world with Internet access.

In addition to American Iron Magazine, we also publish Motorcycle Bagger for the Harley enthusiast who appreciates stock and custom baggers, trikes  and touring. Motorcycle Bagger is the best selling bagger magazine on For more info please click here.

Cheap & Fast Digital Harley News American Iron Magazine Now Available Worldwide

American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine, is now available in single issues or annual (13 issue) subscriptions worldwide in digital delivery.

Publishing 13 issues a year in 2013, Harley enthusiasts the world over recognize American Iron Magazine is the best source of Harley information, tech, reviews and more. Up until now, the cost of subscribing outside the US has been very high, and delivery took too long. So now Harley enthusiasts all over the world can subscribe to American Iron Magazine at low cost and with immediate delivery in a digital format.

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2012 Motorcycle Cannonball, Rolling Through Milwaukee

Buzz made it to Milwaukee on day 3, but not without a few issues. Cannonball Day 3 Recap

With about 3,000 miles ahead of him, repairs and fine tuning were done late into the evening. Hopefully, with a little good luck and support from fellow cannonballers, the ol’ Harley’s dialed in, all gremlins shaken free and it’s smooth riding from this point forward.

Fingers crossed.

For daily Motorcycle Cannonball Updates and News visit: 2012 Motorcycle Cannonball News

Here’s a quick video about Buzz’s 1929 Harley JDH.

Summer Motorcycle Travel Tips

I often see three dangerous patterns when cars interact with a long line of bikes. One scenario is when a car driver wants to get onto a four-lane highway. Though the driver should wait until the bikes have passed, he rarely does. What usually happens is the driver tries to blend into a small gap in the bikes, which, most times, is the two-second safety gap the bike riders are leaving for themselves. And though this is annoying for bike riders, it’s in our best interest to make a large opening in our line so the car can enter safely. And since the driver doesn’t want to be in the middle of a pack of bikes any more than we want him there, the car will move into the next lane as soon as possible. The same goes for when a car wants to get off at an exit.

Another dangerous scenario occurs when a long line of bikes is traveling on a curvy two-lane back road. Though we’re cruising along at a nice pace and enjoying the scenery, cars usually want to go faster and pass us. However, since the road is curvy, the driver doesn’t always have a good place to do this. As riders, we figure he’s just going to have to wait, but that’s not the way some drivers see it. To him, we’re pains in the ass that are going too slow and blocking him. After waiting for awhile, the driver may make a dangerous move to get around us. Sure, he’s in the wrong, but if another car does come around the curve towards us before he has a chance to pass the entire line, do you think he’s going to hit the other car head-on? No way! He’s going to move into the line of bikes whether there’s room for him or not. The smarter way is to open up a large space for the cars to enter our ranks every few bikes or so. This way, cars can pass us easily and go away, leaving us to safely enjoy our cruise through the countryside.

I sometimes see bike riders clogging the passing lane on the highway by going the speed limit or slower. This also makes car drivers nuts and rightly so. The far left lane is the passing lane, and it’s just as aggravating for others as it is for you when you’re the one behind the guy in the left lane going 55.

I know I’m going to get a flood of mail telling me how I’m wrong, how car drivers have to do this or that, how you don’t care what the car drivers think, etc. Fine, send them in. I don’t expect to change everyone’s mind; I just hope to share some road wisdom with those who want to make their ride safer and more enjoyable.

See you on the road.

Chris Maida