American Motorcycle Motor Mounts From KewlMetal

Cover those ugly bolts and that unfinished bracket with these motor mounts from KewlMetal. They really clean up the engine compartment on Victorys. They fit the Hard-Ball, Vision, Cross Country, and Cross Roads. Simply apply with RTV Silicone. Available in chrome, raw, or black finishes. Sold in pairs and made in the US. Info: KewlMetal, 623/298-7181,

Story as published in the september issue of American Iron Magazine.

A Motorcycle Wheel Chock For The Garage, Trailer, or Pickup

It should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this magazine that we often do the installations ourselves. Many times, we need the bike upright during the job and not on its kickstand. After propping a bike up with a couple of two-by-fours a few times, we realized we were asking for a problem. So before we did something stupid, we did something smart: we got a wheel chock.

We went with a Steadymate motorcycle wheel chock (#80014/$199). And though we’re using it in the shop, the Steadymate can also be bolted to a trailer or pickup bed using the supplied hardware. We chose the Steadymate because it’s fully adjustable to different wheel sizes, a must for us since we’re always working on different bikes. And since there are no side braces, we have full access to the wheel and tire. And though the Steadymate does secure the front wheel well, it’s a good idea to also strap the bike to the chock. To that end, we also ordered a pair of Cinchtite 5 tie-down straps (#15469/$24.19) from the same company. These straps have a spring-loaded snap hook that we can secure to the chock (or trailer/pickup truck bed). The medium-duty 1″ strap’s other end has a built-in soft loop that will not hurt paint or chrome; it gets wrapped around the handlebars and connected to the hook on the strap. Of course, the strap has the standard ratcheting device, so you can cinch everything down. With the Steadymate chock and Cinchtite straps holding our project bike, nothing’s going to knock it over, not even Joe K slamming into it! AIM


SOURCES: Steadymate Inc., 160 Dynamic Dr., Toronto, ON M1V 5A5, Canada, 416/291-7168,

Custom Cycle Engineering’s New Mortorcycle Fork Truss

Custom Cycle Engineering’s new fork truss is truly a performance part due to the dramatic improvement in front end handling. The engineering design and sleek styling are obvious characteristics in this part. The compound arc, which sweeps upward and rearward simultaneously, imparts greater resistance to deflection, twisting, and bending of the fork. The addition of large holes spaced out to a maximum-strength calculation keeps unsprung weight to a minimum. These trusses bolt securely to the lower sliders. Now available in 49mm. Info: Custom Cycle Engineering, 800/472-9253,

Story as published in the september issue of American Iron Magazine.

AMSOIL Multipurpose Grease and Synthetic Oil

AMSOIL synthetic, multipurpose grease and synthetic, water-resistant grease have been reformulated to provide even better protection and performance in a wide range of applications. Both are formulated with Calcium Sulfonate complex thickeners, allowing for improved, extreme-pressure properties, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high-temperature stability, and water resistance. Formulated with oil-soluble, extreme-pressure additives for heavy loads, it provides excellent load-carrying and EP performance. Oxidation and corrosion inhibitors provide excellent oxidation stability, a high-temperature dropping point, and outstanding, low-temperature torque value, and pumping capability. It resists thermal and oxidation degradation, thereby prolonging equipment life. Info: AMSOIL, 715/392-7101,

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine

Corbin introduces its new Dual Tour saddle for Harley’s Blackline

Corbin introduces its new Dual Tour saddle for Harley’s 2011-12 Softail Blackline. Designed to give Blackline riders the next level of comfort, this saddle features genuine leather and ergonomically designed seating for maximum weight dispersion. Each seating area is sculpted for proper weight distribution that allows long-range capability. Generously contoured platforms eliminate hot spots and centralized pressure that cause discomfort. Corbin’s exclusive Comfort Cell foam material gives firm support that conforms to your body. And as an added bit of luxury, the Dual Tour offers the option of electric seat heaters for those chilly morning rides and removable backrests in both front and rear. $593. Info: Corbin, 800/538-7035,

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine

Xtreme Machine Reaper Motorcycle Wheels

With a presence this intimidating, you can guess why XtremeMachine calls this one the Reaper. It’s a beautifully orchestrated cluster of sickles for a cool tribal design. It’s certainly cynical and demands to be feared. The Reaper is available in chrome, black-cut, and black-anodized finishes. From $1,149.95. Info: Xtreme Machine, 800/479-4037,

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine

The new eCaddy Ultra Motorcycle Phone Mount

The new eCaddy Ultra is the most versatile way to mount a phone (or iPod) on a motorcycle. It works with most smartphones, and protects your phone from rain and water! The cornerstone of the eCaddy Ultra is the Ultra-Swivel feature, which gives the rider unlimited, three-way positioning. You’ll never have trouble seeing your phone or iPod! It also means you can mount vertically or horizontally to accommodate functions like GPS navigation. Made in the US. Info: Leader Motorcycle,

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine

27-tooth Motor Sprocket Conversion Kit From Illusion

Reduce your engine’s rpm at cruising speeds with this easily installed, 27-tooth motor sprocket conversion kit from Illusion. The sprocket and chain swap alters the drive ratio to reduce the running rpm on the top end and has been proven to provide 8 percent higher cruising speeds without a six-speed box. Each kit comes complete with application-specific chain and 27-tooth motor sprocket. The conversion fits easily inside the stock OEM primary chain case and replacement chains are available from Illusion. Under $200. Info: Illusion Motorcycles, 714/894-1942,

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine

JIMS’ New Handcrafted Welded Motorcycle Engine Covers

JIMS’ new handcrafted welded covers are now available in raw-cut and welded designs. These covers are plated with a bright dip, anodized finish and will update your bike to a tough new look. JIMS’ handcrafted, welded cam cover and transmission side covers feature a clean, precision-cut fin pack design to aid in cooling and add to the rugged, handcrafted feel. Info: JIMS, 805/482-6913,

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine

New Performance Machine’s headlights

New for 2012, Performance Machine’s headlights are head and shoulders above the competition, employing a diamond reflector lens over the latest in halogen technology to make your future shine bright. Available in five styles and three finishes, these headlights are the latest additions to the ever-expanding line of Performance Machine accessories. With looks ranging from sleek and industrial to stripped down and minimalist, there is a style for each and every personal aesthetic on the open road. Info: Performance Machine, 800/479-4037,

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine